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seaQuest: The Dawning
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Begin Log
X0 Aurora Hunter: ::Aurora wanders into the comm rec room, basically to escape the pile of work on her desk and the captain who will remind her to do it. She enters the room and walks over to the sofa, plopping herself down, a thick book in her hands
X0 Aurora Hunter: . She snags the vid-screen remote off the table and proceeds to channel surf::
Arina Frost: ::Arina looks up from the book in her hands Bourne Identity as the XO walks into the room. She shifts in her seat bringing her knees up to her chest and tucking a hair behind her ear.:: Ma'am
X0 Aurora Hunter: ::looks over and smiles, struggling to remember the GELF's name. Angela, Ari,...Arina!:: Hello, Arina. ::she motioned toward the book:: that's a good one. You read the series yet?
Arina Frost: ::puts the book down creasing the page as she closes it:: Yes, ma'am. It's one of my favorites. ::looks at the book in the XO's hands:: What book is that?
X0 Aurora Hunter: ::grins and holds up the book, Silmarillion.:: So, how are things going for you? I don't think I've seen you much since you came aboard. Is everything going as you'd planned?
Arina Frost: ::lets out a slight laugh:: things have been... ::pauses to think of the right word:: interesting. Not that I'm complaining, just... well, it's nothing like the clinic I worked for in Seattle.
Serene Control: ::Liz walked into the rec room, a bit timid and very nervous, this being her first day aboard, but she didn't let it show. She stepped over to two already in the room and awaited a lull in conversation to introduce herself, as to
Serene Control: not be rude an interrupt::
X0 Aurora Hunter: ::closes her book and sits up, looking at Arina, a concerned expression on her face:: Oh? How so? ::notices the addition and smiles::
Serene Control: ::Noteing the senior officer, she snapped to attention, her right arm coming up into a salute:: Elizabeth O'Neill, reporting for duty Ma'am... ::She hesitated awkwardly:: uh... I was told to find the Commander here.
Arina Frost: The work on Medbay is amazing. I'm learning so much from Dr. RuKiah. The part I'm having to get used to is the command. I... ::sighs not wanting to start a conflict:: just need to have people respect me as a LTJG. Not as a GELF.
X0 Aurora Hunter: ::Aurora sighs and salutes, inwardly grimacing that she came to rest and she's on duty. Well, Jonathan SAID it was a 24 hour job:: At ease, O'Neill. You've found me. ::smiles and looks over at Arina, motioning that they would contin
X0 Aurora Hunter: ue their convo in a second::
Arina Frost: ::nods at the XO and smiles at Liz before picking her book up and pretending to read::
X0 Aurora Hunter: ::looks up at Liz:: What can I do for you? ::smiles::
Serene Control: Yes Ma'am ::She forced a small, sheepish smile and relaxed her posture and salute:: Very sorry to interrupt, I just came aboard and was told to find you. ::She stopped herself, not wanting to ramble on nervously:: First day, you
Serene Control: know... sort of at a lost as to occupy my time.
X0 Aurora Hunter: ::sets her book down on the table:: Well, welcome aboard. ::gestures around:: This, obviously, is the rec room. Pretty quiet during midshift hours, but you can generally get some tv time and coffee in. Have you gotten to take a tour
X0 Aurora Hunter: of the boat yet?
Serene Control: Oh, yes Ma'am. ::She nodded:: Very nice. Impressive.
X0 Aurora Hunter: ::gestures to the seat across from her:: Well, if you've got a few moments before your first watch, have a seat. I'd like you to meet Lieutenant Arina Frost.
Serene Control: ::Liz smiled and obliged, taking the seat. She turned toward Arina and nodded once, respectfully:: Lieutenant.
Arina Frost: ::closes the book and stands up straightening her clothes and extending a hand:: nice to meet you, and welcome aboard.
 Serene Control: THank you very much, it;s a pleasure to be here. ::She stood again, shaking her hand firmly:: I;ve heard many wonderful things about the SeaQuest and her crew, so it's an honor.
TiggerDJ2: ::pages the XO on his PAL:: Commader? It's Lucas...<qu>
X0 Aurora Hunter: ::sighs and picks up her PAL:: Yes, Mr. Wolenczak?
TiggerDJ2: I'd like to speak with you, err...privately. If that's ok?
X0 Aurora Hunter: ::into PAL:: Yes, of course. Can you meet me in my office?
TiggerDJ2: Sure. Uh, is umm..Lazarus around?
Arina Frost: ::sits back down and picks up her book:: So, Liz was it? You said you've taken a tour right? Have you had a chance to speak with Darwin?
TiggerDJ2: ::starts heading to her office, looking over his shoulder the whole way::
TiggerDJ2: ::knocks:: Commander?
TiggerDJ2: ::decides to wait, sits against the door::
X0 Aurora Hunter: ::PAL:: no, the Commander is in Engineering, I'm assuming. I'll meet you in my office momentarily. ::puts the PAL down and sighs, knowing that the civil war has just begun:: Excuse me, O'Niell...Arina. I'll see you as soon as I can.
X0 Aurora Hunter: ::leaves the room and begins walking down the hallway toward her office, rounding the corner and seeing Lucas on the floor:: Mr. Wolenczak?
TiggerDJ2: ::gets up:: Ma'am. Hi, sorry...I got tired of standing.
Arina Frost: ::watches the new girl::
Serene Control: ::She sat and smiled widely, adding a little laugh to the mention of Darwin:: Oh yes! Very curious, a talking dolphin, but we had a nice conversation. I don't think I've ever met a more talkative cetacean before... then again, I
Serene Control: think it's safe to say that's the first dolphin I've met capable of speech
Arina Frost: ::laughs at the comment:: he is quite amazing
X0 Aurora Hunter: ::opens her office door:: Come on in. ::motions him inside and drops her book on her desk::
 TiggerDJ2: ::enter, still looking around cautiously::
 Serene Control has left the room.
X0 Aurora Hunter: ::shuts the door and eyes Lucas carefully:: I can't help but notice you're on the lookout for something. An attack from a certain engineer or something? ::sits at her desk::
TiggerDJ2: You could say that, Commander.
Arina Frost: ::Arina opened her book and coniued to read::
X0 Aurora Hunter: Well, why don't you tell me what's on your mind, Lucas?
TiggerDJ2: :;sighs:: Look, I don't want to get a reputation as a tattletake...But I feel that I should talk about what's bothering me.
TiggerDJ2: Is that ok?
X0 Aurora Hunter: ::nods:: Of course, Lucas. Anything.
TiggerDJ2: Well, I'm sure you were aware that I was playing my music a bit loud the other day.
TiggerDJ2: And I'm sorry. I apologize for any inconvenince.
TiggerDJ2: But I was...err...physically accosted by the Lieutenant on that day and I don't quite feel it was necessary.
X0 Aurora Hunter: ::crosses her arms over her chest and listens intently:: Yes, Several complaints were filed regarding the whole situation. But Physically accosted?
TiggerDJ2: Uh, yes ma'am. ::pulls out a balled up shirt, and unfolds it in front of her, it is ripped around the collar::
TiggerDJ2: She grabbed me and threw me out of my quarters.
X0 Aurora Hunter: ::takes the shirt in her hands and reviews it carefully:: I see. ::she sighs:: How about yourself, Lucas? Were you hurt? Physically, I mean, obviously you're angry.
TiggerDJ2: Just a few bruises.
TiggerDJ2: She also...said....something that, well....really bothered me.'
X0 Aurora Hunter: ::raises an eyebrow:: and that was?
TiggerDJ2: I was told to stop being a whiny brat and earn my keep here.
X0 Aurora Hunter: <JO> ::walks into the rec room and heads straight for the coffeepot, obviously something on her mind. She doesn't even notice Arina on the couch::
TiggerDJ2: ::sighs, pain twisting in his face:: Am I really....useless, Commander?
X0 Aurora Hunter: ::shock etches her face:: can you even ask that? Of course not. ::takes a breath and lets it out slowly:: look, I don't know what really went on down there. I've got 7 different reports on my desk, and none of them match
X0 Aurora Hunter: es the others. But her assaulting you, as I'm sure you're aware, is completely unacceptable, regardless of her personal feelings.
TiggerDJ2: I had to get out, before I did anything...dumb. Natalie let me stay with her. This is why I haven't been in here sooner.
TiggerDJ2: I...didn't feel it was right. She also told me not to mess with her, because she's Irish. I mean, so's Tim! So are the Bridgers! Big deal!
Arina Frost: ::looks up at the sound of liquid being poured and stands up pointing at Joey:: GOONIE!!!
X0 Aurora Hunter: <JO> ::jumps and spills coffee on the counter:: Oh JesusFrickingHChrist Arina! ::grabs a paper towel and cleans up her mess. then she sighs and brings the mug over to the sofa and pours in sugar and creamer:: What's up?
TiggerDJ2: Commander, as much as i hate admitting to getting beaten up by a girl, I just felt that it needed to be brought to someone's attention.
X0 Aurora Hunter: ::nods her head:: I'll make arrangements to speak with her about this. You had every right to come to me, that's what I'm here for. And I'm glad you told me, because this is the first I'd heard of the physical aspect. ::sighs::
X0 Aurora Hunter: However, while her actions were completely unwarrented, she did have some provocation, correct? Something about your stereo being so loud that MEDBAY complained?
TiggerDJ2: Ok, you're not going to believe this...but i was testing the levels on the subwoofers, because I was going to install them in the we could hear Darwin better.
TiggerDJ2: While i know it's not the best excuse, it's all I've got. And I am very, very sorry. It wont happen agian.
Arina Frost: ::sits back down and holds up her book:: Just enjoying a good book, but I'm up for a better distraction. Any ideas? ::grins from ear to ear::
X0 Aurora Hunter: ::sits back in her chair, not sure if she buys his excuse or not. After all, she DID have a brother, and she HAS heard every excuse in the book:: Alright, lets suppose that's all you were doing. Maybe, since your sound work with Dar
X0 Aurora Hunter: win is so extensive, we should consider moving you to another room. Perhaps soundproofing a storage room near C Deck, and converting it to quarters.
X0 Aurora Hunter: What do you think?
X0 Aurora Hunter: <JO> ::groans:: homicide? Good enough distraction for you?
Arina Frost: ::looks intrigued:: Depends...who'd you have in mind?
X0 Aurora Hunter: <JO> Who do you think? Jim, of course. He's really had a stick up his ass this past week.
Arina Frost: More so than usual? No offense.
X0 Aurora Hunter: <JO>None taken. And yes, more so than usual. ::sighs:: I don't know, it all started when this chick Cleo started asking all these questions.
Arina Frost: So are you sure the homicide should be towards Jim? Or towards this "Cleo chick"? Or should we get two birds with one stone? We'll get Darwin to help us. "Freak accident in moon pool".
TiggerDJ2: I guess. I'd hate leave my little hole, but uhh I gues so.
X0 Aurora Hunter: <JO> Yes, i'm sure. Cleo's a little off center, but I think she's harmless. She was raging on about how Jim knows about her past, whatever that means. But since then, he's been all odd. I heard him yelling at his sec team the other
X0 Aurora Hunter: day, and THEN he had the nerve to go off on ME because I left a coffee mug on his desk, and he knocked it over onto some paper.
Arina Frost: ::sighs:: what could be so... different from her past that it would make a difference?
 X0 Aurora Hunter: <JO>Hell if I know, but she's got Jim all in a knot. ::groans:: And now I know why you aren't supposed to serve with siblings. He really raged. And then he threw me out of his quarters! Can you imagine that?
 X0 Aurora Hunter: ::Aurora watches Lucas leave and sets her head down on her desk::
 Capt Roz Lennox: ::knocks on the door to the XO's office, letting out a light sigh::
X0 Aurora Hunter: ::groans inwardly:: come in!
Capt Roz Lennox: ::opens and steps in:: apparently things aren't going well?
 X0 Aurora Hunter: ::sighs:: Captain! ::salutes::
Capt Roz Lennox: at ease, Commander.. ::still uncomfortable with that::
X0 Aurora Hunter: Thanks. ::groans:: Were you aware that commander Lazarus assaulted Lucas Wolenczak?
Capt Roz Lennox: ...No I wasn't
Capt Roz Lennox: Was there any cause for it?
X0 Aurora Hunter: ::tosses her the tshirt Lucas brought her with the tear on the collar:: Apparently, she picked him up and threw him, quite literally, into the hallway. Left bruises too, Lucas says.
Capt Roz Lennox: ::lets out an aggravated sigh:: I thought we were all going to tolerate each other
X0 Aurora Hunter: Well, the story that I get from most is that Lucas had his stereo up too loud, and Laz had enough of it. Lucas says he was only testing the subwoofers before installing them into the moonpool for Darwin's program.
Capt Roz Lennox: <Cleo> ::in med bay, filling out some unfinished paperwork, basically helping Sach out::
X0 Aurora Hunter: Take that for what it's worth.
Capt Roz Lennox: ::shakes her head:: wonderful.. and when was this?
X0 Aurora Hunter: A few days ago.
Capt Roz Lennox: i suppose we'll have to deal with this somehow..
X0 Aurora Hunter: Evidently, he's really shaken up about it. He left and stayed with Natalie, and he came in here like a beaten cat, looking over his shoulder.
Capt Roz Lennox: can't let it go unnoticed
X0 Aurora Hunter: I went ahead and told him that I'd arrange for him to change quarters. I intend to soundproof Storage Room 3 on C Deck and let him move in there. It's not the first time I've had complaints that his stereo is too loud.
Capt Roz Lennox: ::nods lightly::
X0 Aurora Hunter: But I don't know how to approach the civil war he and Laz have started. Both Computer Science and Engineering are at odds now.
Capt Roz Lennox: Laz is a good worker, but there really isn't much of an excuse for blowing up at someone like that..
X0 Aurora Hunter: I agree. Though I don't believe Lucas is blameless, there isn't an excuse for physically assaulting anyone. And she said some unkind things too...and threatened him.
Capt Roz Lennox: ::nods again::
Capt Roz Lennox: <Cleo> ::escapes medbay when she's done her work, ready to have some time to herself::
Capt Roz Lennox: we really don't need this from them.. i hope we can find a better way to remedy this
X0 Aurora Hunter: You know, I really don't know what went on down there. I haven't had a chance to talk to Lazarus. But whatever DID happen, the kid's genuinely spooked. What should we do about it?
Capt Roz Lennox: We'll have to talk to Lazarus about it first
Capt Roz Lennox: then assess the situation accordingly
X0 Aurora Hunter: ::nods::
Capt Roz Lennox: until then, there's not much we can do
X0 Aurora Hunter: For now, I think it's best that we move Lucas. Give them some more breathing room. And we have to make sure this door isn't sealable. ::grimaces:: she locked him out, too.
Capt Roz Lennox: lovely
Capt Roz Lennox: <cleo> ::goes straight into her quarters::
X0 Aurora Hunter: Maybe Commander Ford should speak to him? After all, he's closer to Lucas than anyone here. And you and I can talk to Lazarus.
Capt Roz Lennox: That sounds like a very good idea
X0 Aurora Hunter: ::nods::
Capt Roz Lennox: other than that, how are things?
X0 Aurora Hunter: ::sighs:: All's well, I suppose. Met a new crewmember today. Liz O'Neill.
Capt Roz Lennox: Another one? Crewmembers are crawling out of the woodwork
X0 Aurora Hunter: Well, we do have over 200.
Capt Roz Lennox: True..
Capt Roz Lennox: i just mostly came to check on things..
X0 Aurora Hunter: The Personnel reviews are completed, I've forwarded them to your computer. The weapons bay is to be reloaded and our missiles rotated in 8 weeks at Soron. ::ticks off the list::
Capt Roz Lennox: Thank you.. ::impressed::
X0 Aurora Hunter: ::shrugs:: just doing my job. How are things holding up on your end?
X0 Aurora Hunter: Perhaps on a less professional level.
Capt Roz Lennox: Just fine..
Capt Roz Lennox: well then... ::smiles lightly:: haven't much more to say, or check up on.. i suppose i can track down Lazarus soon
 X0 Aurora Hunter: ::sighs and leans back:: Captain, permission to speak freely?
Capt Roz Lennox: ::nods:: go ahead
X0 Aurora Hunter: I...I was wondering if everything was really alright with you. When we left port, you seemed a little...out of sorts.
Capt Roz Lennox: ::blinks a few times:: Oh... umm.. everything was fine.. nothing to worry about
X0 Aurora Hunter: ::stares at her for a moment, concerned:: Roz, we've served together for years. I respect your right to privacy, and your seniority, but if something WERE to happen, you would speak to me, right?
Capt Roz Lennox: of course i would, Aurora! if there was anything at all, you'd be the first to know.. well besides myself
X0 Aurora Hunter: ::nods and then allows herself to smile weakly:: good. I'm...I was just worried about you. But if everything's fine, then I'm sorry I brought it up.
Capt Roz Lennox: it's okay.. i did sort of... ::makes a face:: it's natural that you'd be worried
X0 Aurora Hunter: ::smirks:: part of the job of XO you know. Have to watch out for my captain. Speaking of, Commander Ford seems to be adjusting well to his new position.
Capt Roz Lennox: great, i'm actually happy to have him aboard.. it'll be good to have another one that knows his way around
X0 Aurora Hunter: ::nods:: And nice to have another male on board as well. According to most of the male crew members, the estrogen quotient was getting a little high. ::chuckles::
Capt Roz Lennox: ::laughs:: they could have handled it
X0 Aurora Hunter: Oh I'm sure! ::laughs::
Capt Roz Lennox: <Cleo> ::puts on some music in her room and just relaxes, la la::
End Log