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Creoso, mellonamin, a’baramin.
Welcome, my friend, to my dwelling.

Elentári Telcontar
Daughter of the King

Appearance: A tall Elf, well-toned from years of riding and swordplay, yet unmistakably feminine. She carries herself as if floating on air, her footsteps falling silent on the loudest of terrains. She appears as a mortal would in their twenties, yet her sparkling eyes carry the wisdom and weight of her many years.  On her back, she carries a brown quivver etched with Mithril in the shape of a tree. The quivver also holds a pair of Mithril daggers; a gift from Legolas and Gimli of Ithilien. Underneath the quivver nests a longbow, marked with Elvish design. Elentári usually wears in long dresses with split legs for riding, and a long, burgundy cloak with large hood.

Eyes: A striking blue color that seems to glow after nightfall.

Hair: Long and dark, usually braided and flowing down her back.

Elentári  was born in one capital city of Gondor; Minas Tirith, the daughter of King Elessar and Queen Arwen. Half-Mortal, Half-Elven, Elentári  grew up straddling the borders of both worlds, though never finding a home in either. She was educated by the wisest scholars of Minas Tirith in the ways of the Numenor and Mortal Men, and learned of her Elvish heritage from the Elves of Ithilien. She has never been comfortable with her royal status and rarely allows anyone to call her "Tarien" or "Princess", though she’s been reminded by her father on many occasion that she was born to bear great responsibility.

Elentári  grew up closer to her father than any other mortal or immortal. He taught her the ways of the Rangers, and she often spent hours riding at his side, listening to his tales of adventures past. She learned to battle with her fists and a sword as soon as she was old enough to venture beyond the palace walls, and many describe her personality as that of Strider in his Ranger years.

As she grew, Elentári  found her own ground between the mortal and immortal worlds. She decided that would embrace the immortality and culture of the Elves while leading the wandering life of a Ranger. She speaks the languages and knows the culture of many races. Her closest companion is Ruby Gardener, a hobbit of the Shire. Though her travels take her far from familiar lands, she can be counted on to return home to her family every few months.

Namarie, lissanen ar’ maska’lalaith tenna’ lye amentia.
Farewell, sweet water and light laughter till next we meet.