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Spot Light
Photo By: Arina Frost
Article By: Arina Frost
Hailing from Sydney, Australia this 24yrs old Medical Doctor has jumped aboard our tiny boat for a bumpy ride. Within her first month she has encountered, hostage situations, subs crashing, an attack on the bio skin, and an attack on the whole male gender. You may be thinking she's young, but trust in her skill. She spent and intense internship at the famous Cook County General Hospital. Which served her well for the hours she puts into her job here. Almost always in MebBay, and almost always on call she loves her job, and can't seem to quit.
If you want to get on her good side, which isn't hard to do get her a pallet of watercolors. She's an artist who loves to paint, play the flute, and on occasion play the piano. Also she has shared that she is into Tae Kwon Do. Specializing in the fighting staff.

XO James Brody discribes her as: "My guardian angel; a skilled doctor and a wonderful woman."
Cleo Walker discribes her as: "A really funny nice woman to work with!"
Sensor Chief Miguel Ortiz says: "A beautiful person inside and out, it only takes a moment to fall under her spell."

Want to learn more about this wonder? Stop by MedBay, if you're able, be healthy.