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seaQuest: The Dawning
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X0 Aurora Hunter: ::Joey spun around in the officer's lounge and grabbed a spoon off of the counter. Quickly, she stirs the creamy sauce on the stove to keep it from boiling over::
X0 Aurora Hunter: ::She dances to the tune blasting through the stereo on the counter::
X0 Aurora Hunter: ::Still swinging her hips, she reaches over to peek inside the pot of boiling water, watching the tortellini boil::
Sacha RuKiah: ::Sach working down in medbay, catches another bottle of solution as it shuffles off the counter from the music reverberating off the hull::
Sacha RuKiah: ::Miguel, off duty, curiously pokes his head into the officers lounge and grins in amusement at the sight:: Joey?
Arina Frost: ::sits at a screen in medbay counting the last 5 minutes of her shift::
Sacha RuKiah: ::Sach glances at Arina as she fills the pipette:: Lt Frost?
Arina Frost: ::Tony, in his quarters feelinig the walls vibrate gets up and follows it to the source::
Arina Frost: ::looks up from the screen her neck muscle stiff from staying in the same potion:: Yes, Sacha?
Sacha RuKiah: Sach grins> why don't you just head off early?
Arina Frost: ::jumps up knocking a pencil holder over:: really? ::bends over and picks up the mess::
Sacha RuKiah: ::Ortiz grins as tony comes down the hallway:: hey Tony.
Sacha RuKiah: Sach nods> go ahead.
X0 Aurora Hunter: <JIM> ::slams his book shut, glancing at his watch:: OOh, almost time. ::he swings his legs off of the bed and stands up, stepping into the hall. Down the way, he can just barely hear the music, and he rolls his eyes::
X0 Aurora Hunter: <JOEY> ::pulls open a drawer and knocks it shut again with her hip, pausing momentarily to sing into her spoon:: Pour some sugar on meeeeee ::Head bangs to the Aerosmith::
X0 Aurora Hunter: ::walking down the hallway, she sees Jim and smiles:: Hey, Brody.
X0 Aurora Hunter: <JIM> ::smiles:: Commander. You're coming to dinner tonight, right?
X0 Aurora Hunter: ::nods: wouldn't miss it.
Arina Frost: thanks Sacha ::places the pencils back on the besk and walks out of medbay and starts running as soon as she hits the hall. she rounds a courner smacks into Tony and Miguel:: sorry about that ::pauses:: Aeresmith, a classic
Sacha RuKiah: Miguel: oof...yeah...definitely.
Sacha RuKiah: <Nick pokes his head around the door and sees Sach still working> What are you still doing here?
Arina Frost: TP: ::catches his balance and looks at Arina:: next time you might want to us the breaks
Sacha RuKiah: Sach turns and looks at him: antibody titres...<Nick folds his arms> your shift's over. <Sach> they need doing. <Nick> And the dinner Brody's making for you? <Sach> I wasn't sure if I should go...<Nick> Why not?
Sacha RuKiah: <Sach> I don't know them very well...<Nick, walking over and pulling her off the stool, putting down her pipette filler> that's the whole point of going.
X0 Aurora Hunter: <JO>::begins pulling plates out of the cupboard, unsure of how many people will actually show up::
X0 Aurora Hunter: <JIM> ::nods at Aurora, who continues running her errands so she can make dinner on time::
X0 Aurora Hunter: <JIM> ::heads down the hallway towards the officer's mess, trying not to let the beat of the music effect his wouldn't be right...::
Arina Frost: TP: LT. Brody, you joining the feast?
Arina Frost: BB: yes, father things are going well. <Nathan> the new captain, how's she treating my ship? <BB> just like i told you last time we talked, perfectly well. now, if you don't mind, joey is cooking a group of us dinner
Arina Frost: and i don't want to be late. <nathan>
Arina Frost: fine fine, just keep in touch.
Arina Frost: BB: ::cuts the transmition and leaves his quarters wondering where Lucas is.::
X0 Aurora Hunter: <JIM> ::smiles at Tony, the music putting him in a good mood:: Yes, I am. And you all better hurry up, or I'm going to get it all. ::grins and nods at Sach:: You're coming, right doc?
Sacha RuKiah: <Sach, moving uncertainly down the corridor, smiles shyly at Jim> I um....<glances around at them> ..I wouldn't miss it for all the Taq enzyme on seaQuest.
Sacha RuKiah: <Ortiz can't help but grin> [yes!]
X0 Aurora Hunter: <JIM> ::raises an eyebrow:: I take it that's a yes then. ::smiles:: Good, I'm glad you're coming and I know that Jo will be too. ::nods:: See you all there.
Sacha RuKiah: Sach: see you later.
X0 Aurora Hunter: <JO> ::dances, setting the table as the music switches to "Walk this way"::
X0 Aurora Hunter: <JO> ::pulls the tri-color pasta off of the burner and pours it into the strainer in the sink::
Sacha RuKiah: Sach excuses herself to go clean up, etc. Ortiz watches her leave quietly, little grin on his face>
Arina Frost: BB ::works his way through the halls started to see a rather large group of people standing around doing nothing:: Arina! ::he said a smile forming to his face from ear to ear:: my father was just asking about you.
Arina Frost: really? how is he doing? enjoying his second retirement?
Arina Frost: BB: yes he is, wishes i was home with him, and Brennan would like some help on the ranch ::turns towards the others:: Miguel it's good to see you.
Sacha RuKiah: Miguel grins> Hey good to see you too man.
X0 Aurora Hunter: <JIM>::steps in the doorway and covers his mouth with his hand to keep from laughing as Joey dances with the pasta before setting it down on the table::
X0 Aurora Hunter: <JO> ::looks up and notices him. She glares and puts her hands on her hips in mock anger:: Well, are you going to stand there, or help me?
X0 Aurora Hunter: <JIM> Stand here.
Sacha RuKiah: Ortiz snickers behind him>
X0 Aurora Hunter: <JO> ::throws a dishtowel at him:: Oh you. Get the glasses, finish setting the table.
X0 Aurora Hunter: <JIM> ::raises an eyebrow:: giving ME orders? ::grabs the towel, grinning:: Alright, but only because I'm hungry.
X0 Aurora Hunter: <JIM> ::pulls glasses out while Joey finishes the sauce and sets it in three bowls on the table::
X0 Aurora Hunter: ::a time goes off and Joey jumps:: <JIM> OOH! The breadsticks
Sacha RuKiah: Miguel arches his eyebrows> you've gone all out, Joey...
X0 Aurora Hunter: <JO> ::laughs:: Yep!
X0 Aurora Hunter: <JO> ::turns and looks at Miguel:: Hey Migs! Yep, come on in!
Sacha RuKiah: Miguel steps into the room to one side> anything you want me to do?
Arina Frost: TP: ::follows Miguel and smiles at Joey shyly:: got room for one more?
X0 Aurora Hunter: <JO> ::smiles at Tony:: Room for you? Always.
X0 Aurora Hunter: <JIM> ::watches this exchange as he pulls the bread from the oven::
X0 Aurora Hunter: <JO> ::to Miguel:: Nope! Just have a seat and bring your appetite!
Sacha RuKiah: Sacha returns, dressed in fresh clothes with her hair let out of its braid and taps at the door softly>
X0 Aurora Hunter: ::walks down the hallway, seeing Sacha::
X0 Aurora Hunter: <JO> ::opens the door::
X0 Aurora Hunter: <JO> Doctor! Great, you made it. Come in.
X0 Aurora Hunter: ::steps in behind Sacha:: hello.
Sacha RuKiah: Sach smiles> thanks...<grins over her shoulder at Hunter>
X0 Aurora Hunter: ::Arina and Bobby enter the room smelling the food::
Sacha RuKiah: Miguel, about to sit down, turns and offers the chair to the doc instead>
Arina Frost: ::unzips her uniform and ties the arms around her waist:: i heard this is where the party was. ::untwists the bun her hair was held up in:: got food for two more?
Sacha RuKiah: Sach takes the seat offered with a small smile>
X0 Aurora Hunter: <JO> Only for my Goonies, Arina. ::grins and pulls out a chair:: Hi, Commander Hunter. Here, everyone, have a seat. There are pitchers of water and soda on the table.
X0 Aurora Hunter: <JIM> ::sets the last plate of breadsticks on the table and sits down in a chair::
X0 Aurora Hunter: ::smiles and nods at everyone and sits down in a chair::
Arina Frost: ::Arina, Tony, and Bobby take seats at the table::
Arina Frost: Joey, you sure you don't need a hand?
Sacha RuKiah: Miguel slips into the seat by Sach and begins to pass out drinks>
X0 Aurora Hunter: <JO> Thanks, hon, but everything's done.
X0 Aurora Hunter: <JO> ::stands, waiting for everyone to settle in before she'll sit down::
X0 Aurora Hunter: <JIM> ::begins passing a plate of bread to his right::
X0 Aurora Hunter: ::grins at Jim and takes the bread:: Thank you, Jim.
X0 Aurora Hunter: ::places two breadsticks on her plate and passes it to the right::
Arina Frost: TP: ::reaches over and takes it from Jim:: Thanks ::places two on his plate and passes it to the person infront of him::
Sacha RuKiah: Ortiz takes the plate, selects a breadstick and hands it across. The doc passes it on>
Arina Frost: BB:::takes the plate putting three sticks on his plate:: what? ::looks at arina who had a smile on her face:: i'm hungry
Arina Frost: Jo, you are in luck, you have a starving Bridger over here, and we all know how they eat
X0 Aurora Hunter: <JO> ::chuckles:: Ah, that I do. ::grins at Bobby, and then looks around, making sure everything is ok, then pulls out a chair and sits down::
X0 Aurora Hunter: <JIM> ::spoons some tortellini onto his plate and passes the bowl to Aurora:: Ah, looks good. ::grins:: How did you manage real pasta? All we ever get is that freeze-dried crap.
X0 Aurora Hunter: <JO> ::evil grin:: Ooooh, let's just say I called in a favor and left it at that.
Sacha RuKiah: Ortiz> kidding me...real pasta. does anyone even remember what that actually tastes like?
X0 Aurora Hunter: ::laughs and takes the bowl:: I will, thank you. I should probably be concerned, but I'm much too excited and hungry.
X0 Aurora Hunter: ::serves herself and passes the bowl::
Arina Frost: ::Takes a bowl and spoons some food on her plate passing it over to Bobby who did the same thing::
Sacha RuKiah: Miguel takes the bowl> it looks incredible Joey...<spoon, spoon spoon>
Arina Frost: TP: ::takes a bit of his bread and smiles at Joey:: this is amazing, you have out done my mother, if that's at all possible
X0 Aurora Hunter: <JO> ::blushes, a rare thing for her::
Sacha RuKiah: <as a parting thought...Miguel makes eyes at Sach all evening.....>
X0 Aurora Hunter: <JIM> ::poures alfredo on his tortellini and passes it to Aurora::
X0 Aurora Hunter: <AUR> ::takes it and pours before passing it on::
X0 Aurora Hunter: <JO> ::smiles shyly at Tony, his compliment meaning more to her than he probably realized::
Absurd Cherub: ::walks in slowly, having dozed off in her room without planning to::
Arina Frost: ::looks up as she
Arina Frost: 's pouring the sauce onto her plate and gets distracted and over pours::
Arina Frost: opps, here Bobby, have some sauce
Arina Frost: ::scrapes it onto his plate::
X0 Aurora Hunter: <AUR> ::turns around and sees Roz:: Heya, Captain.
Absurd Cherub: Hi..
X0 Aurora Hunter: <JIM> ::nods:: Hey, Cap. Thought you were going to miss it. Don't worry, we saved you some.
Absurd Cherub: ::smirks:: thanks.. i kind of lost track of time
X0 Aurora Hunter: <JO> ::smiles:: Don't worry about it, you're in luck, we just served and haven't started eating yet.
Absurd Cherub: what are we having?
Arina Frost: tortellini ma'am
Arina Frost: BB: ::laughs at Arina:: clutzy tonight? ::takes a bowl of sauce and finishes adding some to his plate::
Arina Frost: BB: ::passes it to Miguel and Sacha who take some and put the dowl down::
Absurd Cherub: ::manages to get herself a little bit of tortellini and sauce::
Arina Frost: TP: Do you want some bread sticks Ma'am?
Absurd Cherub: no thank you
Arina Frost: TP: ::smiles and looks at Joey:: What happened to the dancing?
Absurd Cherub: ::pours herself a glass of water::
X0 Aurora Hunter: <JIM> ::grins evily:: You missed a stunning performance, Tony. Joey was crooning to the pasta when I walked in.
X0 Aurora Hunter: <JO> ::reaches over and smacks him:: I was NOT!
X0 Aurora Hunter: <JIM> ::winces from the smack:: hey ow!
Absurd Cherub: ::snickers lightly at them::
X0 Aurora Hunter: <AUR> ::laughs at them both and takes a bite of her pasta::
Absurd Cherub: ::takes a seat, since she hasn't already::
Absurd Cherub: wait.. you cooked this? ::looking over at Joey::
Arina Frost: she did, but don't ask for details on where the food came from... but hey, at least it's not a steak burger ::looks at joey and grins:: though we wouldn't have any even if it wasn't outlawed, right?
Absurd Cherub: i'm impressed.. ::takes a small bite, then smiles after a moment:: it's very good
X0 Aurora Hunter: <JO> ::grins and nods at the captain and then glares at Arina:: not on my table. ::smiles::
X0 Aurora Hunter: <JIM> ::munch munch munch:: Very good, Jo-jo.
X0 Aurora Hunter: <AUR> So, how is everyone's tour going?
Arina Frost: BB: things are going great, only if i could keep my father from picking my brain apart
X0 Aurora Hunter: ::smiles::Well, I guess that's to be expected. This IS still is boat in many ways.
Absurd Cherub: very much..
X0 Aurora Hunter: ::looks to Jim:: Didn't you have some special exams you were running on your teams, Jim?
X0 Aurora Hunter: <JIM> ::nods, finishing his bite before answering.:: Yes, actually. Survival Training and Steath Rescue. It took a couple of tries, but we're up to par now.
X0 Aurora Hunter: ::nods:: Glad to hear it, I know you were concerned.