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seaQuest: The Dawning
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Cleo Walker: ::Cleo was doing double checks in files, after having a run in with the cabinet and losing.. an angry bruise showing up on her arm as a result, along with scattered papers that were carelessly put on top of the cabinet by a taller
Cleo Walker: med-team member::
Cleo Walker: <vs> best place to bruise oneself is in medbay.. ::she slammed the file cabinet shut, then decided to make use of her time doing anything else but wait for something else to fall on her.. so she went into the hallway::
Cleo Walker: ::walks down the hallway, staring at the bruise as if it might go away if she glares at it hard enough::
Cleo Walker: )( okie )(
 Cleo Walker: ::goes down to the mess, plopping down in an empty chair::
 LtCdr James Brody: ::Lo and Behold, it's a Jim Brody! Walking down the hallway! And entering the mess!::
 Cleo Walker: ::leans her head back and closes her eyes, moving her arm and hitting that bruise on the table, causing her to bite down hard on her lip so she doesn't scream every profanity she knows::
LtCdr James Brody: ::enters the mess and walks over to the table, clipboard in hand. He makes a detour over to the coffee table and retrieves an entire pot and cup. He sits down at an empty table::
Cleo Walker: :;after a few minutes, she lets out a long breath and puts down her arm slowly:: <Vs> i am the most graceful girl on earth
 LtCdr James Brody: ::hears the small voice and looks around, trying to place it::
 Cleo Walker: ::sees Jim glancing about, wondering what he's looking for, standing up slowly::
 LtCdr James Brody: ::sees Cleo standing up and smiles:: hi.
 Cleo Walker: ..hi.. ::smiles lightly at him::
 LtCdr James Brody: ::motions:: have a seat...that is, if you're not running out of here, or something.
 Cleo Walker: thanks ::sits down near him:: ..i wasn't really going anywhere
 LtCdr James Brody: Actually, you looked like you'd rather be anywhere but here. You ok?
 Cleo Walker: oh yeah.. fine.. had a fight with the filing cabinet in medbay..
 LtCdr James Brody: Who won?
 Cleo Walker: the filing cabinet
 LtCdr James Brody: Shall I take action against it? Force it into submission in the brig?
Cleo Walker: ::laughs:; i'd like to see that..
 LtCdr James Brody: I'll bet. ::smiles::
 Cleo Walker: they just have to learn that not everyone's as tall as they are.. and filing cabinet drawers need to be closed
LtCdr James Brody: ::sighs:: ouch.
 Cleo Walker: so... how are you?
LtCdr James Brody: ::shrugs:: hanging in there, ::picks up his clipboard:: making fun security training schedules.
Cleo Walker: oh yes i bet they are fun ::sarcastically::
 LtCdr James Brody: Hey! Don't believe everything you hear about me.
Cleo Walker: i haven't heard anything about you.. really
 LtCdr James Brody: ::smirks:: Like hell. But your polite, anyway, so you get brownie points for that.
 Cleo Walker: i feel special now ::grins at Jim::
LtCdr James Brody: ::grins:: you should.
 Cleo Walker: ::rests her chin on her hand, watching him::
 LtCdr James Brody: ::suddenly feels the wieght of her gaze:: what...
Cleo Walker: nothing.. ::realizes she's kind of staring and blushes:: spaced out
LtCdr James Brody: ::smiles a little and looks down, suddenly with nothing to say::
Cleo Walker: this is the second time we've done this.. lost any idea of a conversation, being in uncomfortable silence
LtCdr James Brody: ::bites his lip:: Yeah.
 LtCdr James Brody: ::runs his fingers through his hair and shifts uncomfortably :: so...
Cleo Walker: say the first thing that comes to your mind ::grins, knowing she's kind of putting him on the spot::
LtCdr James Brody: ::blushes:: Uh...I don't think that's such a good idea. ::takes a sip of coffee and glances towards the door::
Cleo Walker: why not?
 LtCdr James Brody: I like my job too much.
XCleo Walker: ::laughs::
Cleo Walker: yes you do
 Cleo Walker: ..but it's just something i've heard
LtCdr James Brody: AHA! See, ::points:: you HAVE heard things. And you try to lie about it...::smirks::
Cleo Walker: i didn't hear anything bad!!
Cleo Walker: just that you're... very into your work
LtCdr James Brody: Again, the polite way of putting it. ::sighs:: I, I KNOW it's true. But hey, I have to be, you know?
Cleo Walker: yeah, i guess so
Cleo Walker: i mean if you're not totally obses--err into your job, then why would you be here? on the quest?
LtCdr James Brody: No, I think you had it right the first time. Obsessed. But surely you know that. It's not many interns who get of serve aboard the flagship. Hard work is nothing new to you.
Cleo Walker: you're very right.. i worked like crazy to get here
LtCdr James Brody: ::nods:: see...
Cleo Walker: so i guess we're somewhat alike in that sense
 LtCdr James Brody: ::looks at her and smiles:: yeah, I guess we are.
 Cleo Walker: ::realizes they're both spacing out again:: oh look, coffee.. i think i'll go get myself some
 Cleo Walker: ::gets up and gets herself a cup of coffee, taking her time so she can think of something intelligent to say instead of the rambling that ran around in her head::
Cleo Walker: ::plops back down with her coffee::
LtCdr James Brody: ::grins::
Cleo Walker: what?
LtCdr James Brody: ::shakes his head:: nothing.
Cleo Walker: you sure? if you have something to say i'd love to hear it ::sips her coffee slowly::