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seaQuest: The Dawning
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Begin Log
Capt Roz Lennox: ::Roz is kind of pacing about on the bridge, checking up on helmsmen and such, being a normal captain for once::
X0 Aurora Hunter: ::seated in the command chair, reviewing records and watching the captain pace::
Capt Roz Lennox: ::stops over by Aurora:: did you grab Lazarus yet? we still need to speak with her
X0 Aurora Hunter: ::shakes her head:: No, I haven't. She's been unavailable.
Capt Roz Lennox: ::sighs:: wonderful
Capt Roz Lennox: you'll have someone keep an eye out for her, right?
X0 Aurora Hunter: Of course I will. Has anyone checked in with Lucas?
Capt Roz Lennox: ...Not that i know of
Capt Roz Lennox: someone should though..
X0 Aurora Hunter: ::sighs:: I'm assuming that was a hint. ::picks up her PAL:: commander hunter to lucas wolenczak.
Capt Roz Lennox: ::smirks:: you know i can,
X0 Aurora Hunter: ::raises an eyebrow and makes as if to hand the PAL over::
Capt Roz Lennox: make sure he's there and i'll go speak to him personally
X0 Aurora Hunter: ::smiles:: alright. ::shakes the PAL:: Lucas Wolenczak?
X0 Aurora Hunter: ::clears her throat:: Commander Hunter to Lucas Wolenczak.
X0 Aurora Hunter: ::rolls her eyes:: well, seems another member of our crew is "unavailable". Should we rule out homicide at this point?
Capt Roz Lennox: that'd be audible
TiggerDJ2: :pal: Sorry...I'm here
TiggerDJ2: Pal was buried in laundry...
X0 Aurora Hunter: not if he's floating in the moon pool somewhere.
Capt Roz Lennox: there he is
X0 Aurora Hunter: Ah, Mr. Wolenczak, good of you to answer.
TiggerDJ2: Im sorry, Commander.
X0 Aurora Hunter: Are you available for a meeting?
TiggerDJ2: Uhh...sure. Just gotta say goodbye on the computer. Where am I meeting you?
X0 Aurora Hunter: Not me, the captain. ::glances at Roz:: And your quarters?
Capt Roz Lennox: that'd be good
Capt Roz Lennox: provided he doesn't let a certain four legged tub of fur out
TiggerDJ2: The captain? Oh...ok.
X0 Aurora Hunter: The Captain will meet you in her cabin, Lucas. That good for you?
X0 Aurora Hunter: ::looks at Roz:: what, am I your secretary now?
TiggerDJ2: Of course. I'll be right there.
Capt Roz Lennox: amongst other things ::grins at Aurora::
Capt Roz Lennox: thanks
X0 Aurora Hunter: ::rolls her eyes and turns off the PAL:: Anytime, Cap.
Capt Roz Lennox: ::smirks and goes off the bridge, heading for her quarters::
TiggerDJ2: ::types:: Gotta go. I'm meeting the captain. I miss you!
TiggerDJ2: ::response:: Good luck! Miss you too...
 TiggerDJ2: ::shuts off the internex::
TiggerDJ2: ::heads down to the captains cabin::
Capt Roz Lennox: ::unlocks her door and goes in, grabbing the cat before he can make a run for the hallway:: ooh no you don't
 Capt Roz Lennox: ::puts the cat down on the desk chair::
TiggerDJ2: ::knocks::
Capt Roz Lennox: come in!
X0 Aurora Hunter: ::stands up and walks over to the helm, speaking briefly with the young seawoman there::
TiggerDJ2: ::enters:: Hello...
Capt Roz Lennox: hello Lucas.. ::puts a hand out for him to sit, then, after a moment, removes the cat from the chair:: have a seat
TiggerDJ2: Thank you ma'am. ::sits::
Capt Roz Lennox: ::puts Mouse back down:: i heard about what happened between you and Lazarus
TiggerDJ2: <Mouse> ::feigns snotty surprise at being uprooted and moves to reclaim his seat in Lucas' lap::
 TiggerDJ2: ::nods, picking up Mouse and pets the cat::
Capt Roz Lennox: forgive Mouse.. i think he's working on putting his fur on every crewmember
 Capt Roz Lennox: ..i'm sorry about what happened, there is no excuse for Lazarus' behavior.. we're in the process of contacting her
 X0 Aurora Hunter: ::returns to her chair, and punches up the records of the last sensor diagnostic::
 Capt Roz Lennox: )( ::hugs them both, although she's never seen the movie:: )(
TiggerDJ2: I just...didn't know what to do, Captain? Defend myself physically against a girl?
Capt Roz Lennox: i understand
Capt Roz Lennox: all she had right to do was to ask you to keep it down
TiggerDJ2: ::pets Mouse:: It's not so much the physical violence that bothers's what she *said*.
Capt Roz Lennox: what exactly did she say?
X0 Aurora Hunter: ::nods, satisfied and pulls up the weapons diagnostic::
TiggerDJ2: <qu> That I was....useless. And that I don't earn my keep around here.
Capt Roz Lennox: ::raises an eyebrow:: is that what she said?
Capt Roz Lennox: do you agree with it? what she said?
TiggerDJ2: I...don't know if I agree...
Capt Roz Lennox: i don't
X0 Aurora Hunter: ::picks up her PAL:: Commander Hunter to Commander Brody.
Capt Roz Lennox: i don't agree with her statment at all, Lucas
X0 Aurora Hunter: <JIM> ::picks up his PAL in the mess:: Commander Brody here.
TiggerDJ2: ::nods, gratefully::
Capt Roz Lennox: you know i spoke personally with Captain Bridger many times before coming aboard
X0 Aurora Hunter: Commander, I'm reviewing the records of your last missile diagnostic. I'm noticing that Silos 3 and 4 were to be rotated with new missiles last week?
TiggerDJ2: Did you? ::pets the cat behind the ears::
Capt Roz Lennox: he told me that you were one of the most valuable crewmembers that i'm going to have
X0 Aurora Hunter: <JIM> Yes, Commander. However, that was the minimum date. We still have 40 days to safely replace them. I had planned to make the arrangements next week, when we do the rest.
TiggerDJ2: Oh. He....said that?
Capt Roz Lennox: yes
Capt Roz Lennox: and i believe him
X0 Aurora Hunter: Alright, Commander. I'll leave you to make the arrangements; I'll put in notice with the captain.
X0 Aurora Hunter: <JIM> Thank you, Commander.
X0 Aurora Hunter: Commander Hunter out.
Capt Roz Lennox: you're going to have more information about this place than most of us will
 TiggerDJ2: Captain, I just don't want to ever be in that situation ever again. It was about as uncomfortable as anything...
Capt Roz Lennox: i understand
Capt Roz Lennox: and i'm going to make sure it doesn't happen again
TiggerDJ2: Thank you, ma'am. I appreciate it. ::continues petting Mouse::
Capt Roz Lennox: i think Mouse has found a friend..
TiggerDJ2: ::smiles:: He can visit anytime...he's cool. And less....wet...than Darwin.
Capt Roz Lennox: just don't make a vocoder for him.. please.. ::grins::
TiggerDJ2: ::snickers::
Capt Roz Lennox: besides the whole.. incident with Lazarus.. how is this going for you?
TiggerDJ2: It's taking some getting used to. But I like it here, this is my home.
Capt Roz Lennox: ::nods lightly::
Capt Roz Lennox: i know i'm nothing like Captain Bridger, i remind myself that everyday, but if you do need anything, you can come talk to me
TiggerDJ2: That's probably the best thing I've heard in awhile. ::shooes Mouse off::
Capt Roz Lennox: i'm glad
TiggerDJ2: ::smiles, brushing the cat hair off::
Capt Roz Lennox: here :;reaches in a drawer and tosses him a lint roller:: use this
TiggerDJ2: Thanks. ::brushes it off:: Hey, I know it's probably against protocol, but if you ever wanted to talk to me, about know?
Capt Roz Lennox: i know ::nods lightly::
X0 Aurora Hunter: <JO>::on C Deck, sitting on the walkway over the water, writing a letter::
Capt Roz Lennox: right now i'm more worried about making sure i can make it through the day instead of what's against protocol
TiggerDJ2: ::grins:: Good philosophy.
Capt Roz Lennox: you're a good guy, Lucas, no matter what Lazarus may rant about
TiggerDJ2: Uh, Captain? I was wondering if I could possibly have a guest over...
X0 Aurora Hunter: ::goes back to wandering about the bridge, looking over shoulders and generally making sure that all is well::
Capt Roz Lennox: as long as they don't kill anyone
TiggerDJ2: She won't...I promise. Scout's honor.
Capt Roz Lennox: then she's welcome
TiggerDJ2: ::smiles, jumps up and hugs the captain:: Thankyouthankyou!
Capt Roz Lennox: ::blinks, hugged:: you're... welcome
Capt Roz Lennox: umm.. when were you planning to have her on board?
X0 Aurora Hunter: <JO>::groans and crumples up the paper, tossing it towards the garbage can. It misses and tips off the railing into the water:: Damn...
TiggerDJ2: This weekend, I was thinking. Is that ok?
Capt Roz Lennox: <Cleo> ::making a general mess in medbay with papers and instruments::
Capt Roz Lennox: that's fine
X0 Aurora Hunter: ::Darwin pops up from the water and knocks the paper over the railing and out of his pool. He sputters, spraying Joey:: Joey litter in water.
X0 Aurora Hunter: <JO> ::looks down:: Didn't mean to, Darwin. Sorry.
TiggerDJ2: Thank you, agian Captain. I think I'll go tell her now.
Capt Roz Lennox: alright then
X0 Aurora Hunter: <DARWIN> Why?
TiggerDJ2: See you later....Later, Mouse.
X0 Aurora Hunter: <JO> Why didn't I mean to litter?
X0 Aurora Hunter: <DARWIN> No. Why throw paper?
Capt Roz Lennox: :grabs mouse before he can go out the door::
X0 Aurora Hunter: <JO> ::sighs:: because I messed up. I'm writing a letter and I messed it up.
TiggerDJ2: ::dashes down the hallway down to his quarters::
X0 Aurora Hunter: <DARWIN> So, fix! No throw.
TiggerDJ2: ((meesa gettin sleepy...))
X0 Aurora Hunter: <JO> ::groans:: Maybe I'm just not sure I should be writing.
 Capt Roz Lennox: ::picks up her PAL:: Captain to Commander Hunter
X0 Aurora Hunter: ::picks up her PAL:: Yes, Captain?
Capt Roz Lennox: just had that talk with Lucas.. everything's alright
Capt Roz Lennox: we have an understanding, and he's having a guest here this weekend
X0 Aurora Hunter: That's good to hear.
Capt Roz Lennox: how are things on the bridge?
X0 Aurora Hunter: Good. I haven't burned the place down since you've been gone. ::chuckles softly::
Capt Roz Lennox: <Cleo> ::sneaks out of medbay and onto C-deck, deciding to take a break with Darwin::
Capt Roz Lennox: ::laughs:: that's a relief
Capt Roz Lennox: i'll be up momentarily. Captain out
X0 Aurora Hunter: Aye, Cap. ::clips her PAL to her waist::
Capt Roz Lennox: ::puts her PAL back and exits her quarters, securing the door behind her before she heads to the bridge::
Capt Roz Lennox: <Cleo> ::sees Joey, hesitant to say hi to her::
Capt Roz Lennox: <Cleo> ::thinks "oh what the hell" and goes over to Joey:: hi
 X0 Aurora Hunter: <JO> ::looks up:: hi....oh.
Capt Roz Lennox: <Cleo> are you? ::ignoring the "oh" part::
X0 Aurora Hunter: ::types the missile order up rapidly, waiting for the captain::
X0 Aurora Hunter: <JO> Um...fine. ::looks up:: you?
Capt Roz Lennox: <Cleo> pretty good
Capt Roz Lennox: ::goes up to the bridge, letting out a light sigh::
X0 Aurora Hunter: <JO> good. ::looks down at her paper:: so, um...yeah.
Capt Roz Lennox: <Cleo> oh.. you were doing something.. i'll leave you alone
X0 Aurora Hunter: ::turns around and looks at the capt:: Captain?
X0 Aurora Hunter: <JO> Uh, no. That's fine. ::motions to the seat beside her:: have a seat...I'm not getting anything done here anyway.
Capt Roz Lennox: yes, Commander?
Capt Roz Lennox: <Cleo> ::sits slowly:: i know how that feels..
X0 Aurora Hunter: ::hits send on her computer:: I've just fowarded you an order from Commander Brody, requesting that Silos 3 and 4 be rotated and replaced when the lasers are realigned next week.
Capt Roz Lennox: alright
X0 Aurora Hunter: <JO> ::closes her notebook and sets it beside her:: I think I'm making more progress talking to the dolphin.
Capt Roz Lennox: <Cleo> ::smirks and looks over at Darwin::
Capt Roz Lennox: anything else?
X0 Aurora Hunter: ::closes her PDA:: Nothing else. ::looks around:: as you can see, all is well, and my shift is over.
Serene Control: ::With nothing in paticular to occupy her time, Liz O'Neill, new to the SeaQuest, slipped onto the Bridge deciding to acquaint herself better with the ship and it's crew. She made a vow to herself to crawl out of her shell and be a
Serene Control: little more out-going. Being shy had its downfalls, and she wasn't going to let it get the best of her::
Capt Roz Lennox: ::nods lightly::
X0 Aurora Hunter: ::stands up:: Ah, Ms. O'Niell, our new crew member.
Capt Roz Lennox: ::looks over at the crewmember Aurora addressed::
Capt Roz Lennox: <Cleo> Darwin always does have interesting things to say
Serene Control: Commander ::She nodded respectfully, before turning to salute the captain:: Elizabeth O'Neill. May I say it's a pleasure to be on the SeaQuest, Ma'am.
X0 Aurora Hunter: <JO> Yeah. ::bites her lip and then decides hell with it:: So what the hell happened between you and Jim?
Capt Roz Lennox: <Cleo> what do you mean?
Capt Roz Lennox: Wonderful to have you aboard, Miss O'Neill ::smiles, returning the salute slightly before moving to shake her hand:: i heard about your arrival
X0 Aurora Hunter: <JO>::shrugs:: Well, last I saw, you jumped down his throat. And now, he's all out of sorts whenever your name comes up.
Capt Roz Lennox: <Cleo> Out of sorts? ::raises an eyebrow::
Capt Roz Lennox: <Cleo> all we did was talk..
X0 Aurora Hunter: <JO>::shrugs:: yeah. But it's Jim, he's always on edge. Though he's more on edge than usual.
Capt Roz Lennox: <Cleo> i wish i knew why..
Serene Control: ::she gave a small, nervous smile, relaxing her salute:: Really. I hope my being here won't be much of a hindrence on the crew.
Capt Roz Lennox: oh not at all
X0 Aurora Hunter: ::shakes her head:: no hindrence at all.
X0 Aurora Hunter: <Jo> well, I thought you might have a clue. Guess not.
Serene Control: Thank you. ::She gave a small nod to the two of them, still a bit nervous, as the newest addition::
Capt Roz Lennox: <Cleo> maybe you should talk to him about it?
Capt Roz Lennox: if you need anything, Miss O'Neill, be sure to let us know
X0 Aurora Hunter: <JO>::laughs:: Girl, you REALLY don't know my brother, do you? Jim doesn't talk.
Capt Roz Lennox: <Cleo> oh.. ::grins lightly::
Serene Control: Thank you, Ma'am. But, I'm not one to complain. The crew has been very helpful as it is.
Capt Roz Lennox: <Cleo> maybe i should see him about it
Capt Roz Lennox: good.. that's the kind of crew i need ::glances at Aurora::
X0 Aurora Hunter: ::steps up to the sensor station:: ::looks to the captain:: Hey, I say we keep her.
Capt Roz Lennox: I do too
X0 Aurora Hunter: <JO> I'd wait on that one. He's pretty angry at something. Or Someone.
Capt Roz Lennox: <Cleo> okay..
X0 Aurora Hunter: <JO>::sighs:: So what are you doing down here?
Capt Roz Lennox: <Cleo> getting away from my work.. wasn't getting anything done, like you
Serene Control: ::she smiled again, a bit more relaxed:: Well, it's nice to know when you're welcome.
Capt Roz Lennox: <Cleo> i was going to hit the mess, but i decided to come here instead
X0 Aurora Hunter: <JO> I understand. ::smiles:: Sometimes this is the best place to procrastinate, you know? No one comes down here but Darwin and Wolenczak.
Capt Roz Lennox: <cleo> ::nods::
X0 Aurora Hunter: ::sits down at sensors and begins to send some files to her cabin, in effect taking her work home with her::
Capt Roz Lennox: do you have any questions about anything? ::to Liz:;
Serene Control: Well... I seem to not have an assignment. I was wondering where my place on the ship would be.
Capt Roz Lennox: We'll have to figure that out then..
Serene Control: Yes Ma'am.
Capt Roz Lennox: <Cleo> you don't hate me, do you Joey?
Capt Roz Lennox: <cleo> for being such a complete spaz and such.. making you wonder what i'm on..
Capt Roz Lennox: i suppose we can meet in the wardroom for that
X0 Aurora Hunter: ::nods:: I'm avaliable.
Capt Roz Lennox: ::to Liz:: is that alright with you?
Serene Control: Oh, yes of course.
Capt Roz Lennox: ::motions for Liz to follow:: this way then
X0 Aurora Hunter: <JO> ::sighs:: no, I don't hate you, Cleo. ::bites her lip and looks down::
X0 Aurora Hunter: ::stands up and begins to walk down toward the captain::
Capt Roz Lennox: <Cleo> good..
Serene Control: ::She turned and followed the Captain and Commander::
Capt Roz Lennox: ::leads them into the wardroom::
X0 Aurora Hunter: <JO> Look, you just have to understand something. Jim and I? We're close...I mean closer than most siblings because we're the only family we have. What happens to him happens to me.
Capt Roz Lennox: <Cleo> ::nods::
X0 Aurora Hunter: ::walks into the wardroom and pulls out a chair from the table. She sits down, not even caring that she's not on duty. It's part of the job.::
Serene Control: ::She followed, stepping inside the room::
Capt Roz Lennox: ::sits as well:: have a seat, Miss O'Neill
Serene Control: ::nodded once, and sat::
Capt Roz Lennox: i'd like to know more about you before we give you an assignment
Serene Control: What would you like to know, ma'am?
Capt Roz Lennox: anything you're willing to tell us
Capt Roz Lennox: <Cleo> i understand
X0 Aurora Hunter: <JO> ::figits with the notebook::
Serene Control: Well... I was born and raised in East Lansing Michigan, went to a Catholic High School for girls, and graduated early. I decided to attend the University of Chicago, and earned a Bachelor's Degree in Linguistics. I graduated and
Serene Control: then joined the Navy. That's basically the Digest Version.
Capt Roz Lennox: ::nods, smiling, then glances at Aurora::
X0 Aurora Hunter: ::raises an eyebrow:: Linguistics?
X0 Aurora Hunter: ::glances at Roz:: must be something in the water::
Serene Control: ::She bit her lower lip slightly:: yes ma'am. Why?
Capt Roz Lennox: i was thinking the same thing
Capt Roz Lennox: <Cleo> i think i'll head to the mess, get something to eat.. you wanna come?
X0 Aurora Hunter: ::smiles and shakes her head:: Nothing. I take it you'd be interested in a communications position then?
X0 Aurora Hunter: <JO> um...sure. I'm not getting this thing written anytime soon anyway.
Capt Roz Lennox: <Cleo> ::nods:: we can talk a little more you know
Serene Control: If you're referring to my brother.. it wasn't planned, contrary to popular belief. I get that a lot...
Serene Control: Yes, of course, if there is one available.
X0 Aurora Hunter: <Jo> :;stands up:: that'd be great. ::clutches her notebook to her chest:: You know, I really didn't like leaving it the way we did.
Capt Roz Lennox: <Cleo> neither did i.. been trying to figure out a way to fix it since we left it
Capt Roz Lennox: we're in need of a communications officer, actually..
X0 Aurora Hunter: <JO> ::starts walking down towards the mess:: I know.
Capt Roz Lennox: <Cleo> ::follows Joey:: i'm glad you didn't tell me to buzz off or something
Serene Control: I would love to take on the position, if I may.
X0 Aurora Hunter: <JO> No, I save the hostility for family. Or soon to be family, anyway. ::rolls her eyes::
Capt Roz Lennox: <Cleo> ::raises an eyebrow but doesn't say anything::
X0 Aurora Hunter: ::looks at Roz and smiles::
Capt Roz Lennox: you're welcome to it, i think you'd do a fine job
X0 Aurora Hunter: <JO> ::groans:: long story.
Capt Roz Lennox: <Cleo> ah..
Serene Control: ::She smiled widely, glancing between the two senior officers:: Thank you very much. I promise I will do my best for the ship and her crew.
Capt Roz Lennox: we know you will
X0 Aurora Hunter: ::looks at Liz:: Welcome aboard, I have no doubt that you'll fit in here nicely.
X0 Aurora Hunter: ::smiles::
Capt Roz Lennox: ::smiles at Liz::
Serene Control: Thank you.
X0 Aurora Hunter: <JO> sorry. Anyway, no, you'll have to do a lot more than that to alienate me. ::walks down the hallway::
Capt Roz Lennox: <Cleo> oh good.. i'll remember that
Serene Control: When would you like me to start my first shift?
X0 Aurora Hunter: I'll go ahead and put you on rotation immediately.
X0 Aurora Hunter: <JO> Please do. ::pushes open the door to the mess hall::
Capt Roz Lennox: <Cleo> ::walks in and then holds the door for Joey::
X0 Aurora Hunter: <JO> Thank you.
Capt Roz Lennox: <Cleo> ::grins:: no problem
X0 Aurora Hunter: But I am curious about something. You mentioned your brother...had you applied for a position on seaQuest while he was comm officer?
X0 Aurora Hunter: <JO> ::walks over to the buffet and eyes the food with a sour face:: You of these days, they'll figure out that there are vegetarians on this boat.
Capt Roz Lennox: <Cleo> you're a vegetarian?
X0 Aurora Hunter: <JO> ::looks surprised:: Yeah, you didn't know? ::nods:: I've been one since I was a little girl. My mom was one as well.
X0 Aurora Hunter: <JO> She got me into it, and afterwards, I couldn't bear to switch diets.
Capt Roz Lennox: <Cleo> I must have missed that ::smiles:: wish i convince the food crew to give you something appetizing
Serene Control: Yes and no. I had only asked for a position on a submersible, but for some reason I was transferred to the SeaQuest. Believe me, it was a suprise, and I was under the impression family weren't allowed to serve side by side.
X0 Aurora Hunter: <JO> ::laughs:: That will be the day. ::takes a relatively safe looking vegetable plate::
Capt Roz Lennox: <Cleo> ::grabs another plate next to it:: you never know, maybe word will get around
X0 Aurora Hunter: ::nods:: There are exceptions to every rule. As a matter of fact, we have another sibling pair serving as bridge officers.
Serene Control: But it works out. We ignore each other for the most part.
X0 Aurora Hunter: ::nods again, unsure as to whether that is a good thing, or a bad thing::
X0 Aurora Hunter: Would you like me to make certain your schedules aren't aligned? Some people like to have time off together.
Serene Control: ::That was just Liz's lame attempt at a joke::
Capt Roz Lennox: ::smirks at the joke::
Serene Control: oh, no, it's fine. Tim and I get along very well actually. I'm just not typically keen on calling to attention the fact that we're related, just for the fact that we're both in Communications, and people find it humorous...
X0 Aurora Hunter: ::smiles:: I understand. Well, it will be sort of hard to keep it under wraps. ::smirks:: Word travels on this can pretty fast.
Capt Roz Lennox: very fast..
Serene Control: I gathered as much. ::she smiled::
X0 Aurora Hunter: ::laughs:: So, I'm sure I'll gather this from your record, but which cultures are your field of expertise? And why?
Serene Control: I've always been facinated by dead languages. Especially Latin. I know it may sound cliche for a linguist, but Latin is really the basis of most languages. Besides, the Ancients had a pretty interesting lifestyle and religion. The
Serene Control: stories of the various gods have always been my favorites.
X0 Aurora Hunter: ::nods, intrigued:: Greek and Roman mythology?
Capt Roz Lennox: <Cleo> ::looks for an empty space for them to sit::
Serene Control: Yes. As a child, I could never get enough of al; the tales of myths and legends. I mean-... they attempted to explain antural occurances as well as entertain.
Serene Control: all*
Serene Control: natural*
Serene Control: I always loved studying Greek and Roman culture.
X0 Aurora Hunter: ::nods:: And it's interesting to note the way their cultural traditions carried over into contemporary society. Especially when it comes to gender relations and levels of authority.
Capt Roz Lennox: ::smirks at Aurora:: i think we've found a good crewmember
 X0 Aurora Hunter: ::returns the smirk:: I think we have too.
Serene Control: ::She nodded:: oh, yes. And their science and technicalogical advances. Even their study of the stars- they were very much before their time. And all the philosophers that spanned out of that era... ::she trailed off, noting to
Serene Control: herslef that she was getting a bit too carried away::
Capt Roz Lennox: you're very passionate about it.. that's good
 Serene Control: Thank you Ma'am.
X0 Aurora Hunter: ::smiles:: Well, I think we'll have to continue this conversation, won't we? ::grins, glad she's found someone who shares her interests::
 Serene Control: Of course ::She smiled, nodding::
Capt Roz Lennox: should i leave you two to that conversation?
X0 Aurora Hunter: ::stands:: Actually, Begging your pardon, Captain, but I have a previous engagement I must attend to. ::smiles, knowing that the captain knows exactly what it is::
Capt Roz Lennox: ::stands as well and nods:: go right ahead, Commander
Serene Control: ::She followed suit, standing:: Thank you both, very much for your help.
 X0 Aurora Hunter: ::reaches out to shake her hand:: Welcome aboard, Liz. I'm glad you're here. And you know where to find my room, door's always open.
 Serene Control: ::She nodded once, giving her hand a firm shake::
End Log