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seaQuest: The Dawning
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Welcome to the Sim Information page. Here you will find all the resources that you need to join seaQuest: The Dawning.

The year is 2022, placing this sim just after the second season of seaQuest. Season Three never happened here. We are an alternate universe, mingling characters from all seasons with original characters.

The Setup
After receiving a distress transmission from Lt. Scott Keller, the seaQuest turned and headed for the Christmas Tree Trench. Before they could reach the trench, however, all systems froze as the seaQuest entered the other half of their Mobius Strip of Time. As Lucas discovered in "Playtime" (season 2), the past cannot exist without the future.  A sentinal from the future,  Ensign Iris Riley, was sent back to warn of the tragedy to come. Entering the trench would ensure the destruction of seaQuest and pave the way for Earth's Invasion of the KrayTak's and therefore destroy the future. Alarmed by this discovery, Nathan Bridger turned the boat around and never looked back. He has since retired his command and returned to Bridger Island, leaving his ship in the capable hands of Captain Rozalinn Lennox.

The Sim
seaQuest: The Dawning is a sim divided into two parts. Players meet once a week for an official sim, led by one of the Dawning Game Masters. Outside of the official sim, players are free to meet and role-play with one another on their own time, called "fluffing". Events that take place during a fluff apply to the official sim, as long as the information is shared with all relevant characters.

To Apply
Membership is open to anyone who wants to join, regardless of previous role-playing experience. In order to play, potential members must do the following:
1) Submit a character bio, following the format of the bios you will find in the character section of this site. Characters must be realistic and fit into the current timeline. Please be prepared for the Game Masters to ask you to elaborate on certain aspects of your characters life.
2) Read and agree with the 10 Commandments Of Role Play below.
3) Receive approval from the Game Masters.

The Dawning Timeline
The 10 Commandments Of Role Playing
Guide To Character Bios
The RPG Guide (off-site)