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seaQuest: The Dawning
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 seaQuest Fiction
Here you will find fan fiction written by various authors. Some of it pertains to the Dawning and are marked as such,
and others do not. We accept stories of all ratings, slash/het, from Dawning roleplayers or from any author who loves seaQuest as much as we do. Stories that are NC-17 require a password to read, which you can recieve from one of the webmistresses.

Stand-Alone Stories
A New Dawn by Joceanna
*Canon Universe/Dawning Timeline* Rated G/PG
Written in response to an online challenge, this story offers an alternate ending for season 2.
Also is an introduction to the Dawning universe, showing how our sim overwrites the mess that was called seaQuest 2032.
Echoes Of Banaba by Joceanna
*Canon Universe/Non-Dawning Timeline* Rated R
Jonathan Ford has been haunted by a past that he dare not speak of. When Miguel  tries to help him, they both become unwitting pawns in a militant GELF group's game of revenge.
Restless by Cleo
*Alternate Universe/Non-Dawning Timeline* Rated PG Work in Progess
A Questie Soap in my timeline, in my universe. Jim's married now!
Chapters 1

Series Fiction
Through The Darkness
Shattered by Joceanna
The story behind it all. Convicted of two counts of  manslaughter, Joceanna is sentenced to years of scientific experimentation under UEO supervision.*Language Warning*
Harbinger by Joceanna
No longer a name but a number, Omega2279J struggles to survive the Kennedy Institute for Genetic Research. The only rule is to stay on everyone's good side; if they even have one, and NEVER turn your back.
In Remembrance by Joceanna
Tabula Rasa by Joceanna
The Distance Between Us by Joceanna
Break Away by Joceanna and Arina
Mishapen Chaos by Joceanna and Arina
Feral by Joceanna by Joceanna and Arina
Urban Legends by Joceanna
In Terra Pax by Joceanna

Shades of Hope: Part One; The Brody Series By Joceanna
*Alternate Universe/Non-Dawning Timeline* Rated R for Adult Content and Violence
The first part of the Shades Of Hope Series focuses on James and Joceanna Brody.

When One Door Opens      1       2
When Joceanna gets a surprise visit from Jim and his friends, it sets the stage for some fun.
At The Speed Of Love       1
For years, Jim's been trying to get Joceanna to quit her passion for fast cars. Now, her obsession may cost Miguel Ortiz more than he counted on.
When Angels Fall      1
In one moment, your whole life can change.
One Door Closes Forever      1       2       3
Tragedy strikes the Brody family, throwing seaQuest and the UEO into the middle of a terrorist's attack.
A Time To Heal     1
The Aftermath.
Spark      1       2
Joceanna and James try to move on with their lives, but discover that sometimes, the past doesn't want to let go.
The Distance Between Us     1       2       3
Joceanna and James get some well deserved shore leave and spend a fun night on the town.
Shades of Hope: Part Two; The Bridger Novella By Joceanna and Natalie
*Alternate Universe/ Non-Dawning Timeline* Rated PG
The second part of the Shades Of Hope Series continues the Brody Series, shifting focus to  Nathan Bridger and his family.

Depths Of Gratitude      1      2       3       4       5
All Nathan Bridger wants is a peaceful thanksgiving with his family and his crew. Is that so much to ask?
Red Sky      1       2       3       4
The hurricane does more than rattle a few windows.
Dreams By Day      1       2       3       4
For years, the spirit of Bobby Bridger has kept a watchful eye on his family. When Nathan goes too far, Bobby can remain silent no longer and crosses over from death to life.