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seaQuest: The Dawning
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Lieutenant jg Elizabeth O'Neill

Name: Elizabeth Nimue (nim-o-way) O'Neill. She usually prefers to be called Liz.
Age: 26
DOB: 7 February 1996
Place of Birth: East Lansing, Michigan
Gender: Female
Rank: Lieutenant jg

2012- Graduated at age 16, St. Mary's Catholic High School For Young Women.
2016- Graduated, University of Chicago, Bachelor's Degree in Linguistics.
2020- Graduated, US Naval Academy, with honors.

Fluent in several different languages, including Spanish, French, German, Latin, Greek, Japanese, Chinese, Swahili, Gaelic, Russian, and Italian. Basic knowledge of several more. Also fluent in International Sign Language and Morris Code

Service History:
2020- Assigned to UEO Voyager as Communications Assistant, Ensign
2022- Assigned to SeaQuest as Communications Officer
Promoted to Lieutenant jg

Special Skills:
Aircraft pilot (License expired and remains un-renewed)

Greek and Roman culture
Music (styles ranging from Classical, to Alternative, to Jazz)
20th Century movies

Next of Kin:
Lieutenant Timothy O'Neill (Brother)

Medical History:

Current Illnesses:
Fear of fire
Past Injuries and Illnesses:
2006- At age 10, sustained a slight concussion and cut to forehead after her brother Tim, an alterboy at the time, dropped a crucifix on her head at church. A one-inch scar is still very visible at hairline on right side of her forehead.
2014- At age 18, was involved in a small single-engine airplane crash and received second degree burns to her legs. Plastic Surgery has covered up 90% of the scaring. Also sustained a broken ulna, radius, and humorous to her left arm, two broken ribs, and acquired a fear of uncontrolled or untamed fire.

Character Background:
Born to an Irish-Catholic family in East Lansing Michigan, Liz was the baby of the family, having a brother, Timothy, four years her senior. Education was always highly emphasized in the O'Neill household. She attended St. Mary's Catholic High School for Young Women and graduated early at 16. At age 20, Liz graduated the University of Chicago with a Bachelor's Degree in Linguistics, then joined the Navy, where her brother worked as a Communications Officer.
Though Liz and her brother are both in the same field and branch of military, it was never planned to be that way, contrary to popular belief and many jokes. Liz was slated to join the Air Force after college, having began flight lessons when she was 16. At age 18, while flying a small single-engine aircraft, her engine caught fire and the plane crashed. Lucky, she was able to parachute out before impact, but she was left with a shattered left arm, a few broken ribs, and second degree burns to a good portion of her legs. Because of this, she has not returned to aviation and has a fear of fire or flames if left uncontrolled. Instead of entering the Air Force Academy, she enrolled in the Naval Academy to work in Communications, never flying again.

At first, Liz is shy and introverted, often awkward, and appears to be a bit “nerdy”. But once she is comfortable in her surroundings and finally breaks out of her shell, she is discovered to be very friendly, fun-loving, curious, intelligent, charming, and outgoing. She has a very dry, and sometimes strange, sense of humor that most people don't “get”. She takes her work very seriously and is very dedicated.