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seaQuest: The Dawning
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Natalie Madeline Bridger

Natalie sighed when she opened her email. More crap and a forward from her friend Nick, a.k.a Wolfman. It was one of those "All About Me" forwards that she always read everyone else's answers to but never bothered filling them out. She scanned over it, laughing at Nick's sick sense of humor when he filled in the answer for Pets as "Yes, my dog and his name is Dammit. So when he's lost I get to run cursing throughout the streets of my neighborhood looking for him." She finished reading it, and was about to delete it when she decided to just once, shock them all and fill the damn thing out. She copied, pasted and started filling out the answers.

Full Name: Natalie Madeline Bridger
Age: 21
Birthday: May 11, 2002
Siblings: Yes, ::sigh:: my barely older than me sister Nathania. (sorry Anya, old habits die hard)
Hometown: New Cape Quest, Florida
Current Location: Stanford U…
Are you in school?: Define `in'. I mean, I teach at Stanford, so technically I'm *in * there all day…but if you mean enrolled, no.
Do you have a job?: Oh, crap. I answered that already. I'm so bad at these things…
Pets: Does my sister count? ;)
What are your hobbies?: Uh, well…I like to read books, designing software, going out on the boat, watching movies. Wow. I'm….boring.
          She sighed. Maybe the reason she never filled these things out was because she knew the right answers would only tell her what she already knew. She had made her work her life and outside of it, she really didn't have much to do. But it was the only thing she could do. Never mind the fact that she knew her parents didn't want her. She was sure they wouldn't have minded so much if she was a boy. They would have called him Nathan Robert or something like that. They already had their girl and her name was Nathania Kai.
          She had once calculated her conception, that it was a month and a half after Nathania was born. Her parents were probably eager to resume their perfect lives with their perfect daughter and were a little careless in their…eagerness. She was sure they were disappointed to have her, and more so that she wasn't a boy. People thought it was too precious. Nathania and Natalie. She guessed her Uncle Nathan was flattered to have his two nieces named for him. She and her sister quickly adopted nicknames. Nathania was called `Anya' and Natalie was just shortened to `Nat'.

Are you currently dating someone?: Yes.
          She flushed pink. When she had met Lucas on the seaQuest and she had been more than if anything, hostile to him. She didn't like him before she met him, because when she entered college at Stanford, she had already met his reputation. She disliked him so much, she was determined to beat him at his own game. At graduation, her GPA was announced to be one tenth of a point higher than his. She was offered a position there and she took it. She encountered Lucas a few times after that, never really paying all that much attention to him. But something had changed after this past Thanksgiving. She saw him differently. He changed her mind about letting people in. And like that, they were a thing, and she was happy.
          Natalie sighed. She was done with this stupid thing. She typed in a subject of "See? I tried!!!" and sent it back to Nick, to Lucas and her sister. She closed out of her email program and got her things ready to go for her next class.