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seaQuest: The Dawning
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Sound Clips
 I don't own the media, Amblin Entertainment does. All sounds are here for entertainment only, I make no money by having them on my page.

 New sounds come in all the time, so keep checking back.

It's a baby/ yeah, but a baby what?
*~* BRIDGER AND TONY (You don't want to me)

I could sing her to sleep until she gets used to being at sea, /
 You know, if I remember correctly, last year you tried to smuggle
your blankie aboard/ That was a blanKET. My great-grandmother
knit that by hand./No, it had little animals on it/They were tigers,
raising their fists in triumph/They were kittens, waving bye bye.
(Oooh, Miguel has a BLANKIE! ::runs around, madly screaming at him)

Captain in boxer shorts?
*~*BRIDGER(Er, thank you?)

I'm Catholic, captain, I believe in anything that makes me nervous.

I like mine with lettuce and tomato , Heinz 47 and french fried potato.
Big Kosher pickle and a cold draft beer well,
cheesburger in paradise, medium with mustard, be nice not too particular,
not too precise, I'm just a cheeseburger in paradise.
(They are coming to take my Vegetarian card away for this one, I just KNOW it.)

Dagwood, need a hand?/No, Dagwood HAS hands.

It had to be a mistake. How can you flunk a
woman in a sexual harrassment seminar?/Oh, I don't know,
maybe been there, done that, I know where to kick them next time
was a bit too brief an answer for the essay part of the exam.
(I don't know, it's good enough for me...)
Intelligence can only take us so far , but then we have to get out and walk.
(Can someone go and whisper this into Lucas' ear while he sleeps?
Never mind! I take NO responsibility for the ELFs who volunteer!)

Ever hear her music? That cutesy, new agey
I'm your buddy hug me with that milkshake voice of hers?
Comes with a warning from the surgeon general.
(THERE'S an idea for those lame "music rating" systems.)

I mean no offense, but I don't believe you posess
the knowledg to understand my technology/
That's a good line, I'll have to remember that.
(I have every intention of using this line...)

What in gods name was that thing? /
Ortiz? Brody? what''s going on up there? You guys ok?/
Let's just say we're in one piece. Something just flew by and fired at us/
what do you mean something/ that's the best I can do, it was a thing,
I've never seen anything like it before/
Miguel, could you be a little more specific?/
It was one of those large spinning things that moves
 through the air at high velocity and throws explosive fireballs from each tip!!/...right...
(Hey, Tim asked...)

What is that?/The pimple from hell!
(I take no responsibility for the mental images that come
from this one...)

Hey guys come on. The universe is expanding too.
 One day BANG, it'll break apart. The big bye bye.
Our planet host cosmic toast so what's the point of living right?
Life is senseless, fools folly, a moments sunlight fading on the grass,
a biological coincidense failing in some future dawn...yeah, tried using that one
to get out of doing my science homework. No one bought it back then, either.
(You know...he's got a point. Why am I paying all this tuition? ::gets out her
picket sign and begins to march::  )

How did he know what it was? /Cause it was your idea Ben!
/He probably just started in the sewer and worked his way up from there.
(Oh, so it's BEN that's my new roommate! Welcome to the gutter, man!)

She's an environmentalist /
She's a nut, commander. Last year, she married a tree.
(The more I think about it, this isn't such a bad vs. tree...hmmm)

Here's your bunkmate assignment /
I get to pick my own roommate this tour, right?
Last guy kept cutting his toenails and leaving them all over the floor./
Look, Ortiz, I have to get this boat ready for a parade around the Statue of Liberty tonight.
We're leaving at dawn, but the boat isn't done yet.
The paint is still wet!/Have you ever stepped on someone elses toenails in your bare feet?
(For the record, YES. And I think I hear a volunteer  from OZ to be his new roommate...)

Put a pillow over your lap, you'll muffle her voices
This is your best friend. You give whatever it takes
even if it takes more than you've got!
*~* TONY (Can I be Tony's friend? Please?)
Do Wah Diddy, diddy dum, diddy do! /
Hey hey hey! If you guys don't find another song to sing REAL soon,
I'm going to fly us into a cliff!
*~* JIM, LUCAS, TIM (singing), LONNIE (losing her sanity)  
(Hey, did anyone else notice that they're drinking squeeze-its in this scene?)

Darwin not afraid; Darwin famous shark fighter
*~*DARWIN (Darwin the mighty...::dances the Joxer dance::)
I'm a kid, it's my job to be hyper
*~*LUCAS (Yeah, I tried that excuse on my parents.
It didn't work out so well.)
Light is dark and one. /
He keeps saying that, I have no idea what he's talking about.

Go AWOL, Piccolo. I'm sure O'Neil would love you for a roommate. /
Hey, I'm a hell of a roommate!/
Roommate from Hell, maybe.
(Hey, Tony can come over here and be MY roommate!
 Go AWOL Piccolo!)

Actually, I'm a bit of a banger. You know, if your ears aren't bleeding, it isn't music?
*~*MIGUEL (::bites her tongue:: This is a G-rated page...but he said Banger...)
I'm not a freak. I'm the Prototype.
*~*DAGWOOD (Damn straight! You tell them, Dag!)

Tony..Tony, please don't leave me alone.
*~*DAGWOOD (::wipes a tear:: I won't leave you alone, I promise)

Sensor Cheif Ortiz./Don't tell me I have to call you sensor? /
No. Miguel, Mike, Tiz!
(Tiz? Does anyone actually call him this?
And I can think of a few names I'd like to call him...namely MINE.)

You play the fiddle sir?/It's a violin. /Hey, you know the difference
between a violin and an onion? No one cries when you chop up a violin...
err, I just heard that, sir, it's not my personal opinion.
*~* TONY and HUDSON (Um, Tony, did you really want that promotion?)

No! I get it. We have family because we have to drive them to distraction,
where there is a restaurant that we go to to be nice to people
who don't have to love us.
*~*DAGWOOD (Ok, call me crazy, but this actually made sense to me.)

What he's doing is hanging out with some babe, while I'm stuck
here in this tub watching my life float by./
Bear with us, Piccolo, we're watching it float by with you/
How's it look?/Not Pretty.

Hey, somebody ought to help Dagwood out /why?/
He's trying to eat a pineapple./ How hard is that?/
Apparently very, he's been working at it for 20 minutes/
Dagwood, don't eat the part that hurts your mouth/
 Hmmm ok, thank you! (sound of Dagwood eating)
*~*JIM, MIGUEL and DAGWOOD (Hm, gotta be hard on the roof of your mouth, wouldn't you think?)

He thinks you're medusa/Tell him I'm not/It's why you were
jealous of Miguel and me. That part of you thought he was Neptune.
Medusa was in love with him too./Neptune???? I'm CUBAN!!!
*~*SARAH TOENIN, LONNIE, and MIGUEL (And a damn fine Cuban at that!)

Dagwood has been kissed.
*~* DAGWOOD (Everyone go awwwww!)
Darwin loves Bridger
*~* DARWIN (Don't we all?)
You've got to find captain Bridger! Find Him!
*~* LUCAS (Honey, that's what we were ALL screaming at the beginning of 2032)

Tony, can't you go lie down or something?
*~*TIM  (my room's down the hall...)
I can sing her to sleep until she gets used to being at sea.
*~* MIGUEL (Once again, my room is JUST up the hall...)

Ok, it's working. I don't believe it, seaQuest is in the water.
*~*LUCAS (As opposed to being in a cornfield?)
Death doesn't punch a clock.
*~* BRIDGER (Thanks, now I know.)

I'm fluent 6 languages, ok in a dozen more, but when Darwin
talks and thinks  at me, things come at right angles.
*~*TIM. (But that's why we have the AI interface, right?)
You know what, honey?
*~*JIM (No, what, honey?)
Will you marry me?
*~* ED KERR (Jim)  
(Ok, it's not seaQuest, but it was too perfect NOT to put
after the preceding sound! It's from Touched By An Angel)
No! No is a powerful word!
*~*BRIDGER (Well, fine then, NO!)

I can explain that. I'm an idiot.
*~*BEN (But we love you anyway, don't we?)
He needs discipline, guidance/He needs a haircut.
*~*NOYCE & BRIDGER (They're talking about Lucas. And NO HE DOESN'T!)

Welcome to seaQuest. All visitors report to UEO customs.

Tell me, is there anything you can't do? /
Well, I'm having a hell of a time learning the bagpipes./
I'll bet you look good in a skirt.
*~*FORD & JIM (I'd REALLY like to see the pictures of that!)

Like my uncle Manny's funeral home. Used to play there as a kid.
/Must have been some interesting games./
Freeze Tag. Customers always won. Pretty damn quiet.
*~*MIGUEL & JIM (Um...ok...File this one under topics NOT
to bring up on a first date, Miguel.)