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seaQuest: The Dawning
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The seaQuest Keepers
We know how it is. We all love the show so much that at times, we feel like we own it.
(No disrespect to Amblin and the REAL owners). Well, now you can!
On this page, you can stake a claim to your own piece of the seaQuest Universe and become
henceforth known as a "seaQuest Keeper".

The shortcut URL for this page is:

Here's how it works:

Anyone Can Join.
You don't have to be a member of the Dawning Crew.

You can't own characters, only characteristics.
(ie, you can't be the keeper of Lucas, but you CAN be the keeper of Lucas' sarcastic nature, get it?)
Otherwise, we'd have 20 million ELFS trying to Keep Lucas, and doing Valar-knows-what with him.
 (Not that there's anything WRONG with that, mind you....)

Submit your request
Send an email to the site, stating what you would like to Keep, and what name you
would like to go by. Your request will be processed, and you will be added
to the page as soon as possible!

Keeper of All Prototypes
Keeper of the DeLuise Boys
Keeper of the Main Source of Transportation (no, not the sQ, crazy people, the MAGLEV!)

Cleo Brody
Keeper of Tony's accent
Keeper of The Color of Lucas' Eyes
Keeper of Jim's heart (now everyone say AWW)
Keeper of Katie Hitchcock's Bravery


Keeper of the Father-Son Bond Between Lucas and Bridger
Keeper of Wendy's Psychic Powers

Keeper of The Brody Family
Keeper of Tony Piccolo's Wicked Sense of Humor
Keeper of Jonathan Ford's Sword Of Atlantis
Keeper of Mother, Junior, and Loner
Keeper of the Keys to the Stinger
Keeper of Tony's Heart (everyone ELSE is doing it, why can't I???)

Keeper of Westphalen's Caring and Concern
Keeper of Bridger's Determination
Keeper of Krieg's Hair
Keeper of Darwin's Sense Of Humor

Keeper of Lucas' First Season Hairstyle
Keeper of Krieg's Glowing Fish Poop
Keeper of Lucas' Music
Keeper of MR-7
Keeper of Captain Hudson's Plasma Side Arm
Keeper of the UEO Assault Craft used by Lucas in "Equilibrium"

Keeper of Lucas' Heart
Keeper of Nathan Bridger's Courage
Keeper of the Vocorder
Keeper of the Internex

Keeper of Miguel's Smile
Keeper of Miguel's Heart
Keeper of Bridger's Dedication