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seaQuest: The Dawning
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Sacha RuKiah:      :Sach is off duty, in one of the empty training rooms.
She's on the floor with one leg extended straight out infront of her and the
other extended directly behind, dressed in long sage-grey cotton pants and a
black tank top>
Capt Roz Lennox:      ::Roz is on the bridge, drumming her fingers on her chair
as she looks over at a couple of people doing their work::
Arina Frost:      TP: ::Tony's in the MoonPool with Darwin::
Sacha RuKiah:      :Ortiz is up on the bridge on shift, keeping track of the
Capt Roz Lennox:      <Cleo> ::in medbay, listening as one of the other members
gives her a few pointers::
X0 Aurora Hunter:      ::Aurora straightens her uniform collar and walks onto the
bridge for her shift.::
LucasW2022:      ::waits by the launch bay::
Sacha RuKiah:      :Sach comes out of the stretch and kneels on the floor a
second before getting up and collecting her things. She picks up a
long-sleeved top, which appears to be the top half of the uniform she's
holding, and walks out>
Capt Roz Lennox:      ::goes over to Aurora:: about the request you forwarded to
me, when are we scheduled for the realignment?
Arina Frost:      ::walking around the ship looking for something to do.::
Sacha RuKiah:      :Sach comes across Arina on her way back to medbay and
nods, smiling>
LucasW2022:      :shuttle to bridge> This is shuttle Tiberion requesting
permission to board seaQuest.
X0 Aurora Hunter:      ::grabs her clipboard off the side of her console:: We're
scheduled to dock with Soron this afternoon.
Capt Roz Lennox:      good
Sacha RuKiah:      :Ortiz puts his hand to the earpiece and looks up> Captain,
shuttle Tiberion requests permission to board.
Capt Roz Lennox:      give them permission, Ortiz.. they're expected
Arina Frost:      ::stops by Sacha:: Ma'am, I was wondering if you need me to do
anything in Medbay.
Sacha RuKiah:      :Ortiz opens the comms channel> this is seaQuest to shuttle
Tiberion, you have permission to board.
X0 Aurora Hunter:      ::raises an eyebrow at the Captain:: visitors?
LucasW2022:      :Shuttle Tiberion> Acknowledged, seaQuest. Thank you! See you
Capt Roz Lennox:      ::nods:: i told you the other day that Lucas requested to
have a visitor aboard
X0 Aurora Hunter:      <JO> ::in her quarters, sitting at the desk::
X0 Aurora Hunter:      ::nods:: I see.
Sacha RuKiah:      :Sacha absently rubs the back of her hand against her
forehead and smiles> You can call me Sacha, or Dr Ru-Kiah, by the
way...aaaand....well, I don't know if there's anything pressing that needs
Sacha RuKiah:      :Ortiz flicks a switch and sends one of the probes to
monitor the boarding>
LucasW2022:      ::is practically tearing out his hair, waiting::
LucasW2022:      :shuttle> ::docks, the hatch opening::
LucasW2022:      ::goes to the open hatch::
Arina Frost:      Thank you Ma... I mean Sacha
Sacha RuKiah:      :Ortiz reports> Tiberion has docked.
Capt Roz Lennox:      thank you Ortiz
Sacha RuKiah:      :Sach grins> how're you finding it, working in medbay?
:gestures that Arina should follow her, if she likes>
LucasW2022:      :Natalie> Hey Lucas!
LucasW2022:      ::rushes over:: Hey! ::sweeps her up in a big hug::
Arina Frost:      TP: ::swims through the aquatubes spotting a blonde in her
Arina Frost:      ::follows Sacha:: things are good, I'm still getting used to
the differences between here and Seattle.
LucasW2022:      :Natalie> :: hauls her bag out of the docking bay and into
the ship:: Man, that was a long trip...
Sacha RuKiah:      :Sach nods> I'm still getting used to the differences
between here and cook county's ER in chicago. it is really
different...closer, more confined. :folds the uniform top she's holding>
X0 Aurora Hunter:      <JO> ::sighs and stands up, throwing down the pencil::
Forget this. ::stands up and walks into the hall, heading for C Deck::
X0 Aurora Hunter:      ::Aurora sits down at her chair:: Helm, ETA to Soron?
X0 Aurora Hunter:      <Helmswoman> One hour, 17 minutes, ma'am.
X0 Aurora Hunter:      Thank you. ::nods to the captain:: We'll be there shortly.
We should prepare the teams.
Capt Roz Lennox:      alright
Sacha RuKiah:      :Ortiz looks up briefly, curious>
LucasW2022:      Yea...well I'm glad you could make it.
LucasW2022:      ::gives her a quick kiss:: I want you to meet Captain Lennox.
She's great. And Commander Hunter...oh! And Dr Ru-Kiah....
LucasW2022:      :N> ::giggles:: Is there anyone here I'm not going to be
LucasW2022:      ::Shakes his head:: Probably not. I want to show you
LucasW2022:      <N> Goofball...::swats at him::
LucasW2022:      ::shows her to the guest quarters::
Sacha RuKiah:      :Sach excuses herself, ducks away and reemerges dressed
fully again, lab coat, stethoscope and all, bearing files of work> Anyway,
where's cleo gotten herself to?
Arina Frost:      Yes, that and the random events. In Seattle, we had a rythym
mixed in with accidents. I knew all the people in my ward, now... Well, now
I'm lucky if I know at least 20 people who are on this ship.
Capt Roz Lennox:      <Cleo> ::pops up near Sach:: you rang, Doc?
Sacha RuKiah:      :Sach grins> sort of. just wondering where you'd
disappeared to. are those immunoassays running?
Capt Roz Lennox:      <Cleo> yep!
Sacha RuKiah:      :Sach> Terrific. thank you.
X0 Aurora Hunter:      <JO> ::enters C Deck and walks up onto the walkway, taking
her usual place in the center and sitting down, one leg hanging over the
side. She sighs, thinking.::
Capt Roz Lennox:      i'd like to have LtC Brody head one of the teams
X0 Aurora Hunter:      ::nods:: Yes, captain. I reccommend he head the
installation team.
Capt Roz Lennox:      ::nods:: right.. and for the other team? any suggestions?
Arina Frost:      TP: ::follows Darwin back to C Deck surfacing with a splash::
Sacha RuKiah:      :Sach makes her way to the nurses station and makes some
notes on the board, checking the charts in her hands as she does, muttering>
strep throat in four, hand laceration in two, headache and nausea in six.
Arina Frost:      Ma'am if you don't need me, I'm going to go find a crew member.
Sacha RuKiah:      Sach nods> sure, Arina. not a problem.
Sacha RuKiah:      Sach> and it's "Sach"
Arina Frost:      ::nods and smiles:: Thank you Sach. ::turns and walks out and
down the hall towards the Mess::
Sacha RuKiah:      :Ortiz makes an adjustment, sends Loner in for a look, zips
out again...>
X0 Aurora Hunter:      <JO> ::jumps at the splash:: Hey! ::looks down and mock
glares:: making an entrance?
X0 Aurora Hunter:      I reccommend Lieutenant Hill from Tactical Operations.
Capt Roz Lennox:      good.. that's who i was thinking.. alright..
Arina Frost:      Entrance? No, just playing follow the leader with a fish.
LucasW2022:      :N> ::dumps her bag on the bed:: Well. What's next?
X0 Aurora Hunter:      <JO> ::laughs:: You have GOT to be Tony Piccolo.
X0 Aurora Hunter:      Fantastic. I'll notify LtC Brody and Lt Hill that they
should get their teams in place.
Capt Roz Lennox:      thank you, Commander
LucasW2022:      ::kisses her softly;: Well....
Sacha RuKiah:      Dr Ru-Kiah goes to visit the strep, lac and sickie on her
Arina Frost:      TP: that would be me, but WHO are you? Besides pretty.
LucasW2022:      :N> Ohhh no you don't. ::steps out of his way:: I didn't come
all this way just to spend it all in here. ::swats, giggling::
X0 Aurora Hunter:      ::grips her PAL:: Commander Hunter to Lt. Hill and Lt. CDR
Brody. Meet me in the wardroom for a meeting immediatly.
X0 Aurora Hunter:      <JIM> ::PAL:: Aye, Commander.
Sacha RuKiah:      :Ortiz squeezes the bridge of his nose briefly>[need some
X0 Aurora Hunter:      <JO> ::rolls her eyes:: Yep. You're Piccolo. ::extends a
hand to the water:: Joceanna Brody. nice to meet you.
X0 Aurora Hunter:      ::eyes Ortiz:: Hanging in there, Ortiz?
Capt Roz Lennox:      <Hill> ::pal:: yes, commander
Sacha RuKiah:      :Ortiz looks up quickly> uh, yes Commander.
LucasW2022:      ::pouts, slightly:: Ok. Well, lets go see the Captain then.
LucasW2022:      :N> Okay. Lead the way.
LucasW2022:      :PAL> Wolenczak to Captain Lennox.
Capt Roz Lennox:      ::grabs her PAL:: yes, Lucas?
LucasW2022:      :PAL> I've got someone here I'd like you to meet.
Capt Roz Lennox:      <Pal> ::smirks:; alright..
Arina Frost:      TP: ::extends his hand taking Joceannas:: It's a pleasure to
meet you. ::jumps over the ledge of the pool and grabs a towel drying his
face:: i didn't disrupt you did i?
LucasW2022:      :PAL> Where can I find you?
Capt Roz Lennox:      <Pal> the bridge
Sacha RuKiah:      :Ortiz looks back to his screens, trying to keep focused>
LucasW2022:      :PAL> On my way.
LucasW2022:      Come on, she's on the bridge.
LucasW2022:      <N> ::rolls eyes:: I'm not deaf.
Capt Roz Lennox:      <Pal> Captain out. ::puts her pal back::
X0 Aurora Hunter:      ::downloads the latest files from Soron to her PDA:: Soron
reports that we are on schedule.
X0 Aurora Hunter:      <JIM> ::leaves his room and heads down to the wardroom,
straightening his uniform as he walks::
Capt Roz Lennox:      <hill> ::makes his way to the wardroom quickly::
Capt Roz Lennox:      wonderful
Sacha RuKiah:      :Sach is sorting through the files of the security team,
some of whom still have not had their scheduled physicals> done, done, done,
not yet, done, chickened out, done...
X0 Aurora Hunter:      <JO> ::shakes her head:: No, not at all. ::shrugs:: Just
escaping, that's all.
LucasW2022:      ::guides Nat to the Bridge::
Sacha RuKiah:      :Sach comes across a misfiled file: M. Ortiz, and pauses a
moment, looking just a little strange sitting there at the nurses station
with a slightly stupid smile on her face>
Capt Roz Lennox:      <Cleo> ::sees Sach:: you okay?
LucasW2022:      :N> Exactly the way I remember it..
Capt Roz Lennox:      ::lets out a long breath, glancing about the bridge::
Sacha RuKiah:      :Sach jumps and turns to face cleo> huh?
Capt Roz Lennox:      <Cleo> you look like you just.. i dunno.. you're grinning
like a maniac
Arina Frost:      TP: I understand, infact, that's a major reason you will find
me here. I mean besides the fact that I have these. ::turns to show his
Sacha RuKiah:      :Sach puts down the file and appears engrossed, searching
for a pen, although she has three in her breast pocket> no I wasn't.
Capt Roz Lennox:      <Cleo> riiiight..
X0 Aurora Hunter:      ::turns around at the new voice on the bridge::
Sacha RuKiah:      :Sach turns slightly to hide the rising colour she can feel
in her cheeks>
Capt Roz Lennox:      <Cleo> ::snickers::
Sacha RuKiah:      :Sach> what are you laughing at?
Capt Roz Lennox:      <Cleo> nothing, doc!
Sacha RuKiah:      :Sach counters> Riiiight.
Capt Roz Lennox:      <cleo> ::laughs::
Sacha RuKiah:      Sach finally allows herself to grin>
Capt Roz Lennox:      ::looks over to where Aurora's glancing::
X0 Aurora Hunter:      <JO> ::motions to her side:: Ah, I see. ::smiles:: We
match then.
LucasW2022:      Um, Cap? This is Natalie uh, girlfriend.
Sacha RuKiah:      Ortiz quirks one eyebrow slightly>
Capt Roz Lennox:      Hello, Natalie.. it's nice to meet you
LucasW2022:      :N> ::extends a hand:: Nice to meet you too.
Capt Roz Lennox:      ::shakes her hand lightly::
Arina Frost:      TP: You mean you... you... you have gills? ::he asked tripping
over his tounge trying not to looked shocked::
X0 Aurora Hunter:      ::raises an eyebrow and clears her throat:: Er, captain?
I'm heading to the wardroom.
Capt Roz Lennox:      alright, Commander
LucasW2022:      Oh! Commander Hunter....this is Natalie.
X0 Aurora Hunter:      <JO> ::smirks:: Yes, I do, as a matter of fact. Wanna see?
X0 Aurora Hunter:      ::extends her hand:: Nice to meet you, Natalie. Welcome
LucasW2022:      :N> Thanks. Things look great around here.
LucasW2022:      :N> ::shakes her XO's hand lightly::
Arina Frost:      TP: ::gasps:: I um... ::steps back blushing:: well, i showed
you mine ::grins slightly::
X0 Aurora Hunter:      <JO> ::enjoys that she's knocked him off his game. She
decides to play it a bit and unzips her uniform:: Well, if that's the case...
::reveals a VERY modest seaQuest T Shirt::
X0 Aurora Hunter:      ::nods:: Well, we certainly try. If you'll excuse
me..::nods to them all and strides off the bridge::
Capt Roz Lennox:      will you be giving Natalie a detailed tour, Lucas?
X0 Aurora Hunter:      <JIM> ::opens the wardroom door and steps in. he pulls out
a chair near the head of the table and sits down, twiddling his thumbs and
Capt Roz Lennox:      <hill> ::follows Jim inside the wardroom, glancing around::
LucasW2022:      Uh, yes! Sure. Do you want a tour, Nat?
LucasW2022:      :N> Uh...actually. I kind of wanted to visit Darwin.
LucasW2022:      Oh. Oh...sure. Let's go.
Arina Frost:      TP: ::uses his towel to dry his face off again:: Wanna go for a
swim then?
X0 Aurora Hunter:      <JIM> ::raises an eyebrow and nods at Hill::
Capt Roz Lennox:      <Hill> ::nods back::
X0 Aurora Hunter:      <JO> ::shrugs:: Sure, why not. ::glances towards the
locker rooms:: I should probably change, huh? ::grins evilly at Tony::
X0 Aurora Hunter:      ::steps into the wardroom and breaths a sigh of relief
when she sees the other two members. She shuts the door behind her and drops
the clipboard on the table.::Afternoon, officers. ::smiles::
X0 Aurora Hunter:      <JIM> ::nods:: Commander.
LucasW2022:      ::heads toward the Mag-Lev:: So...anything else you wanted to do
while you were here?
LucasW2022:      :N> ::sighs: Nope, not really.
LucasW2022:      What's wrong?
Arina Frost:      TP: Only if you want... I mean, that T Shirt is white
LucasW2022:      :N> Nothing. I don't need a tour, you know that.
LucasW2022:      I know...I'm sorry. I forgot. ::give her a light kiss on the
X0 Aurora Hunter:      <JO>::rolls her eyes:: Excuse me. ::stands up and walks
into the locker room, where she  locates a wetsuit::
Capt Roz Lennox:      <Hill> ::nods to Aurora:: Commander..
X0 Aurora Hunter:      Ok, well, I'm sure you know why you are here. You are
heading up the security and installation teams of the Tactical Weapons
Rotation. Now, we are due at Soron in 40 minutes. I've prepared a list of
duties. Commander Brody, you are
X0 Aurora Hunter:      in charge of the installation. Lt. Hill, you will be
monitoring the transfer and removal of our current tacs.
X0 Aurora Hunter:      ::passes a small chip with duties checklist to them both::
X0 Aurora Hunter:      <JIM> Understood, Commander.
Capt Roz Lennox:      <Hill> yes, Commander
X0 Aurora Hunter:      <JO> ::emerges from the locker room in full wetsuit with
the gill cutouts::
Arina Frost: TP: have you swam with Darwin yet? I mean, not just in the
pool, the ship is big, lots of spaces to see, people to spy, i mean watch, i
mean... ::ticks himself for his comment::
X0 Aurora Hunter:      <JO> ::puts one leg over the railing:: Actually, yes, I
have. ::smiles:: He's got a wicked sense of humor that one. ::slips into the