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seaQuest: The Dawning
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Nathan heard the door slam and footsteps clamoring on  the floor above.
"Uncle Nathan!" Natalie screamed.
He jumped up and grabbed the light, moving toward the door, a crowd of officers behind him.
"Natalie? Nathania? Lucas!" Nathan called, wrapping his arms around them all. "What are you wearing?"
He stopped, staring at Nathania, who sheepishly looked down at her bra.
"I..uh...I was caught and I tried to change...but the shed was collapsing and...I...uh...." she blushed, glancing at Tony. For the first time, Bridger noticed that Tony was topless as well. He raised an eyebrow, barely visible in the dim light. Lucas looked away, sheepishly, and Natalie moved to stand in front of her sister, blocking her from the averted gazes of the rest of the men as they entered the room.
"Whoa...ok..." Jim looked away, shielding his eyes. Natalie pulled Anya towards the stairs.
"Come on, letís get you upstairs."
As the rest of them moved to return to the guest room, Nathan grabbed Tonyís arm.
"What happened out there?"
"There was...a storm, and we got caught. We were lucky we made it to the shed or we wouldnít...I mean...have made it." Tony looked away. He knew what the captain was thinking and he knew how guilty he looked. As the rain pounded on the roof, Nathan looked up and pointed his finger at Tony.
"Weíll talk later." He turned and walked into the room, shutting the door after they were all inside.

"So what happened with you and Tony up in that loft?" Natalie asked, handing Nathania a shirt.
"Nothing worse than what was going on with you and Lucas downstairs."
Natalie blushed and looked down.
"I thought you hated him?" Anya asked, pulling a shirt over her head.
"I do...I mean, I did." Natalie sighed. "Itís complicated."
"Isnít everything?" Anya unzipped her jeans and slipped into her sweatpants. Natalie pulled on a pair of denim shorts and an oversized sweatshirt.
"Yeah. Itís just...I realized that Lucas and I have a lot in common."
"Well, I could have told you that." Anya smiled. Natalie grinned. Then she sighed.
"And I realized that you and I do, too."
Anya raised an eyebrow.
"We do?"
Nat nodded.
"Lucas pointed something out to me, and it made me think." She sat down in the dark on the bed. "Weíre both hiding, Nathania. You chose your music, and I chose computer science. But itís the same place. And we do it...because...weíre scared of letting anyone in. Because then they can leave us. Like mom and dad."
"And Bobby." Anya said softly, sitting down beside Natalie on the bed. She nodded and wrapped her arms around her sister.
"This doesnít mean weíre going to stop fighting, you know."
Natalie nodded.
"I know. But it means that I wonít try to kill you anymore."
Anya laughed.
"Good to know." A loud clap of thunder came and Anya groaned. "We better get downstairs with the others."

Nathan Bridger awoke. It was silent. The storm had passed.  Yawning, he surveyed the room and the tangled bodies around him. Jonathan and Loni were asleep in the corner. Dagwood was laying flat on his back, eyes closed and arms crossed over his chest. Miguel lay flat on his stomach, head resting on his folded hands. Jim was on his side, curled into the fetal position. Lucas lay on his back, arm draped over Natalie, whose head lay on his chest. But Nathania and Tony were curled up with one another in the far corner of the room. Quietly Nathan got up and crossed over to them.
"All right, you two." He said, lightly slapping Tony on the arm. He groaned and covered his eyes.
Nathan reached down and touched Anyaís hair.
"Nat...Nathania Kai, time to wake up."
Tony, finally realizing what was happening, opened his eyes.
"Whatís wrong?" He asked, sitting up. Nathan held a finger to his lips and looked down at Anya. Tony shook her shoulder gently.
Her eyes slid open.
"Whatís going on?" She asked, looking from Nathan to Tony. Nathan motioned for the two of them to get up and exit the room.

In the hallway, Anya crossed her arms over her chest.
"Uncle, whatís going on?"
Nathan sighed.
"I donít know whatís going on between you two, Natty, but I donít like it."
Tony looked at Anya.
Nathan held up his hand.
"No.. This isnít personal against you, Tony..."
"Like hell it isnít!" Tony turned red, and he struggled to remind himself that Nathan was his captain.
"Uncle, I donít know what youíre thinking, but nothing happened between us."
"Oh no? The two of you come in here last night, half naked, and you expect me to believe that it was just the storm?"
"Yes!" Anya exclaimed. Then she took a breath. "Uncle, I appreciate it, really, but Iím 20 years old. I live on my own. Iíve been taking care of myself for years now. Iím not a little girl anymore."
"And Iím not your father." Nathan said. Anya stopped.
"I didnít say that."
"You didnít have to."
Anya looked down, struggling to keep a sane thought in her head. Tony leaned forward and lay a hand on the small of her back.
"Captain, we werenít doing anything honest. Ok, maybe we kissed, but thatís it. Thatís all."
Nathan turned back to Anya.
"Nat, you have a career."
"Yes, I do." She said evenly. "A career that you helped me get, but one that I have fought for on my own. Iím sorry Uncle, but I donít understand what your concern is."
Nathan sighed, and looked down.
"I just want you to think about this, thatís all."
"Ok." She said softly, realizing that she wasnít going to win. Tony looked down and bit his lip.
"Whatís for breakfast, Iím starved." Miguel said, coming out of the room behind them.
"Turkey." Nathan said, without taking his eyes off of Nathania. "Happy Thanksgiving."
"Yay." Miguel said, moving into the kitchen.
"Are we done?" Nathania asked. Nathan nodded his head. "Good." Without another word, she walked into the living room and curled up on the window seat she and Tony had shared the day before. Tony came in and sat down beside her. He reached over and gripped her hand.
"What are you thinking?" He asked softly. She shook her head.
"I donít know what to think." She sighed. "Iím sorry he said that, Tony."
Tony shook his head.
"No, maybe heís right." He looked down. "You have this whole career, this whole life. Me, Iíve ruined everything Iíve ever touched."
"Thatís not true."
"Yes, yes it is."
Nathania reached over and touched his cheek.
"Tony, kiss me."
"What?" He looked taken aback. He glanced quickly at the door to see if Nathan could see them.
"Kiss me. Donít look there, look here."
After a final glance at the door, he leaned over and locked lips with her. A thousand sensations coursed through his body , none of them able to be scripted. When she pulled back, she rested her forehead on his.
"Feel that?" She whispered.
"Yes." He breathed.
"Thatís all that matters."

     An hour later, everyone was gathered around the dining room table, surrounding the Thanksgiving dinner that they had missed yesterday. Nathan stood up at the head of the table.
"Itís a Bridger family tradition on Thanksgiving to go around the table and say what they are thankful for on this day. I would like to go first." He cleared his throat. "Iím sure at least 2 of you are wondering why it was so important for me to have you all here." Natalie and Nathania exchanged looks.
"I wanted to make an announcement, and I wanted you all to be the first to hear about it. But first, I need to go and get our final guest."
Everyone looked around, exchanging shrugs and confused looks. Nathan walked to the front door, and when he returned, he had a tall woman with curly hair in tow.
"Dr. Westphalen?" Commander Ford stood up. She nodded and smiled.
"How have you been, Jonathan?"
Nathan cleared his throat and took Kristin by the hand.
"I wanted you all to share in this moment, and Natalie and Nathania, I wanted you to meet Kristin...because..." he looked at Kristin and she smiled. "in December, we are going to be married."
"What!" Lucas exclaimed, standing up. He bounced over to Kristin and wrapped his arms around her. "Congratulations!" Miguel stood up, holding out his hand. Loni walked over and gave Nathan a hug.
Natalie and Anya looked at each other. Natalie stood up and walked over to Kristin.
", welcome to the family, I guess?" Kristin smiled and took her hand warmly.
"Thank you."
"Iím Natalie."
"Iím Nathania." Anya smiled. Westphalen looked at them carefully.
"Nathan didnít mention that you were twins."
The entire room fell silent, as everyone looked to see which on of the girls would snap first. Instead, Nathania wrapped her arm around Natalie and grinned.
"Weíre not, actually. Just sisters."
"Oh!" Kristin laughed.
"Come, come, sit down." Bridger told everyone. As they took their seats, the phone rang. "Uh, Iíll get that." Bridger said, leaving the room. A few moments later, he returned with a grave expression on his face. "Jim, Itís Miramar East."
"What?" Jim gasped, knowing immediately that something was wrong. Nathan walked over and placed a hand on Jimís shoulder.
"JimÖthereís been an accident."