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seaQuest: The Dawning
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seaQuest Information
This section is devoted to seaQuest: The Series which aired on NBC from 1993-1995.
Below, you will find links to information on everything from the cast and crew, to technical specifications of the UEO and seaQuest. Please check back often as new infomation is added.

seaQuest Series Info

Sound Clips


Crew Bios

Episode Guide


seaQuest and UEO Info.

   History Of The UEO   

  UEO Charter     

  UEO Regulations  

Ship Specifications

 Deck Directory

Rank Guide

SQ Glossary

UEO Allied Confederations

Craft/Equipment Specifications
Here you will find detailed specifications for most of seaQuest's equipment and assets.

  Stinger High Speed Mini Sub  

  Tyrell Corporation Sea Crab  

  Battelle Institute Hyper Reality Probe  

  Grumman Submersible Speeder

  IBM XI Network  

  Mark V Intercept Missiles  

  MK 75 E Plasma Torpedoes

  Triton II D-7 Fleet Ballistic Missile  

  Weyland Yutani Cold Fusion Reactors