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seaQuest: The Dawning
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Brennan Alexandre Michaels
Name: Brennan Alexandre
Age: 25
Occupation: UEO Officer, Honorably Discharged
Currently exploring other avenues.

Special Skills:
Horse Trainer, Pianist and
Nathania's trying to convince me that I can sing.

Residence: Michaels Island, off the coast of Florida
Romance: No one special at the moment

I was born in New Cape Quest, Florida, but grew up on Michaels Island, off the coast, where my family owned a ranch and bed and breakfast.  All of the children on the  Florida Islands attended a seperate school than the mainland children, and that is where I met my best friend, Bobby Bridger. Very few people can say they know the exact moment they knew the purpose of their life, but meeting the Bridger family was a turning point for me.

Bobby's father took me in and treated me as a second son. He taught us about the ocean and the United Earth Oceans Organization, while Aunt Carol taught us about the environment and how to respect our own ecology. From that moment, I knew that my place was on the water, and when we graduated, Bobby and I both enlisted in the Academy.

3 years later, the submarine that I was serving aboard was attacked by renegade pirates. I was seriously injured, but Bobby was lost at sea. Afterwards, I knew that I couldn't serve the UEO any longer, and was granted an honorable discharge. My place is still on the ocean, this much I know.

Now, I live on Michaels Island, helping to run the ranch and B&B after my parents retired and moved up north.