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seaQuest: The Dawning
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Increased fanatic nationalism in the late 1990s led to a conventional four continent global war during the early years of the twenty-first century. As conflict ravaged the land and exhausted traditional sources of natural resources, states turned towards the new frontier -- the oceans. Consequently, mining, harvesting, and homesteading colonies sprung up over night. The later collapse of NATO, the EU, and the United Nations led to the rejection of most international law. In 2005 the UN's Law of the Sea Treaty was cast aside, water based international borders were ignored, and underwater anarchy reigned. State confederations emerged dominant in the new multi-polar global political environment that dawned as the end of the war was in sight.

From the signing of the Treaty of Reykjavik came a mandate to restore some semblance of order to the world's oceans. Hence, the United Earth Oceans Organization was formed. The UEO missions are peacekeeping and collective security, a doctrine that applies to all member confederations and asserts that : the use of force is only acceptable in self defense, attack on one confederation is considered to be an attack on the whole of the UEO, a pledge to halt all aggressions and restore peace, and to supply material or personnel necessary to defeat the aggressors.

Currently the UEO has a membership of twenty plus confederations, working in cooperation to restore the pre-war order and peace to the world's oceans and juggle the wants and needs of international organizations (private interest groups, multinational corporations, and confederated nation/states) in the new world order. However, with no power to tax the member confederations, the UEO relies significantly on private grants, donations, and membership dues based on a percentage of the budget.

The budget consists of three separate divisions; the operational budget (which allocates the funds necessary to keep up UEO headquarters and maintain the regular programs and personnel needs), the peacekeeping budget which maintain the standing UEO military, and the voluntary contributions which fund such programs as the World Health and World Power Organizations, Node3, etc.

The role of seaQuest DSV 4600 (a state of the art submersible capable of either deep sea research or, if called upon, global annihilation) is that of enforcement of UEO guidelines. It is this role as both a tool of doctrine enforcement and of exploration that makes the seaQuest one of the most formidable submersibles on the Earth. The seaQuest's high price tag however prevents the UEO from putting the class into full production.