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seaQuest: The Dawning
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Recent Updates
Updates on the site will be marked with a "New" logo, and listed on this page for easy reference.

September 14, 2002

Boycott's decision!
Click Here

September 12, 2002
Section: Characters
Updated Joceanna Brody's bio
Section: Fiction
Recategorized the fiction
Updated layout
Added new fic "Shattered"

September 02, 2002

New Member: Lt. j.g. Elizabeth O'Neill

August 22, 2002
Section: Characters
Added the Datura Hackers:

August 13, 2002
Section: Dawning Logs
Added Aug 4 Official
Added Aug 11 Official

Section: Characters
Added LT. Miguel Ortiz' Bio

August 8, 2002
Section: Characters  
Added Photographs to the Bios

August 6, 2002
Section:  Fiction
Added Restless
Due to (unexpected!) popular demand, I have added some OLD fiction previously posted on Splashdown seaQuest.
Added Shades Of Hope: Part 1; The Brody Series
Added Shades Of Hope: Part 2; The Bridger Novella

August 2, 2002
Section: Official Logs
Added July 25th Official Log
Added August 1st Official Log

Changed the Dawning Logo

Section: seaQuest Keepers
Added the seaQuest Keepers

July 25th, 2002
Added the Fiction Section

Section: Fiction
Added "A New Dawn"
Added "Echoes Of Banaba"

Section: Dawning Logs
Added 2 new Fluff Logs

July 21st, 2002
Section: seaQuest DSV
Added Don Franklin Photos

July 18th, 2002
Section: seaQuest DSV
Added More Sound Clips
Updated Marco Sanchez Photos
Updated Michael and Peter Deluise Photos
Added Ed Kerr Photos
Added Jonathan Brandis Photos