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Fan has recently announced that they will no longer host NC-17 rated stories, and they are removing the fiction that is currently hosted. Their reasons are as follows, taken directly off of their site.

The following sections of FanFiction.Net will no longer be continued. Entries in these categories will be removed on October 12th, 2002. If you have an entry in the follow areas, please login and use the new "Backup" feature to download them to your computer for personal backup.

NC-17 based entries will no longer be accepted. Though they are very small portion of the site the adult stories have generated almost all of the complaints filed on record in the past year. Moreover, the highest concentration of them are growing in areas with subjects targeted to younger readers and with increasingly controversial subject matters. However, not all NC-17 based stories fall into the description but as result of their increasing volume a decision has been made to resolve this problem. Innocent writers will be affected but this has to be done considering the non-filtering scheme of the site.
Many months ago FanFiction.Net introduced a form of ban for real-person based stories (RPS): actor fiction. After evaluating that ban and receiving many responses as a result of that ruling, it has been decided that we need to extend the rule to all real-person stories to keep it consistent. The affected categories are:
All Music Groups
Misc >> Sports
TV Shows >> Big Brother, Survivor, Who's Line is it anyway?
Chat room or keyboard dialogue based entries will no longer be allowed. Much of the chat room entries are void of plot, without attempt at plot and are more in line with random dialogue than with stories or poetry. Having these type of entries on the site is unfair to those that have spent quality time fleshing out substantial content.

Please note that all the stories effected by the ruling above have not been removed. They will be retained until October 12th, 2002. If the changes apply to you, please login and use the backup feature to create a personal copy on your local computer.

FanFiction.Net will like to issue a formal apology to the many members of the site that will be effected by today's announcement. The site evolves over time and as such we are forced to make decisions that usually have negative impacts on some of the members but in response to needs.

In response to these unfair changes, a petition has been ciruculated among readers and writers of all fandoms. The owners of the Dawning have each signed this petition. If you disagree with's censorship, you can sign by clicking below.

Sign The Petition
The Petition header reads:

To: has long been one of the Internet's leading fanfiction sites. In order for this site to remain so, we the undersigned strongly disagree with's recent decision to ban NC-17 fiction from this site and remove the ones currently posted. Although necessary precautions must be taken to protect children on the internet, MOST of the NC-17 stories that would fall under this ruling are in only the most excellent of taste and are clearly markied, which is the most any author or site manager can do. We also strongly feel that this decision flies in the face of everything that the on line fan fiction community is about; freedom to write, explore, and share ideas. Please do not trample on the rights of the innocent in order to protect the rights of the few.
The Undersigned