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seaQuest: The Dawning
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X0 Aurora Hunter: ::Aurora was in her quarters, seated at her desk, surrounded by paperwork she really didn't want to do, and didn't have time for. nonetheless, a pot of coffee sat beside her, ensuring she got through it.::
X0 Aurora Hunter: ::Aurora reaches across to her bookcase, grabbing a thick red book off the shelf, and knocking a huge white binder off her desk. The spines break open and papers go flying:: Oh for the love of!!!...
X0 Aurora Hunter: ::she get down on her knees, spewing frustrated curses and begins to pick up the papers, trying to put them back in order::
Cdr Jonathan Ford: ::knocks lightly on Aurora's door after have a meeting with the Captain::
X0 Aurora Hunter: ::groans:: WHAT!? ::slightly more professional and calm:: Yes? Who is it?
Cdr Jonathan Ford: It's me.. i'll come back later if you're busy
X0 Aurora Hunter: ::sighs and stands:: No, no, it's alright. ::walks over to the door and opens it, a weary smile one her face:: hi...
Cdr Jonathan Ford: i just had a meeting with your... i mean.. our Captain.. ::doesn't even wait to go inside to tell her the news::
X0 Aurora Hunter: ::nods and smiles, motioning him in, looking embarrased at the paper mess:: yes?
Cdr Jonathan Ford: i'm staying..
Cdr Jonathan Ford: as a second shift commander.. basically third in command ::smiles::
X0 Aurora Hunter: ::smiles:: Congratulations! That's fantastic Jonathan!
Cdr Jonathan Ford: ::shrugs:: good to be back onboard
X0 Aurora Hunter: ::smirks:: Even if it IS working under me?
Cdr Jonathan Ford: i don't mind
X0 Aurora Hunter: Yeah, I'll bet. ::walks toward him and wraps her arms around his neck in a hug:: Glad you're staying. ::muffled by his shoulder::
Cdr Jonathan Ford: ::hugs her in return:: me too.. ::laughing at her muffled speech::
X0 Aurora Hunter: ::kisses his cheek and then releases him, looking down at the mess on her floor:: I, uh, had a bit of an accident...::smiles and kneels down::
Cdr Jonathan Ford: ::crouches down and helps her:: they got away from you?
X0 Aurora Hunter: ::chuckles:: yeah, something like that. They launched a revolt against the binder.
Cdr Jonathan Ford: ::laughs:: hate it when that happens ::hands her some of the paperwork::
X0 Aurora Hunter: ::takes the papers and adds it to a stack of her own:: Thanks. ::flips through them once or twice to make sure they're in order and then reaches for the binder:: What I really need is an extra pair of hands. I don't know how you ma
X0 Aurora Hunter: managed this for three years.
Cdr Jonathan Ford: i grew an extra set of hands, then had them removed when i no longer needed them ::smirks::
X0 Aurora Hunter: ::smirks:: Oh, indeed? ::snaps the binder shut:: You'll have to teach me that one, I'm afraid. ::stands up and slips the book back onto the desk::
Cdr Jonathan Ford: it's a trick of the trade.. soon you'll have four arms, and you won't even notice them.. you'll be wanting 6
X0 Aurora Hunter: ::laughs and stacks the papers up on her desk:: oh, I'm sure I'll manage. ::tosses her pen down on top of the paper:: If I can just manage to keep the war to a minimum.  
X0 Aurora Hunter: ::groans:: I'm sure you've heard about this whole drama that Wolenczak's kicked up with Engineering?
Cdr Jonathan Ford: oh yes, i've heard
X0 Aurora Hunter: You know, everyone always said that Wolenczak was easygoing, that he didn't need a babysitter.r. In fact, I think you said that. You lied.
Cdr Jonathan Ford: he was probably challenged.. it's not good to challange the kid
X0 Aurora Hunter: ::shakes her head:: The way I hear tell of it, HE was the one doing the challenging. Has been ever since Cap and I came aboard. I think the boy's got a real problem with women.
Cdr Jonathan Ford: or maybe he was so used to Captain Bridger and I that he's not as ready for the change as he thought
X0 Aurora Hunter: ::rolls her eyes:: And so logical, too. Whatever would I do without that cool head of yours?
Cdr Jonathan Ford: you'd come up with another reason just as logical
X0 Aurora Hunter: ::raises her eyebrows:: And I have one, believe me.
Cdr Jonathan Ford: Oh?  
X0 Aurora Hunter: ::nods:: You know the way word spreads on this ship. Well, a little birdie in the medbay told me that Lucas is having girlfriend troubles, and he has publicly announced that he hates women. As a gender.
Cdr Jonathan Ford: that could do it  
X0 Aurora Hunter: ::collapses into a chair:: Also not a good thing to announce on a ship comprised of mainly women in command. I think his tension has mounted into al all-scale war. ::hangs her head in her hands and then looks up:: ah, but see, now,
X0 Aurora Hunter: it becomes YOUR problem, Mr. Second-Shift Commander
X0 Aurora Hunter: ::grins wickedly::
Cdr Jonathan Ford: it's MY problem now? because i'm a man and somewhat in charge?
 X0 Aurora Hunter: ::shakes her head, still grinning:: no, because  I was never one for rescuing the "fragile male ego", and the most I can say is "shape up or get the hell of my boat." And besides, I think it'll be fun to watch this one. ::smiles::
Cdr Jonathan Ford: ::laughs and shakes his head::
X0 Aurora Hunter: ::laughs:: well, apart from the civil war brewing, everything else checks out ok. ::smiles:: so let's talk about more interesting ventures. How are you?
Cdr Jonathan Ford: pretty good, now that I know what i'm doing around here
X0 Aurora Hunter: ::nods:: good. ::sighs:: I know it's gotta be tough to come back to all this.
Cdr Jonathan Ford: only a little
 X0 Aurora Hunter: ::smiles at Ford:: Well, if it helps, you can always come complain to me. I'll give you double chocolate-mocha fudge icecream, just like back at the academy. Two spoons, and we  can bitch and moan all night.
Cdr Jonathan Ford: i'll make sure to hold you to that
X0 Aurora Hunter: You better.
 Cdr Jonathan Ford: ::leans against the desk lightly, looking at the paperwork::
 X0 Aurora Hunter: ::looks down at the papers:: Nothing fun. Just crew reviews.
 Cdr Jonathan Ford: oh come on, they can be fun sometimes
 X0 Aurora Hunter: ::groans:: yeah, but I keep trying to come up with new ways to give the same criticism.
Cdr Jonathan Ford: ::Chuckles::
Cdr Jonathan Ford: have you talked to the Captain about what happened when you made the orders to leave port? i know you were concerned about it before..
X0 Aurora Hunter: ::shakes her head and sighs:: No, I haven't.
Cdr Jonathan Ford: now's as good a time as any
 X0 Aurora Hunter: ::scoffs:: Yeah, like right NOW would be a good time. ::sighs:: No, Jon, I think I'm just going to have to let this one go. I mean, I'm XO. It IS partly my duty to make sure things get done so she doesn't have to.
Cdr Jonathan Ford: ::nods:: it's your call
X0 Aurora Hunter: is...::suddenly looks away, very unsure of herself::
Cdr Jonathan Ford: i trust your judgement, Aurora
 X0 Aurora Hunter: ...yeah...but sometimes there's no right solution, you know?
Cdr Jonathan Ford: i know