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seaQuest: The Dawning
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Log 1 April 4th, 2002
Live Chat Sim
*Begin Log*
LtC Alex Lazarus: ::tinkers some more::
LtC Alex Lazarus: ::walks into Engineering for the fourth time that day::
LtC Alex Lazarus: ::Being obsessive compulsive about taking care of the ship::
X0 Aurora Hunter: ::standing in the docking bay, checking off supplies and crew on a nifty clipboard in her hand::
LtC Alex Lazarus: ::checks the systems status, taps a few keys to make sure everything is up to 100%::'
TiggerDJ2: ::is in his quarters, blasting music as usual::
Capt Roz Lennox: ::finds herself almost pacing the hallway, making her way through the different decks to make sure everything's running smoothly::
LtC Alex Lazarus: ::Wonders why some of her crew don't understand her through her Irish accent, smirks::
Sacha RuKiah: comes onboard just infront of a rather large cart of medical supplies being delivered, (naturally) at the very last minute. She's already wearing her white seaQuest laboratory coat.
LtC Alex Lazarus: What you mean, the ticker's off? ::checks the readings:: Oh, that's bloody fine. Don't be a perfectionist.
Capt Roz Lennox: ::she tries giving off an air of "i know what i'm doing", though inside she's kind of worried that everything's going to go wrong.. passing through Engineering::
LtC Alex Lazarus: I'm telling you, that's fine. Once we get underway, those numbers will hike on up.
Arina Frost: ::stops just outside the ship eyeing the emence shape.:: Wow! ::steps onto the ship carrying her single duffle over her right shoulder::
Capt Roz Lennox: ::she stopped, watching the goings on::
X0 Aurora Hunter: ::looks at Sacha:: Hello, welcome to seaQuest. Do you have your papers?
TiggerDJ2: ::is now jamming on his air guitar::
LtC Alex Lazarus: Well, then bypass the computer circuits if you have to. ::notices the captain:: Uh, sir. ::stands up straight::
Sacha RuKiah: Sacha turns, arches her eyebrows and pulls a small sheaf of papers from her bag> Yes, Dr Sacha Ru-Kiah, CMO.
Capt Roz Lennox: ::she smirked:: are we having any trouble?
LtC Alex Lazarus: No, sir. Just a couple rookies are worried about the power output.
Capt Roz Lennox: aha ::nods lightly::
Sacha RuKiah: Sacha steps out of the way of a hurrying crew member in order to avoid being flattened>
LtC Alex Lazarus: They 'aven't got their sea legs yet.
Capt Roz Lennox: Give them time. They will soon enough.
X0 Aurora Hunter: ::takes the papers and reviews them before marking on her PDA:: Very good, Doctor. Your quarters are on B Deck. ::hands her a card key before nodding at the cart:: these for medbay?
LtC Alex Lazarus: Aye, sir. We were all rookies once.
Capt Roz Lennox: that's right ::smiles again and walks off to inspect another part of the boat::
Sacha RuKiah: nods and sighs, smiling> Apparently. arrived a week late? Definitely for medbay
LtC Alex Lazarus: ::watches her go and then takes off her uniform top:: Someone get me a tool kit. I"m crawling to the bowels.
LtC Alex Lazarus: ::has on a tank top underneath, of course::
X0 Aurora Hunter: ::turns and notices the GELF behind Sacha:: Hello, welcome to seaQuest. Papers? ::back to Sacha:: Alright, I'll get a crewman to take those to medbay for you. You can draw up your reports and needs, and get them to me by 1500.
Sacha RuKiah: and I'll find you....?
TiggerDJ2: ::sighs, decidedly bored already.:: Time for some fun.
LtC Alex Lazarus: ::crawls into the systems for some nice repair work::
LtC Alex Lazarus: ::frowns, could swear she hears a cat somewhere::
Capt Roz Lennox: ::goes onto the docking bay, watching the new crew members gathering their duffels::
Arina Frost: ::stops and looks at the XO:: Yes, ma'am. ::reaches for papers stashed inside the duffle and hands them over::
LtC Alex Lazarus: ::comes back out, puts back on her top, but doesn't zip it up:: I"m going to check the moon bay systems. Try to stay sane while I'm gone. ::walks out into the hall::
X0 Aurora Hunter: ::smiles at Sacha:: Wherever somethings going wrong. ::extends her hand:: Commander Aurora Hunter.
Capt Roz Lennox: I hope you don't expect too much to go wrong, Commander..
Sacha RuKiah: smiles and accepts her hand> nice to meet you Commander. I'll come and find you before 1500 today.
LtC Alex Lazarus: ::climbs down a ladder and then walks to the moon bay::
TiggerDJ2: ::goes to the mess for a bunch of grapes and a plastic spoon::
X0 Aurora Hunter: ::takes the papers from Arina and reviews them, nodding at Arina:: Lt. Frost, Welcome aboard. ::jumps when she hears the cap voice:: Oh course not, sir. ::grins::
TiggerDJ2: ::chuckles to himself:: Time to play sniper on the newbies...
Sacha RuKiah: turns to see the captain, nods and smiles>
Capt Roz Lennox: Wouldn't want you to jinx it.. ::smirks, then nods lightly at Sacha::
LtC Alex Lazarus: ::smiles at the dolphin in the moon bay, pats his rostrum and then heads for the computer circuitry in the back::
TiggerDJ2: ::gets said items and hustles up to the catwalk over the bay where the newbies report::
Arina Frost: Thank you Commander
TiggerDJ2: ::takes aim at Arina:: <vs> Fire one!
TiggerDJ2: ::ducks immediatly::
X0 Aurora Hunter: Lt. Frost, you are on B Deck as well. ::hands over the room key:: Log onto SEAPOC, and your schedule will be waiting for you.
Sacha RuKiah: jumps as the grape wings past her nose>
LtC Alex Lazarus: ::comes back out of the moon bay and starts to wander the ship, stops near the launch bay::
TiggerDJ2: ::just for shits and giggles, takes his next mark at the XO::
LtC Alex Lazarus: ::Glances up at the platform, murmurs:: Look out below.
TiggerDJ2: ::loads the spoon, takes aim:: <Vs> Fire two!
Arina Frost: ::jumps before getting the room key. something hit the back of her head. spun around and saw nothing. turns back to the XO and takes the key:: thank you Ma'am.
X0 Aurora Hunter: ::jumps
Capt Roz Lennox: ::sees something fly at Aurora, blinking before reaching down to retrieve it:: It seems to be raining grapes..
X0 Aurora Hunter: as she's smacked in the face by a grape:: Hey! ::looks down to see the ammo rolling away::
TiggerDJ2: ::ducks, desperatly trying not to laugh::
X0 Aurora Hunter: ::cocks an eyebrow:: a new addition I wasn't informed of? ::wry grin::
Capt Roz Lennox: ::looks up to where that came from::
Sacha RuKiah: ::Sacha exchanges a bewildered look with the XO::
LtC Alex Lazarus: ::stares up at the platform, trying to identify who's flinging the fruit::
Capt Roz Lennox: i didn't think we had those types of weather problems, Commander
LtC Alex Lazarus: ::looks around for a ladder, finds one and climbs up::
TiggerDJ2: ::stays flat, takes up aim at his next target::
X0 Aurora Hunter: ::sighs, there are only a few people on board who would throw grapes around. She clears her throat::
Capt Roz Lennox: Nothing damaged, I hope? ::actually finding this a bit amusing::
LtC Alex Lazarus: ::Stands on the platform, staring at the flat blond man a few feet away from her, just stands there::
TiggerDJ2: ::loads and fires at the Cap'n::
X0 Aurora Hunter: ::watches Alex climb:: Nope. Just hope that grapefruits don't start pouring down next.
Capt Roz Lennox: ::gets a grape at the back of the neck and jumps::
Capt Roz Lennox: who IS that up there?
LtC Alex Lazarus: ::Calls:: It's a little blond kid!
Arina Frost: ::steps away from the flying grapes::
TiggerDJ2: Oy.
Capt Roz Lennox: I'd like to see him down here, if that's at all possible
LtC Alex Lazarus: All right, lad. You heard the cap'n.
Sacha RuKiah: I ah, think I'll go and chase after those med supplies <nods her goodbye and strides away>
TiggerDJ2: ::finally gets to laugh:: Sure thing, Cap.
X0 Aurora Hunter: ::rolls eyes:: Let me guess...Wolen...Wolec...whatever the hell his name is!
Capt Roz Lennox: Wolenczak...
Capt Roz Lennox: took me half an hour to pronounce it too the first time
LtC Alex Lazarus: Ah, the boy genius who's going to watch himself around my systems, right?
TiggerDJ2: ::descends down the ladder:: Yes?
Capt Roz Lennox: ::looks over at Lucas:: are we bored?
LtC Alex Lazarus: ::walks across the platform, disappearing down the hall::
X0 Aurora Hunter: ::raises eyebrow:: target practice, Mr Wolenczak?
TiggerDJ2: Hey, everyone needs the practice. Plus i wanted to lighten up the mood, ya know..
Sacha RuKiah: Lt. (j.g) Miguel Ortiz arrives onboard, takes one look at the scene unfolding and thinks [Lucas]
Arina Frost: ::salutes at the group:: Sir, Ma'am.
LtC Alex Lazarus: ::comes back down the other hall, having found stairs to descend by, leans against the arch to the launch bay::
X0 Aurora Hunter: ::raises hand in half salute:: Lieutenant.
Capt Roz Lennox: ::smirks, can't be too serious about the grape flinging:: Maybe you might want to help some of the new crew members with their things, since you're used to the seaQuest
X0 Aurora Hunter: ::turns to look at Lt Ortiz:: Welcome aboard seaQUest. Papers?
Sacha RuKiah: Ortiz steps up to Hunter and hands over his documents>
TiggerDJ2: Sure thing. But it can't be more fun than Grape Sniper. ::sees Miguel:: Excuse me, Ma'am.
Capt Roz Lennox: Please try to make yourself more useful in the future, Lucas.. ::nodding::
TiggerDJ2: ::calls over;: Miguel! Hey, Ortiz!
Sacha RuKiah: Ortiz grins at Wolenczak and waves> Hey Lucas!
LtC Alex Lazarus: ::walks slowly down the halls, trailing her fingers across the walls::
X0 Aurora Hunter: <<Ltjg and Lcdr Brody walk onboard, deep in conversation>>
Sacha RuKiah: Ortiz> How'd I know it'd be you getting into trouble in the first hour?
TiggerDJ2: ::waves back, waits for him to get done with the XO::
Capt Roz Lennox: ::something scuttles down a hallway quickly, in a flash of dark grey and white fur::
X0 Aurora Hunter: ::takes Miguels papers:: Ah, Lt Ortiz. Welcome aboard. Your quarters are on B deck. ::hands the key before turning to the Brodys::
LtC Alex Lazarus: ::Frowns, glancing towards the flash of fur::
TiggerDJ2: Nah, not trouble, just fun. How've you been, man? ::does the man hug thing::
X0 Aurora Hunter: <JCB> ::salutes the Commander::
LtC Alex Lazarus: ::turns and follows the streak::
Capt Roz Lennox: ::the "streak" makes its way past a few shocked crewmembers, down another hall::
Sacha RuKiah: Ortiz returns the hug thing with a wide grin> Been great...terrific about you? Up to no good as usual?
X0 Aurora Hunter: <Jim>::salutes the Cap and Cdr::
LtC Alex Lazarus: I knew it. ::jogs after the streak, cutting through a junction and coming out ahead on the other side of the hall::
TiggerDJ2: You know me. ::grins:: Hey, Jim's here. Almost like old times again, huh?
X0 Aurora Hunter: ::salutes the pair:: At ease. Papers?
Capt Roz Lennox: ::smiles and salutes as well::
X0 Aurora Hunter: <JB and Jim hand them over>
Sacha RuKiah: finds herself rather lost and turns around to consult a plan of the ship....something small and grey and fuzzy circles her ankles and she stumbles>
Capt Roz Lennox: ::and the streak is now known as a very fat cat, amazingly fast for his amount of fur::
Sacha RuKiah: Ortiz turns and grins at the Brodys>
LtC Alex Lazarus: ::picks up the cat after it trips a stranger:: Oopsies.
X0 Aurora Hunter: ::takes them and nods:: The Brody's. Welcome, quarters on B Deck.  JIm, same room as last tour.
Sacha RuKiah: yikes.....sorry about that.
X0 Aurora Hunter: <jim> ::nods at Lucas:: Hey, Luke.
TiggerDJ2: ::jaw slightly agape:: That's Jim's sister?? Wow.
LtC Alex Lazarus: ::holds the cat and looks down at the young woman who that cat tripped::
Capt Roz Lennox: ::the cat lets out a very annoyed Meow::
TiggerDJ2: Don't call me Luke. ::smiles:: Hey man, how's it goin?
Arina Frost: ::turns from the group and moves the duffle to the other shoulder. attempts to find her quarters::
LtC Alex Lazarus: ::tries to hold the cat in a way that it would comfortable but stable in her arms::
Sacha RuKiah: gets to her feet and smiles sheepishly> oh, -you're- annoyed are you? <to the cat>
Sacha RuKiah: Miguel arches his eyebrows and shrugs slightly to Lucas>
LtC Alex Lazarus: You all right there lass?
Capt Roz Lennox: ::it licks Alex's chin in an attempt to suck up so it'll be let down and continue it's explorations::
Sacha RuKiah: yes, thank you. how'd he get on board?
LtC Alex Lazarus: ::gives the cat a strange look:: No way I'm letting you crawl around my systems. ::Looks at the woman:: I imagine he's a pet.
Capt Roz Lennox: ::watches the three that know each other, wishing she were as comfortable here as they were::
Sacha RuKiah: ah. well then.
TiggerDJ2: :;sticks his hand out to Joey:: Hi, I don't believe we've met. I'm Lucas Wolenczak.
X0 Aurora Hunter: <Jim> ::to Luke:: See the stripes? I can call you anything I like. ::grins:: Lucas, Miguel, this is Joceanna, my sister. The other Lt Brody.
Sacha RuKiah: Miguel smiles and offers his hand to Joey> Nice to meet you
X0 Aurora Hunter: <JO>::takes Lucas' hand:: Hello.
X0 Aurora Hunter: <JO> ::takes Miguel's hand and smiles:: Hi.
TiggerDJ2: Nice to meet you.
LtC Alex Lazarus: Aye. I have a feeling I know who to take this fellow to.
Sacha RuKiah: smiles at her> well, I'd best leave you to it then. I'm chasing my own quarry at the moment; a cart of med supplies. I'm Sacha Ru-Kiah, by the way. Chief Medical Officer and head of the Science team
LtC Alex Lazarus: All right then. Alex Lazarus. Chief Engineer and cat chaser.
X0 Aurora Hunter: <JO> Nice to meet you both.
Capt Roz Lennox: <Cleo> ::she makes her way onboard, looking for Sacha, having seen her before she came on board, but somehow having lost her::
X0 Aurora Hunter: ::hand Brodys their keys and smiles:: I'm Commander Hunter. ::nods at the group:: Jim, I think we've met.
LtC Alex Lazarus: ::pets the cat idly, trying to keep it calm::
Sacha RuKiah: laughs> and a rather good one you are too. Excuse me, cheif. <goes to look for medbay, her quarters, her cart....ANYTHING>
X0 Aurora Hunter: <jim> ::nods:: yes, at Jon's going away party. Good to see you again.
LtC Alex Lazarus: ::walks ahead to the launchbay, finds the captain:: Uh, sir?
Capt Roz Lennox: ::the cat does the squirmy twisty thing in an attempt to get out of Alex's arms::
X0 Aurora Hunter: Likewise.
Capt Roz Lennox: yes? ::looks over at Alex:: Mouse!
Sacha RuKiah: wanders for a while, comes to a dead end, opens the door and finds herself ....back in the flippin launch bay again>
Capt Roz Lennox: ::the cat lets out a nice pitiful meow::
Sacha RuKiah: looks around, exasperated>
LtC Alex Lazarus: Thought so. ::trying to keep a hold of the cat:: Uh, 'e was wandering the 'alls.
Capt Roz Lennox: here.. let me take him..
Sacha RuKiah: Miguel glances across at the opening door and sees Sacha. His eyebrows arch briefly>
LtC Alex Lazarus: Aye, maybe you should. ::hands over the cat::
Capt Roz Lennox: ::takes the cat and pets him.. oddly he seems a bit more pleased, but not too much:: excuse me, i must go return Mouse to my quarters
Sacha RuKiah: mutters> how the heck did I manage to get back here again?
LtC Alex Lazarus: I thought I might have heard im in Engineering sir. Maybe I can fix a better lock on your door?
Arina Frost: ::wanders past a woman holding a cat and the woman from the launch bay. continues past them in hopes of finding her room:: Monotones... ::counts:: well, more then GELFs
Capt Roz Lennox: <Cleo> ::sees Sacha out of the corner of her eye and waves frantically::
TiggerDJ2: Well, I'm gonna go look for lost people and see if i can help.
X0 Aurora Hunter: ::scruffles Mouse under the chin:: Mouse...
Capt Roz Lennox: Please do.. ::smirks at Aurora:: this is the one i told you about
X0 Aurora Hunter: Are you going to be trouble?
Sacha RuKiah: ::Sacha looks faintly confused, as all she can see is a hand waving above the crowd. Sacha's rather short::
LtC Alex Lazarus: ::murmurs;: 'Ope not.
Capt Roz Lennox: <Cleo> ::isn't much for height either, barely making 5 foot 4::
Capt Roz Lennox: he better not ::leaves the docking bay, all the while muttering things to a very regal looking cat::
X0 Aurora Hunter: <JIM> ::raises an eyebrow at the cat:: When did seaQuest get a cat?
Sacha RuKiah: Miguel: Well, we have a dolphin <shrugs>
LtC Alex Lazarus: ::watches the cap'n leave with the cat:: Wonder who wears the clothes in that duo. ::shrugs and walks off, brushing cat hair off her uniform::
X0 Aurora Hunter: <JIM> Well, yeah, but not a cat.
X0 Aurora Hunter: <JO> A cat is a cat?
Sacha RuKiah: ::Sacha makes her way through the crowd towards Cleo:: Oh, it's you! <smiles>
Sacha RuKiah: Miguel: and that's that.
Capt Roz Lennox: <Cleo> I was wondering where you went.. I got really really lost
X0 Aurora Hunter: <JO> ::grins at Miguel:: cute.
LtC Alex Lazarus: ::starts to wander the halls again::
Sacha RuKiah: ::Sacha groans good naturedly> don't need to tell me; I was here ten minutes ago and left with the idea of finding medbay. Where am I now? <looks around> back where I started.
Capt Roz Lennox: ::drops Mouse off in her quarters, closing the door all the way, brushing off cat hair from her uniform::
Sacha RuKiah: Miguel, grinning at Joey> yeah, I thought so too
TiggerDJ2: ::humming Linkin Park's 'In the End'::
Arina Frost: <BB> ::Bobby Bridger walks onto the ship and into a storm of people.::
Capt Roz Lennox: <Cleo> did you need help with those crates?
LtC Alex Lazarus: ::goes to her quarters and shuts the door behind her::
Sacha RuKiah: I would; if I knew where they were. Someone shoved a cart down the hall and I lost track of it
TiggerDJ2: ::finds Dr Ru_Kiah and Cleo:: Hey, are you guys lost?
X0 Aurora Hunter: ::turns and looks at the new man:: Welcome to seaQuest. Do you have your papers?
Sacha RuKiah: Actually, we know exactly where we are. We just aren't where we want to be <smiles at Lucas>
Capt Roz Lennox: <Cleo> what she said
TiggerDJ2: ::grins that grin, you know the one::
Sacha RuKiah: Miguel watches Lucas, curious...>
LtC Alex Lazarus: ::Tinkers in her quarters::
TiggerDJ2: Well, consider yourself found. I'm Lucas Wolenczak, tour guide extrordinaire.
Capt Roz Lennox: ::goes onto the bridge to check out the goings on there::
Arina Frost: <BB> ::hands over his papers:: Yes, Ma'am
Sacha RuKiah: Really? <arches one eyebrow> Dr Sacha Ru-Kiah.
Sacha RuKiah: Miguel [she's the ship's doc...]
X0 Aurora Hunter: ::takes the papers and raises an eyebrow:: Ensign Bridger...
X0 Aurora Hunter: <Jim> ::hears the Bridger name:: Bridger?
TiggerDJ2: Nice to meet you, Doc. Where do you need to be?
Sacha RuKiah: Miguel turns at the name too>
LtC Alex Lazarus: ::gets bored, gets up and goes to the bridge::
LtC Alex Lazarus: ::is a very restless Irish engineer::
Sacha RuKiah: My intern, Cleo and I would like to be at medbay, if you could point us in the right direction
Arina Frost: Yes, Ma'am Ensign Bobby Bridger. ::salutes::
X0 Aurora Hunter: ::returns salute:: welcome aboard, Ensign. ::hand over room key:: You're on B Deck.
LtC Alex Lazarus: ::sits at her enginneering station on the bridge and puts on her headest::
TiggerDJ2: Sure thing. Wait, Cleo? Cleo Walker?
Capt Roz Lennox: <Cleo> ::nods:: yeah
X0 Aurora Hunter: <JIM> ::feels strangely in awe of the younger man, knowing his heritage>
Sacha RuKiah: Miguel exchanges a brief look with Jim>
X0 Aurora Hunter: <JO> ::smiles at Bobby, sensing he feels a little lost::
Capt Roz Lennox: ::picking at a few stray cat hairs, leaving the bridge to get one of those roller things::
TiggerDJ2: I almost didn't recognize you. Good to see you again. Right this way, ladies...
LtC Alex Lazarus: ::taps a few keys, making sure all the power systems are working properly::
Sacha RuKiah: Sacha glances briefly at Cleo and rolls her eyes, grinning, before following Lucas>
Capt Roz Lennox: <Cleo> ::smirks at Sacha when they follow Lucas:: it's nice to see you too..
Sacha RuKiah: Ortiz watches as Lucas leads the doc and her companion out again>
TiggerDJ2: ::takes them down the corridor, to the right, then bears left and voila!:: Here we are.
Arina Frost: Thank you. ::takes the key and sees several people looking at him. He gives them a smile and walks slowly by them::
Capt Roz Lennox: ::stops in her quarters, staring at the cat that seems to look way too comfortable on her bed:: maybe i should have left you at home
X0 Aurora Hunter: <Jim> ::looks at Miguel:: I didn't know he was coming on board. I heard he was home.
Sacha RuKiah: Sacha looks surprised> it took you thirty seconds to lead us to medbay...and it took me ten minutes to go from the launch bay back to the launch bay <rolls her eyes at herself>
Sacha RuKiah: Ortiz turns back to Jim again, shaking himself and shrugs> don't look at me.
X0 Aurora Hunter: <Jo> ::looks mildly confused, having only heard the names and the stories, not really putting them together::
TiggerDJ2: It's ok. I got lost all the time when i first got here.
X0 Aurora Hunter: <Jim> ::shrugs:: This should be interesting.
Capt Roz Lennox: <Cleo> it gets easier.. i hope
Sacha RuKiah: Sacha smiles> well thank you very much. if it weren't for you I don't doubt I'd be down in engineering by now.
X0 Aurora Hunter: ::overhears their conversation:: Is there a problem, Lt Commander?
Capt Roz Lennox: ::takes the sticky hair remover roll and fixes her uniform, glares at the cat, and walks back to launch bay, remembering to shut her door::
TiggerDJ2: Sure it does. Well, I'm gonna get going, see if anyone else needs my help. See you around.
Sacha RuKiah: Sacha grins good humouredly> Don't think it lets you off your physical exam though. Bye
LtC Alex Lazarus: ::pulls up a list of crewmembers, tries to learn people's face::
X0 Aurora Hunter: <Jim> No, ma'am. Not at all. ::straightens up self-consciously:: I was unaware that Ensign Bridger had been assigned to seaQuest.
TiggerDJ2: ::laughs:: sure thing, Doc. See ya, Cleo!
TiggerDJ2: ::heads back to the bay::
LtC Alex Lazarus: *People's faces
Capt Roz Lennox: <Cleo> ::waves at him as he leaves then looks over at Sacha::
X0 Aurora Hunter: ::nods:: I see. Well, for the record, neither was I. But I can't see him serving anywhere else, can you?
Sacha RuKiah: Sacha shakes her head and looks around medbay. She can see her office, with her personal belongings in boxes already there...but looking around, she can't see the crates of supplies at all, and frowns> Strange...
TiggerDJ2: ::sees Bobby:: Bobby! Hey, Robert! When'd you get in, man?
Sacha RuKiah: Miguel smiles, agreeing>
X0 Aurora Hunter: <Jim> No, ma'am. ::glances at Joey:: Uh, Lt, perhaps we better get to our quarters.
Sacha RuKiah: Miguel: B deck? I'm there too...<shoulders his dufflebag>
Capt Roz Lennox: ::stands beside Aurora again:: cat problem resolved. he's locked in my quarters
X0 Aurora Hunter: <Joey> ::nods and salutes the commander, smiling at Miguel::
LtC Alex Lazarus: ::almost falls asleep at her station::
LtC Alex Lazarus: ::decides it's time for a swim, gets up, puts the headset back and goes to the moonbay::
X0 Aurora Hunter: ::salutes and turns to Roz:: Good. ::grins:: Let's hope he stays there. ::hands clipboard to Roz:: All crew present and accounted for for today, sir. Including Ensign Bridger.
Sacha RuKiah: Sacha, crisply> alright. Let's get settled shall we? Cleo, you've got a workstation for yourself just there...<points> with your boxes already delivered, I see. I suggest you get yourself organised whist you have the chance.
Capt Roz Lennox: <Cleo> Will do, Doc. ::smiles at Sacha and begins to take out her things::
Sacha RuKiah: I'll do the same...let me know if you have anything missing and then we'll set about finding our lost supplies, I think.
Capt Roz Lennox: ::nods, looking down at the clipboard:: excellent
Arina Frost: <BB> Lucas! ::with joy::
Sacha RuKiah: Miguel chats to Jim as they head up to B deck> so how've ya been, Jim?
TiggerDJ2: Hey! ::goes over, does the man hug thing again::
Arina Frost: <BB> Great to see a familiar face ::steps up and gives him a hug::
LtC Alex Lazarus: ::plays with the water, splashing a little::
Capt Roz Lennox: it's been quite a madhouse so far..
X0 Aurora Hunter: <Jim> ::to Mig as he they walk:: not bad, you?
TiggerDJ2: Same here, believe it or not. And believe it or not, you're rooming with me. ::grins::
LtC Alex Lazarus: ::looks at Darwin:: Tell me it gets more exciting when we put to sea.
X0 Aurora Hunter: <Jo> ::walks along and shifts her bag on her shoulder::
LtC Alex Lazarus: Darwin > ::nods::
Sacha RuKiah: Sacha emerges from a now-organised office a while later and sighs at the pile of discarded boxes and papers> How are you doing, Cleo?
LtC Alex Lazarus: ::Looks around and then finds the vocorder, turns it on, walks back to the water::
Sacha RuKiah: Ortiz: yeah pretty good. Glad to be back....hey listen, do you know who the ship's new doc is?
TiggerDJ2: ::somewhere, someone flushes a toilet, and all the doors close on their own accord::
Capt Roz Lennox: <Cleo> ::in a swamp of things:: alright..
LtC Alex Lazarus: ::looks at the doors closing, frowns:: Well, that ain't supposed to happen.
Sacha RuKiah: Sacha startles as the doors to medbay seal shut>
Arina Frost: <BB> father sends his best, and told me to tell you not to throw grapes. whatever that means. ::rolls eyes:: Rooming with you? I was told B Deck.
LtC Alex Lazarus: ::walks forward and tries the door::
Capt Roz Lennox: <Cleo> ::glances at the door:: that can't be too good...
Sacha RuKiah: Sacha mutters> "join the navy" <walks over to help dig Cleo out> all ok?
TiggerDJ2: ::Laughs:: Too late for the grapes, man. But yes, that's where we are.
Capt Roz Lennox: <C> ::nods and sets some things into a mockery of order:: fine
TiggerDJ2: ::said door doesn't budge::
LtC Alex Lazarus: ::tries the manual override for the door::
Arina Frost: ::rounds a corner and finds the mess hall filled with talkative crew members. walks past and stops at a map of the ship.:: ok, should be down the right and then to the left
TiggerDJ2: ::somewhere, someone uses the garbage disposal and the doors open::
Sacha RuKiah: Sacha nods> good. I'm going to see if I can track down the supplies. my PAL's on, so let me know if they arrive back here <goes over to the doors, tries it, mutters a low curse, and shoves harder> damn...
X0 Aurora Hunter: ::turns as the door slams. Picks up PAL:: Hunter to Lazarus, what was that?
X0 Aurora Hunter: ::walks to the door:: Oh, this is not good.
Capt Roz Lennox: <C> i will..
Capt Roz Lennox: Someone crossed the wiring..
LtC Alex Lazarus: ::grabs her link thing:: Uh, I'm working on that, sir. I think there's a crossed wire somewhere
Sacha RuKiah: Sacha steps back and puts her hands on her hips, glaring at the door>
Sacha RuKiah: tries> "Open sesame"?
Arina Frost: <BB> you haven't by any chance seen a female GELF have you? ::eye brows raised and face flushed with embarrassment::
LtC Alex Lazarus: ::comm:: I'm gonna get back to Engineering and work on that. ::Looks around and walks to the water::
X0 Aurora Hunter: ::groans:: perfect. Keep me appraised.
Capt Roz Lennox: You have someone on it, Commander?
LtC Alex Lazarus: ::comm:: Yeah, don't worry. I'm all over it. ::switches the comm off and then dives into the water::
X0 Aurora Hunter: ::picks up PAL again:: Yes, Captain. It's being fixed as we speak. ::clicks off button::...<vs> I hope...
Sacha RuKiah: Sacha tries her swipecard, tries the handle again, tries shoving against it with her weight. Stands back again and mumbles> oh, it's useless...
Capt Roz Lennox: Good...
LtC Alex Lazarus: ::swims along the tubes along the hallway::
X0 Aurora Hunter: <Jim> Oh, yeah, her names Dr. Ru-Kiah, I think. Dr. Smith reccommended her.
X0 Aurora Hunter: <Joey nods> She's supposed to be good. ::was told all about the new Dr by Smith::
LtC Alex Lazarus: ::pops out at an juncture near Engineering, climbs out and goes to her station, gets looks for being soaking wet::
Sacha RuKiah: Miguel> Ahh...<stops outside his door and swipecards> Really....<tries handle...nothing> have to go say hello soon then...<tries again>
X0 Aurora Hunter: <Jim> ::looks at the door:: problem? ::presses against the door::
LtC Alex Lazarus: ::points to a crewman:: You, look into the door wires. You, find me a towel.
Sacha RuKiah: Ortiz rattles the handle and shoves again>
LtC Alex Lazarus: ::flips a switch, enabling the security door systems::
Capt Roz Lennox: <Cleo> is there anything heavy we could use to open the door?
LtC Alex Lazarus: ::doesn't want to do electrical work while soaking wet, shrugs and goes to do it::
Arina Frost: ::turns around in a circle trying to find her way and let out a sigh:: hopeless! ::starts back the way she came stopping suddenly outside her room::
Sacha RuKiah: Sacha pushes down the handle and shoves her weight against the door> I ...don't know...
Capt Roz Lennox: <C> ::goes over to the door and shoves her weight against it as well to help:: maybe two people are better than one..
TiggerDJ2: A female GELF...nope, sorry.
Sacha RuKiah: Sacha> ugh, ouch <glances at her fingertip, which she jammed against the handle> maybe..
LtC Alex Lazarus: ::Crawls into an eletrical shaft with a kit and starts playing with the wires, pulls a wire that opens all the interior doors on the ship::
TiggerDJ2: ::somewhere, someone flushes the magic toilet and all is well in the land of seaQuest::
X0 Aurora Hunter: <Jim> ::tries the door:: Hmmm...this is not right. ::picks up PAL:: Commander Brody to Commander Hunter.
Sacha RuKiah: Sacha> again...go!
X0 Aurora Hunter: ::Picks up PAL:: Yes?
X0 Aurora Hunter: <Jim> Are we having door trouble?
Capt Roz Lennox: <Cleo> ::helps Sacha push the door and it opens way too fast, causing her to fall very comically on her side::
Sacha RuKiah: Sacha jams her shoulder against the door just as the controls release the locking mechanism and lands on her back in the hallway>
Sacha RuKiah: Sacha gasps and looks across at Cleo> Well done.
X0 Aurora Hunter: ::watches as the Docking door swings back open:: should be fixed, Commander.
LtC Alex Lazarus: ::Crawls to the main system for the doors and shines a flashlight into the wiring:: Somebody's been messing with my systems!
Capt Roz Lennox: <C> ::looks over at Sacha:: thanks! ::a bit surprised::
Sacha RuKiah: Miguel is grumbling quietly at his door>
X0 Aurora Hunter: <Jim> ::nods at Miguel:: Thank you. ::puts pal away::
Capt Roz Lennox: <vs> Jeez..
LtC Alex Lazarus: ::rewires the security system that's giving Miguel trouble::
Capt Roz Lennox: <C> ::pulls herself to her feet and helps Sacha up:: you okay?
TiggerDJ2: ::looks at Bobby:: Shall I show you our humble abode?
Sacha RuKiah: Ortiz takes the handle again and shoves....his door falls open and he falls into the room with a yelp of surprise>
Sacha RuKiah: Sacha gets up and dusts herself off> never better.
LtC Alex Lazarus: ::starts tinkiering with all the little flaws in the wiring, mumbles:: When I find who's been messing with these systems, I'm getting the broadsword out.
Arina Frost: <BB> Yeah, i need to use the bathroom as well
TiggerDJ2: ::Leads the way:: Its great to have you here, man.
Sacha RuKiah: Sacha sighs > yes, well...I'm going to chase up those supplies. See you in a bit <turns and heads up to B deck>
Capt Roz Lennox: <C> call me if you need anything
Sacha RuKiah: ::Ortiz groans from inside his room. He's sitting on the floor, surrounded by papers and boxes and crates of every size. The entire room is filled with them::
Sacha RuKiah: Sacha calls> will do...
LtC Alex Lazarus: ::Frowns as she finds a stray wire:: This belongs in waste disposal.
Arina Frost: ::pulls out her room key and slips it into ther door pushing it open:: home at last ::tosses her bag on her bed::
TiggerDJ2: ::as nonchalantly as possbile:: So, how's your cousins doing? You know, with everything?
Capt Roz Lennox: <C> ::begins to reorganize her things::
X0 Aurora Hunter: ::chuckles as he sees Miguel, and etends a hand:: Need some help?
X0 Aurora Hunter: <Jo> ::laughs and kneels, helping to clean up the mess::
LtC Alex Lazarus: ::finds another stray wire:: Kitchen . . . That's it, everybody's fired! ::her voice echoes down the chamber::
Sacha RuKiah: Miguel shakes his head to clear it and takes Jim's hand, getting up with some difficulty> yeah, thanks....what IS all this?? <looks at a crate> Size 7 endotracheal tubes...."Meditech"
Sacha RuKiah: Ortiz sends the Brodys a confused look>
Arina Frost: ::laughs:: they are all well, you know all things considered.
LtC Alex Lazarus: ::starts putting wires back where they belong, muttering:: Everyone's fired. Getting out the broadsword. 'Eads on pikes, like the good old days. Maybe starting with that cat.
TiggerDJ2: Things, huh? Well, things? ::opens the door for him::
X0 Aurora Hunter: <jim> ::shakes his head:: someone new evidently can't find medbay?
Sacha RuKiah: Sacha arrives on B deck and finds her cabin, swipecarding access. The room is small, but adequate, but also..devoid of med supplies. she frowns and shakes her head.
X0 Aurora Hunter: ::steps through the docking bay door and into the hallway, making her way up to the bridge::
X0 Aurora Hunter: <Jo> Must be. ::stands up::
LtC Alex Lazarus: ::continues muttering, occasionally zapping herself:: The Irish knew 'ow to do it. All us Europeans knew that 'eads on pikes were the only way to get through to people.
Sacha RuKiah: Sacha hears the word "medbay" from a few feet down the hall and curiously pokes her head into ortiz's cabin. She takes in the sight and tips her head to one side> Hey! Those are my med supplies.
Capt Roz Lennox: <C> ::very triumphant as she finds her stuff in perfect order now::
LtC Alex Lazarus: ::so busy thinking about heads on pikes, accidentally snips the wrong wire and all the lights go out on sQ::
TiggerDJ2: ::mutters:: Oh, shit.
Sacha RuKiah: Sacha moves to help them pick up the supplies when all the lights go down and she falls, landing in a heap in the middle of the room>
Capt Roz Lennox: <C> ::shrieks and grabs hold of her table::
LtC Alex Lazarus: ::sighs:: 'Eads on pikes. ::looks for a re-connecter::
X0 Aurora Hunter: <Jim> ::jumps::
Capt Roz Lennox: ::shakes her head sadly, grabbing for her PAL blindly::
Sacha RuKiah: Ortiz> ow!
Capt Roz Lennox: ::grabs it:: Commander Hunter, do you have any idea what's going on?
LtC Alex Lazarus: ::re-attaches the wire, snapping all the lights back on::
LtC Alex Lazarus: ::drops the connector, shutting the lights out again::
Sacha RuKiah: Sacha freezes as the lights come back up and stares upwards, right into the eyes of one Lt Ortiz. She disentangles herself from his lap and gets up hurriedly> I'm so sorry...
X0 Aurora Hunter: <Jo> ::rolls her eyes:: When you said that seaQuest was an adventure, Jim,...
X0 Aurora Hunter: <Jim> ::chuckles:: Miguel? Doc? You ok?
Capt Roz Lennox: <C> Jesus Christ!
LtC Alex Lazarus: ::dropped the connector before she could finish reattaching the wire, so the lights went out again::
Sacha RuKiah: Ortiz> it's's ok...<tries to get up as well>
LtC Alex Lazarus: ::Mutters:: Told me to be a bleeding surgeon, that it was easier.
Sacha RuKiah: yes...thank you...sorry
Sacha RuKiah: Ortiz> yeah...all good here <helps Sach to her feet>
TiggerDJ2: ::trips in his room over a book, spits out a Spanish obscenity that Miguel taught him::
LtC Alex Lazarus: ::fishes around for the connector, bumps her head on the wire casing, causing all the doors to shut agian::
X0 Aurora Hunter: ::enters the Bridge:: No, sir!
X0 Aurora Hunter: But I swear I didn't jinx it, Captain.
Capt Roz Lennox: Do we have anyone on this new problem?
LtC Alex Lazarus: ::coughs and looks around, looks back up at the door wires:: These spaces need to be bigger.
X0 Aurora Hunter: ::pick up PAL:: Lazarus!
Sacha RuKiah: Ortiz curses as the doors slam shut again. Four people inside the one little cabin...and it's getting squishy....
Capt Roz Lennox: <C> ::feeling her way to the door, finding it shut and hits it a couple of times::
LtC Alex Lazarus: ::groans, grabs her pal:: What??
X0 Aurora Hunter: You ask me what? What do you think? I want a status report, now!
Sacha RuKiah: Sacha calls: don't sit down, Sir....those are the syringes.
LtC Alex Lazarus: ::pauses, comm:: I"m soaking wet, trapped in a tiny space with little wires that want to fry me, and this ship is insane. We'll talk later. ::Turns it off and flings it down the chamber::
X0 Aurora Hunter: <Jim> Actually, sitting was the last thing on my mind. Everyone intact?
X0 Aurora Hunter: <Joey> Yep.
LtC Alex Lazarus: ::reconnects the wire that works the lights, causing all the lights to come back on::'
Sacha RuKiah: Ortiz> yeah, I think....doc? <sacha> yes.
X0 Aurora Hunter: ::clips her PAL:: Well, that was helpful. ::rolls her eyes::
Capt Roz Lennox: ::looks up when the lights go on:: I hope those are fixed permanently
TiggerDJ2: Hallelujah, huh Bob?
LtC Alex Lazarus: ::mutters and then pulls the wire that releases the doors::
Capt Roz Lennox: <C> ::Steps back in time when the door opens, not falling this time!!::
Sacha RuKiah: Sacha tries to move in the tiny space, smiles sheepishly> well, I suppose this is as good a time as any to introduce myself. Sach Ru-Kiah. CMO.
Arina Frost: <BB> things? well, you know the "THINGS". the names, the door slamming, the picture of mother falling and breaking. THOSE things.
LtC Alex Lazarus: ::attaches the other wires to where they're supposed to go::
LtC Alex Lazarus: ::mumbles:: 'eads on bleeding pikes.
X0 Aurora Hunter: You and me both.
X0 Aurora Hunter: <Jim> Lt Commander Brody. ::nods at Joey:: and that's Lt. Brody.
TiggerDJ2: Yea, suppose those are 'things'.
Sacha RuKiah: Ortiz> Lieutenant Ortiz; sensors . <tries to shake her hand>
Sacha RuKiah: Sacha nods too> nice to meet's that door?
X0 Aurora Hunter: <Jo> ::rolls her eyes:: I am capable of introducing myself, Jim. ::extends her hand:: Nice to meet you.
Sacha RuKiah: Sacha takes Joey's hand over Ortiz's shoulder>
Capt Roz Lennox: <C> ::starts to organize other things, waiting for Sacha to report on the missing crate::
X0 Aurora Hunter: <Jim> ::turns and pulls the door open:: Hey, it works.
LtC Alex Lazarus: ::Double checks all the wires and then zaps herself, can be heard cursing for several bulkheads around::
Sacha RuKiah: Sach sighs in relief, Ortiz doesn't....>
TiggerDJ2: ::shakes head, absently picking things up off the floor::
X0 Aurora Hunter: ::walks over to her computer and starts running a diagnostic:: Engineering is reporting multiple errors.
Sacha RuKiah: stepping outside again, pulls up her PAL> Ru-Kiah to Walker....Cleo...<Stares into Ortiz's cabin> I've found the supplies.
Capt Roz Lennox: <C> ::grabs her PAL:: Cleo here..  that's great.. you need me to help you with them?
LtC Alex Lazarus: ::gets pulled out of the chamber by her helpers:: That &(%&%*^ hurts.
Sacha RuKiah: Sacha sighs and considers> Uhm....well...can you send someone down to the B deck cabins with a cart to pick them up?
Arina Frost: <BB> ::drops his bag on the floor at his feet:: i'd say they are some things. ::looks around the room and turned to look out the door:: which way to the toliet?
Capt Roz Lennox: <C> i'm afraid i'm all alone at the moment, but i can go there..
Sacha RuKiah: Ortiz straightens himself out and stares at the mess, smiling sheepishly at the doc>
Sacha RuKiah: Sacha: That'll do nicely. Ru-Kiah out
LtC Alex Lazarus: Crew Guy #1 ~ ::comm to medbay:: Uh, we need some help down here. ::Alex curses at him in the background::
TiggerDJ2: Uh, out the door to the left and down for 4 doors, then right.
Capt Roz Lennox: <C> ::picks up her PAL:: what happened?
Capt Roz Lennox: <C> ::on her way to B deck at the moment::
X0 Aurora Hunter: <Jim> ::sighs:: Ok, well excitement over. ::steps into the hallway and nods:: Joey, we're down here.
LtC Alex Lazarus: Next time, I'm sending you in to be fried like a bloody potato!
X0 Aurora Hunter: <Joey> ::nods:: Nice to meet you. ::steps into the hall and follows Jim::
LtC Alex Lazarus: Crew Guy #1 ~ Uh, the chief engineer electrocuted herself . . kind of.
Capt Roz Lennox: <C> i'll see if i can get someone, or I'll be right there.. can you send her to medbay?
LtC Alex Lazarus: Crew guy #1 ~ Uh, if she'll stop kicking us, maybe . . .
Capt Roz Lennox: <C> ::trying not to bump into people as she contemplates, talks and walks::
Sacha RuKiah: Sacha is crouched on the ground in Ortiz's cabin, repacking all of the supplies> I'm so sorry about this...if you find a stray syringe in your bed tonight, just come up and find me..
TiggerDJ2: ::sighs, recalling the stupid argument that turned into a bloody war with Natalie Bridger::
Arina Frost: <BB> thanks, if i'm not back in 10 minutes, don't look for me.
TiggerDJ2: Will do, Bob.
Sacha RuKiah: Ortiz grins> nah, s'ok. You'd think I'd be used to the chaos by now, but the things that happen
Capt Roz Lennox: <C> try to do that, please.. i'll be there as soon as possible
Arina Frost: ::Closes her door and looks at the single room she was able to get::
LtC Alex Lazarus: ::Sighs and tries to relax:: Not the first time I've fried my 'and. You, go and fry your hand too. I don't want to be alone. ::guy shrugs and heads for the chamber:: Are you daft? I was joking!
Capt Roz Lennox: <C> ::makes it to the cabins, looking for Sacha::
Sacha RuKiah: Sacha looks up as Cleo comes down the hallway> Cleo! right here...
Capt Roz Lennox: <C> ::goes over to Sach:: Cleo out ::puts her PAL away::
Capt Roz Lennox: ::goes back to the bridge to see what the hell just went on::
Arina Frost: ::sits at her desk and turned on seapoc to find her schedule::
TiggerDJ2: ::decides to try and call her, opens up a comm link and dials, then waits for the Vid Link::
Sacha RuKiah: what's going on?
LtC Alex Lazarus: ::Crew guy #1 helps her up and escort her to medbay::
Arina Frost: <BB> ::walks out the room and hunts for the bathroom::
Capt Roz Lennox: <C> Chief Engineer fried her hand
Capt Roz Lennox: ::medbay technicians seem to come out of the woodwork to find Alex and help her::
Sacha RuKiah: groans> that's all we she at medbay?
Capt Roz Lennox: <C> She's on her way
X0 Aurora Hunter: ::nods at the captain:: Problems are coming out of engineering.
TiggerDJ2: ::link opens, Natalie Bridger appears::
Capt Roz Lennox: And exactly what are the problems?
TiggerDJ2: <Nat> Hello? Oh, it's you.
Sacha RuKiah: I have to go...can you help Lt Ortiz with these supplies?
Capt Roz Lennox: <C> of course
TiggerDJ2: Hi, Nat. How are ya.
X0 Aurora Hunter: <Joey> ::steps into her room and throws her bag down. Jim nods and steps across the hall to his room::
Sacha RuKiah: Good. I'll be back soon...<smiles at Miguel and takes off at a run towards Medbay>
TiggerDJ2: <Nat> Fine. What do you want.
Capt Roz Lennox: )( ::Starts singing "hello it's me" to Nat;: )(
X0 Aurora Hunter: <Jo>::begins pulling out her clothes and slipping them meticulously into her locker::
Sacha RuKiah: Ortiz raises his eyebrows at Cleo> so you're the doc's student?
TiggerDJ2: Nothing, nothing. Bobby's here.
X0 Aurora Hunter: Don't know, Captain. I'm getting reports of faulty wiring in their last diagnostin.
Capt Roz Lennox: <C> yeah... Cleo Walker ::smiles and extends her hand to Ortiz::
TiggerDJ2: <Nat> Thank you, Captain Obvious.
Capt Roz Lennox: Oh wonderful.
LtC Alex Lazarus: ::sits quietly in the medbay while people tend to her hand::
Sacha RuKiah: Ortiz> Lieutenant Ortiz. Nice to meet you. Have some....<reads package he passes to her> "catheters"
X0 Aurora Hunter: Yep. Fabulous boat Bridger left us with, eh Cap? ::grins and then sighs, flipping through her reports::
Capt Roz Lennox: <C> ....thanks
TiggerDJ2: ::rolls eyes:: You're welcome Commander Rude.
Capt Roz Lennox: We'll figure out what's going on..
Sacha RuKiah: Sacha comes in, holding Lararus's chart> Lieutenant...nice to see you again. what's happened here?
Arina Frost: <BB> ::finds the restroom and takes some time to himself::
LtC Alex Lazarus: :;looks at Sacha:: The wiring got messed with, and in order to get to it, I had to go swimming. The solution?
TiggerDJ2: <Nat> I don't have time for this, Lucas. You made it pretty clear you didn't want to see me unless i had something to say to you, which I don't.
Capt Roz Lennox: <C> :;starts to take some things, looking around to make sure nothing's broken::
Sacha RuKiah: Sacha takes over, examining her hand quietly with a grin>
LtC Alex Lazarus: And it's more traditional to refer to lieutenant commanders as commanders, not lieutenants. ::pauses:: What are you grinning at? ::Smirks slightly::
TiggerDJ2: Well, I was just checking to see if you'd gotten your head out of your ass!
Sacha RuKiah: Ortiz begins loading the crates onto the cart outside>
Sacha RuKiah: Sacha looks up, trying for an innocent look> oh, nothing Commander.
TiggerDJ2: <Nat> ::ends the transmission::
Capt Roz Lennox: <C> ::adds to the cart:: i really hope we don't lose power again
X0 Aurora Hunter: Yes, Captain. ::looks up:: The light have stayed on, and the doors are still open. It's been 5 minutes. This is a good sign, right?
LtC Alex Lazarus: ::rolls eyes and stares at the wall:: Next time, I'm leaving everything the way it is. To 'ell with the doors.
Capt Roz Lennox: Absolutely.
TiggerDJ2: ::lets out a frustrated yell:: Women! Ugh!
Sacha RuKiah: Sacha straightens and retrieves some burn gel which she works into Lazarus's hand gently> the burn isn't too may get some slight swelling over the next day or so but it's nothing to be concerned about.
LtC Alex Lazarus: I know the drill. Done it before. STill 'urts like a bit- bite of rock.
Sacha RuKiah: Sacha grins and makes a note on her chart> it will. No ice on that, ok? take it easy.
TiggerDJ2: ::begins to pace his room, but finds his knee somewhat uncooperative::
Sacha RuKiah: Ortiz sighs and straightens, having loaded the last of the medsupplies back onto the cart> I think that's it.
TiggerDJ2: What the? ::examines knee, only to find a nice bloody patch on his jeans::
Arina Frost: ::opens a link to Seattle, WA:: Frost
TiggerDJ2: Well, this is just ducky.
Capt Roz Lennox: <C> Great.. thank you
Sacha RuKiah: Ortiz> yeah, my pleasure. You uh...<hesitates> need a hand getting that back to medbay?
Arina Frost: <FROST> Arina, how's the ship going?
Capt Roz Lennox: <C> ::takes the cart:: no.. i think i'm all set
Capt Roz Lennox: <C> thank you again.. it was nice meeting you
Sacha RuKiah: Ortiz> oh, ok. Nice to meet you too
TiggerDJ2: ::hobbles out of his room, and down into medbay::
Capt Roz Lennox: <C> ::starts off to medbay again, trying to make sure she doesn't get lost::
Arina Frost: ::smiling:: good, big, only got lost... ::counts in her head:: 4 times trying to find my room
TiggerDJ2: ::step:: Ow. ::Step:: Ow.
LtC Alex Lazarus: Thanks, doc.
Arina Frost: <FROST> that many? ::laughs::
Sacha RuKiah: Sacha files the Commander's chart and looks up just as Lucas stumbles into medbay, seeing the patch on his jeans> Mr Wolenczak?
LtC Alex Lazarus: With my luck, I 'ave a feeling I'm giong to be seeing a lot of you.
Capt Roz Lennox: <C> ::makes it into the medbay with the cart:: i got everything, Sacha.. ::almost running Lucas over::
LtC Alex Lazarus: ::looks at the blonde one:: Ah, the grape flinger returns.
Sacha RuKiah: Sach glances from Cleo to Lucas to Lazarus >
Capt Roz Lennox: <C> ::pulls the cart away almost too late:: I'm sorry!!
TiggerDJ2: That'
LtC Alex Lazarus: ::frowns:: You'll right?
Sacha RuKiah: Sacha nods> Ok, good work put them somewhere.
TiggerDJ2: No! Ow...
X0 Aurora Hunter: <jim> ::puts folded uniforms into his closet::
Sacha RuKiah: Sach steps forward to offer Lucas support and leads him slowly to a bunk>
Capt Roz Lennox: <C> ::puts the cart out of the way::
Capt Roz Lennox: ::something rustles in the back of the closet::
LtC Alex Lazarus: Okay. Uh, I'll let the doctor help you then. ::gets up and starts to leave::
Capt Roz Lennox: <C> ::to Alex:: are you okay?
TiggerDJ2: Just for the OW! record...i didn't mess with your OW! systems.
Arina Frost: <BB> ::finishes!!! and returns to his room to find it empty::
Capt Roz Lennox: <C> ::trying to make sure everyone's okay since she almost did a hit and run::
Arina Frost: it's not funny!
Sacha RuKiah: That'll do, mr Wolenczak...I'm going to need you to remove your pants.
TiggerDJ2: ::BLUSHES bright crimson::
Capt Roz Lennox: <C> uhhh... you don't need me do you, Dr??
TiggerDJ2: My wha?
Arina Frost: <FROST> i think it is. now why did you call?
Sacha RuKiah: Sacha pulls a gown from the cupboard and calls out the curtain> no, thank you Cleo, doing just fine here...
LtC Alex Lazarus: ::looks up out of her trance as mun watches Sid Cesar on Whose Line:: huh?
Sacha RuKiah: to Lucas> your TROUSERS, Mr Wolenczak
Capt Roz Lennox: <C> ::disappears to tend to the cart quickly::
LtC Alex Lazarus: Did someone say trousers? I'm gone. ::hurries out::
TiggerDJ2: ::looks extremly embarrassed::
Sacha RuKiah: Sacha hands him the gown and draws the curtains around the cubicle, ducking out to wait> go on then
Capt Roz Lennox: ::rustle rustle rustle in the closet::
X0 Aurora Hunter: <Jim> ::jumps:: Hey! ::pull shis uniforms aside and spots a big lunk of fluff:: What are you doing in here???
LtC Alex Lazarus: ::goes up to the bridge to find the captain and Hunter::
TiggerDJ2: ::disengages himself from his pants , putting on the gown::
Sacha RuKiah: Ortiz hears Jim from down the hall and frowns slightly in confusion>
X0 Aurora Hunter: <Joey> ::heard Jim's call and stands up:: Jim? ::stands in his doorway::
Capt Roz Lennox: ::the cat tries to make it's way through the front door after being spotted::
Sacha RuKiah: Ortiz exchanges a glance with Joey>
X0 Aurora Hunter: <Jim> ::points:: There's a monster in my closet!
Sacha RuKiah: Sacha calls: Done in there, Lucas?
TiggerDJ2: ::is still, embarrassed, muttering::: Yea.
Capt Roz Lennox: ::realizes that the door to her quarters is probably wide open thanks to the door situation:: Oh, no.
X0 Aurora Hunter: <Joey> ::bursts out laughing::, kitty kitty...::kneels::
Capt Roz Lennox: ::backs up away from Joey quickly, doing a feline flip.. his back legs quicker than his front::
X0 Aurora Hunter: <Jo> ::looks at Miguel and nods:: Found the Captains cat.
Sacha RuKiah: Sacha twitches aside the curtain and comes in, looks at Lucas and arches one eyebrow> Uhm....Mr Wolenczak...that's the BACK of the gown you've got on your...front.
X0 Aurora Hunter: <jo> ...uh...again!
Sacha RuKiah: Miguel nods> I'd say so...
TiggerDJ2: Ah, Jeez. ::mutters the spanish curse, turns the gown around::
Capt Roz Lennox: <C> ::doing a very good job of making herself scarce at this moment::
LtC Alex Lazarus: ::looks around the bridge for commanding officers of any sort::
Sacha RuKiah: Sacha tries not to laugh and takes a seat by the bed to examine his knee>
Arina Frost: just wanted to see a friendly face.
Sacha RuKiah: Sacha: so how did you manage to do this? <starts to gently clean the cut>
Arina Frost: <FROST> feeling left out?
Capt Roz Lennox: ::sees Alex:: And how are we now? ::trying not to think of the fact that her cat's probably wreaking havoc again::
Arina Frost: just a little, i heard bobby was going to be joining the crew, i haven't seen him though
LtC Alex Lazarus: We? We are just fine. The doors and lights are back on their original systems, thank god, but something was tampering in there.
TiggerDJ2: Ow! When the lights went out, I fell...only i didn't know about the cut until after i got off the vid with my girlf-- ex-girlfreind i guess.
Capt Roz Lennox: Good, good.
Sacha RuKiah: Sacha: ahh ...brace yourself, this might sting a little <applies antiseptic>
Capt Roz Lennox: Could you... at one point see about that lock on my door, Commander Lazarus?
TiggerDJ2: ::yelps like a little girl::
LtC Alex Lazarus: ::thinks about it:: The cat. ::takes off down the hall::
Capt Roz Lennox: ::the cat decides now's a good time to sit on a foot, any foot::
X0 Aurora Hunter: <Joey> ::calls:: Come here, kitty. ::looks at Jim:: You were the one who said I had to leave Binx behind.
Sacha RuKiah: is unable to stop the tiny giggle from escaping her> ahem. sorry.
X0 Aurora Hunter: <Jim> Yeah, well, you're not the captain, missy. You don't get to have a pet.
Sacha RuKiah: Miguel turns and goes after the cat> hey kitty...c'mere...
X0 Aurora Hunter: <Jo> ::makes a face and walks over, letting Mouse sniff her hand::
TiggerDJ2: This isn't...ow...funny.
Capt Roz Lennox: ::Mouse sniffs her hand and dives for the closet again::
Sacha RuKiah: tries to be serious> oh, no...not at all...
TiggerDJ2: She's so totally...ow! Wrong and won't admit it...owowow...
Capt Roz Lennox: <C> ::glad Sacha has all the things she needs over there, putting away lovely bags and such::
Arina Frost: <FROST> maybe he hasn't shown up, or he's staying with his father on that filthy island
Sacha RuKiah: places a synthflesh patch over the cut> There you go. No stitches even...sorry sorry sorry....what do you mean?
LtC Alex Lazarus: ::jogs down the hall then climbs down a ladder, not really paying attention to the pain i nher hand::
LtC Alex Lazarus: *in her
Arina Frost: the island is not filthy, you know this for a fact, and i don't think he stayed on the island, he would have told me
TiggerDJ2:, well whatever she is. She's wrong.
Capt Roz Lennox: ::burrows in a nice pile of clothing <the cat, not the captain>::
Arina Frost: <BB> ::starts to unpack his duffle finding room where ever Lucas didn't put stuff. tosses a flanel shirt aside::
Sacha RuKiah: I'm sorry...I don't understand...
Sacha RuKiah: Sacha writes a note on Wolenczak's chart as she listens>
X0 Aurora Hunter: <Jim> ::sighs and walks over to the closet, staring at the cat::
LtC Alex Lazarus: ::jogs to engineering and looks around:: Anyone see a cat? ::people shake their heads, she nods, grabs a tool kit for the door lock and heads back to the hallway, mutters:: Bleeding furry 'eads on bleeding pikes.
Capt Roz Lennox: ::the cat lets out a nice meow at Jim::
TiggerDJ2: You think i do? One minute everythings fine, the next thing i know, we're yelling and things are breaking and i wind up saying something like, don't call me until you want to apologize.
TiggerDJ2: ::sighs:: Women. Hmph.
Sacha RuKiah: Ortiz pokes his head round the door, watching in amusement>
Capt Roz Lennox: <C> ::goes back to her things::
Sacha RuKiah: Sacha arches one eyebrow and clears her throat pointedly at Lucas>
LtC Alex Lazarus: ::muttering as she walks down the hall, passing people:: Make pillows out of fur . . .
Capt Roz Lennox: Commander, I'll be in my quarters, looking for the cat..
Capt Roz Lennox: ::leaves the bridge and goes to her quarters::
LtC Alex Lazarus: ::cont'd:: fluffy little kitty fur pillows . . . bleeding 'eads on pikes.
TiggerDJ2: And she hasn't called! Sorry, doc. But it's true! You a gender are...impossible!
Sacha RuKiah: Sach none too gently slaps a patch over Lucas's cut>
LtC Alex Lazarus: ::arrives at the captain's quarters, examines the door, muttering in Gaelic::
X0 Aurora Hunter: ::nods at the Captain:: Aye, Captain.
Sacha RuKiah: Sacha, composedly> oh really
Capt Roz Lennox: ::looks over at Alex:: the door fiasco caused it to open again..
X0 Aurora Hunter: <Joey pushes Jim aside> Let me. Cats hate you.
Sacha RuKiah: ortiz stifles a laugh>
X0 Aurora Hunter: <Jim> They do not. YOUR cat hates me.
TiggerDJ2: ::slightly whimpers:: At least I think so.
LtC Alex Lazarus: Aye, i know
X0 Aurora Hunter: <Joey>::kneels:: Kitty kitty... ::looks at Jim:: No, Jim, ALL cats. And small children too for that matter.
Capt Roz Lennox: ::burrows deeper into the pile of clothing::
X0 Aurora Hunter: <Jim> Hey!
Sacha RuKiah: smiles wryly and makes one last note> well then, I'm done here Mr Wolenczak. I'll leave you to get out of that gown now. <she stands and takes up the handful of medsupplies and benchcoats, smoothly picking up Lucas's trousers>
Sacha RuKiah: grinning to herself, takes his pants and her supplies out of the cubicle>
LtC Alex Lazarus: ::pulls out a lock and starts frying it into the door::
TiggerDJ2: Hey!!!
Capt Roz Lennox: thank you
TiggerDJ2: My pants!
X0 Aurora Hunter: <Joey>::pulls away some of the clothing:: Come here, you. ::reaches for the kitty:: I won't hurt you...
Capt Roz Lennox: <C> ::looks over at Sacha:: everything alright?
Sacha RuKiah: Sacha goes across the widely open medbay floor to the nurses station, calmly ignoring him and smiles sweetly at Cleo> oh, just perfect, thank you
TiggerDJ2: Doc! I need those!
Capt Roz Lennox: ::the kitty does the floppy cat thing, flopping over on its side::
LtC Alex Lazarus: Anything to keep cat 'air out of my engines. ::smiles weakly::
Capt Roz Lennox: I assure you, he'll be staying in here from now on..
X0 Aurora Hunter: <Jo> ::Snickers and reaches out, scruffing the cat lightly::
Capt Roz Lennox: ::a loud purr rumbles from the fat cat::
TiggerDJ2: Oh, for the love of...
Sacha RuKiah: Sacha pretends to look surprised as she suddenly comes across Wolenczak's trousers in her pile of supplies> Oh. how did these get here?
Capt Roz Lennox: <C> ::her mouth hangs open at Sacha::
TiggerDJ2: ::mutters, cursing:: Women. Urrrr.
Sacha RuKiah: Turns and grins across medbay at Lucas, who's poking his head and only his head out of the cubicle> WHAT was that word you used to describe us women, Mr Wolenczak?
LtC Alex Lazarus: 'ow'd you get permission to bring a cat on board any how?
Capt Roz Lennox: i brought up the fact that there was a dolphin on board
Sacha RuKiah: Ortiz reaches across and scratches the kitty under it's chin>
Arina Frost: <FROST> well, it seems you already know that he's going to be there
LtC Alex Lazarus: Well, it's actually in the water, cause it lives in the water. I don't suggest we go throwing your cat in the water, sir.
Capt Roz Lennox: unless you want the entire ship being held hostage by a very drenched feline, i don't think so
Sacha RuKiah: hands the trousers off to Cleo> Kindly see to it that Mr Wolenczak leaves medbay fully clothed, Cleo.
TiggerDJ2: Impossible, was the word  I your case, I'd change my mind to talented and wonderful, Doc.
Capt Roz Lennox: <C> uhh.....
Sacha RuKiah: smiles sweetly at Lucas>
LtC Alex Lazarus: ::pauses:: You know, I actually believe that feline to be capable of such a thing.
Capt Roz Lennox: As do I. Mouse is multi-talented
Sacha RuKiah: turns away to file Lucas' chart>
LtC Alex Lazarus: Mouse?
Capt Roz Lennox: <C> ::goes over to the curtain slowly:: why'd you take his pants?
Arina Frost: i'm hoping. that much
Capt Roz Lennox: Yeah, that's his name.
Sacha RuKiah: Sacha, mildly> because he called us women as a whole, "impossible"
Arina Frost: ::looks at watch:: i'm sorry to disturb you, just wanted to say hi, let you know i made it
Capt Roz Lennox: <C> Oh... ::smirks lightly::
Arina Frost: <FROST> and see a friendly face?\
Capt Roz Lennox: <C> we're not ALL impossible.. some of us are nice.. ::her hand goes through the curtain, the pants dangling::
TiggerDJ2: ::grabs the pants::
Capt Roz Lennox: :;the fat cat somehow gets on his back, baring his belly, very much in kitty heaven from the attention::
Arina Frost: AND see a friendly face ::smiling:: I'll let you get back to work then
LtC Alex Lazarus: ::frowns and then goes to the other side of the door to add the second part of the lock::
Sacha RuKiah: Sach nods agreeably> oh yes...but I just wanted to show Mr Wolenczak that....what's the american expression? <in her Australian accent> "you ain't seen nothin' yet"?
Capt Roz Lennox: <C> ::giggles::
Capt Roz Lennox: <C> ::at Sacha::
TiggerDJ2: ::pulls them back on::
Arina Frost: <FROST> thanks, good to hear from you
Arina Frost: ::conection canceled::
Sacha RuKiah: finishes filing and leans against the nurses desk, arms folded smugly across her chest>
LtC Alex Lazarus: ::murmurs:: A cat named Mouse . . .
Capt Roz Lennox: My neice named him
Capt Roz Lennox: *niece
LtC Alex Lazarus: ::nods:: Your niece do a lot of reading?
Capt Roz Lennox: she was 6.. she gave him a full name, but i shortened it to Mouse
Capt Roz Lennox: ::shakes her head::
TiggerDJ2: ::walks out from behind the curtain:: Thanks Doc.
Sacha RuKiah: sweetly> anytime Lucas
Capt Roz Lennox: <C> ::trying not to laugh as she goes back to her things::
TiggerDJ2: ::walks out, muttering:: Women....
Sacha RuKiah: <wonders if he noticed that she had turned his trousers inside out before giving them back to him>
LtC Alex Lazarus: ::shrugs:: When I was a kid, I read this graphic novel set, two books, about the 'Olocaust. IT was a cartoon though. The Germans were cats and the Jews were mice . . . I think there's something poetic about a cat named Mouse.
Capt Roz Lennox: Oh..
LtC Alex Lazarus: ::murmurs as she works on the lock:: Kind of like, can't we all just get along? ::finishes the lock::
X0 Aurora Hunter: <Jo> ::reaches out and picks Mouse up, cuddling in her arms:: Alright, you, let's go find your mommy.
Capt Roz Lennox: ::the cat lets out a brrt noise::
LtC Alex Lazarus: All set then.
X0 Aurora Hunter: <Jo> ::stands up and glances at Jim:: It's safe now.
Capt Roz Lennox: Thank you, Commander
Sacha RuKiah: Ortiz smiles and returns to his quarters>
X0 Aurora Hunter: <Jim> ::rolls his eyes:: Oh, thank you. Thank you so much.
TiggerDJ2: ::didn't notice his fashion faux pas::
LtC Alex Lazarus: ::nods and picks up her tools:: Good luck finding 'im. ::walks away down the hall::
X0 Aurora Hunter: <Jo> ::cuddles Mouse and steps into hallway::
LtC Alex Lazarus: ::frowns when she catches sight of Lucas:: Um, Wolenczak?
Sacha RuKiah: Sacha giggles to herself as Lucas leaves medbay and gets back to work sorting out the supplies cupboard>
Capt Roz Lennox: <C> ::biting down on her lower lip, snickering::
Capt Roz Lennox: ::begins to test the door to make sure it works::
X0 Aurora Hunter: <Jim> ::returns to organizing his closet::
Sacha RuKiah: mutters  with just a little glee> call me "impossible" will ya boy...?
TiggerDJ2: Yea, um....Laza..Lazarus, right?
X0 Aurora Hunter: <Joey> ::walks down the hallway and takes the turn towards Captains quarters.
X0 Aurora Hunter: ::
Capt Roz Lennox: <C> ::loses it and starts laughing::
Capt Roz Lennox: ::decides to search under the bed for the cat:: Mouuuuuseeeee
LtC Alex Lazarus: Aye, Alex Lazarus. CHief engineer, hopefully your new best friend from what I've heard about you. ::Looks him up and down:: What 'appened to your pants?
Sacha RuKiah: Sacha looks across in amusement at her intern laughing like a madwoman>
Capt Roz Lennox: <C> it's going to be great working with you, Doctor ::containing herself::
TiggerDJ2: ::smiles:: Oh, i fell and got a little cut.
Sacha RuKiah: Sacha: I very much look forward to it, Cleo <offers her hand in a high-five>
LtC Alex Lazarus: ::pauses:: So you took off your pants, turned em inside out and now you're all better?
X0 Aurora Hunter: <Joey> ::hears the call and glances down at the kitty:: Well, is that you? <Comes to Capts quarters> Did you lose something? Or rather, someone?
Capt Roz Lennox: <C> ::high-fives her::
Capt Roz Lennox: ::looks up at Joey and the cat;: oh yes.. thank you
Capt Roz Lennox: ::the cat squirms at the sound of his name::
TiggerDJ2: WHAT?!? ::looks:: Jesus, Mary an was Doctor Ru-Kiah!
LtC Alex Lazarus: ::Tries not to laugh her arse off:: I think there's been a mistake, lad.
Capt Roz Lennox: ::takes the cat from Joey:: thank you..
TiggerDJ2: ::throws his arms up, in frustration:: Women! Can't live with em and they can't pee standing up. <mutters>
Sacha RuKiah: ::just catches her name bellowed from down the hallway and gives cleo a big cheesy grin :-D ::
X0 Aurora Hunter: <Joey> ::smiles and steps across over to the captain:: Here you go, ma'am. ::kisses Mouse once on the head before handing him over::
LtC Alex Lazarus: ::pauses;: Well actually . . .
Capt Roz Lennox: <C> ::loses it again::
Capt Roz Lennox: I'm glad you found him
TiggerDJ2: I don't want to know this, do I? Thanks for the info, Lt. I'm gonna go...change.
LtC Alex Lazarus: Don't you think being able to pee standing up is a bit overrated? ::pauses:: Ahright. Off you go, lad.
Capt Roz Lennox: You're welcome to take care of him anytime you like
TiggerDJ2: ::stalks off, muttering::
X0 Aurora Hunter: <Joey> Well, he found me. Or, rather, found my brother, ma'am. But I didn't mind. I miss my own cat. Thank you.
LtC Alex Lazarus: ::pauses, then thinks out loud:: If 'e doesn't like women, 'e's gonna have an 'ell of a time on this ship.
Capt Roz Lennox: He's not much of a cat, but he's a good footwarmer
LtC Alex Lazarus: ::smirks and then heads back to engineering::
X0 Aurora Hunter: <Joey> ::smiles:: I'll bet.
TiggerDJ2: ::finds his way back to his quarters::
Capt Roz Lennox: ::puts the cat back on her bed.. he curls up almost immediately.. and she wipes the cat hair off her hands:: you're Brody's sister right? ::trying to remember everything she read::
LtC Alex Lazarus: ::pauses when she finds a conduit open in the hallway, kneels down next to it, several wires have been yanked out. Upon closer look, she discovers the wires in question are the ones that power B deck::
X0 Aurora Hunter: ::nods:: Yes, ma'am. Lieutenant Joceanna Brody. Most people call me Jo or Joey.
LtC Alex Lazarus: ::murmurs:: uh oh.
Capt Roz Lennox: It's nice to meet you
Sacha RuKiah: Sacha finishes stocking the supplies cupboard and making out the list for Cdr Hunter>
TiggerDJ2: Hey, Bob. Don't say it...the pants. Yes i know. ::tugs them off and pulls on a clean pair::
LtC Alex Lazarus: ::one of the wires is still intact, she reaches out to touch it with her good hand, cause all the lights to go out on B deck::
LtC Alex Lazarus: *causing
X0 Aurora Hunter: <Joey> ::looks up:: <vs> not again...
Sacha RuKiah: Ortiz> ??!!??
Capt Roz Lennox: Oh no..
TiggerDJ2: Jesus, Mary and Joseph....Oh, hell.
TiggerDJ2: Now what!
LtC Alex Lazarus: ::smirks:: WEll, at least I'm not on B deck. ::puts her tool box down and fishes for a connector::
X0 Aurora Hunter: ::notices the power flux:: XO to Engineering! ::flips comm switch:: Answers!
Sacha RuKiah: Ortiz stumbles round his cabin, feeling for the door handle, muttering curses in spanish softly>
LtC Alex Lazarus: ::mutters:: Who in hell would chew on power wires? Bound to get fried.
LtC Alex Lazarus: Crew guy #1 ~ ::answers com:: Uh, sir?
Arina Frost: <BB> i wasn't going to say anything ::laughs::\\\
TiggerDJ2: ::finds a flashlight and flops down on his bed:: How kind of you.
LtC Alex Lazarus: ::reconnects the lighting wire for b-deck::
Arina Frost: <BB> you know me, kind as kind can be
Sacha RuKiah: Ortiz slams his knee into the table just as the lights come up> DIOS!!
LtC Alex Lazarus: ::switches the lights back on for B deck and then goes to figuring out the air conditioning wire damage::
LtC Alex Lazarus: ::murmurs:: Must be getting hot on B deck about now.
TiggerDJ2: Yea. Runs in the family, so I'm told.
Capt Roz Lennox: <mutters> This place is a wreck. No wonder Bridger wanted to leave it.
Sacha RuKiah: Ortiz looks up at the airconditioning vent and loosens his collar slightly> what the...?
TiggerDJ2: ::looses the flannel shirt::
Arina Frost: <BB> leave the Bridger charm out of this conversation
TiggerDJ2: She's so....impossbile!
Arina Frost: <BB> still? when wes the last time you two spoke?
TiggerDJ2: About twenty minutes ago....I called her. It got ugly.
Arina Frost: <BB> thank gods for bathrooms!
Sacha RuKiah: Sacha moves back to her office and bends over a small painting on her desk, tying string to the back to hang it, humming to herself>
LtC Alex Lazarus: ::mutters:: Damn. Gonna have to take the whole thing out. ::starts working on the AC, but it might take a while::
Arina Frost: <BB> unable to make amends?
Sacha RuKiah: Ortiz frowns as the airconditioning doesn't come back up for several minutes>
TiggerDJ2: ::rolls eyes:: Damn, its hot. ::takes off his tee shirt:: You could say that.
LtC Alex Lazarus: ::whistles while she works::
TiggerDJ2: All she needs to do is apologize...that's it.
Capt Roz Lennox: ::sits down with Mouse::
LtC Alex Lazarus: ::Decides she sucks at whistling, talks to herself in gaelic::
X0 Aurora Hunter: <Joey> ::glances into the hallway:: Maybe I should go see if I'm needed, ma'am.
Capt Roz Lennox: If you wish..
Capt Roz Lennox: It was nice meeting you
LtC Alex Lazarus: Oops. ::accidentally turns on the heater on B-Deck::
Sacha RuKiah: Ortiz comes out of his cabin and stops outside Jim's door> Brody....has your airconditioning cut out?
X0 Aurora Hunter: <Jim> ::stares up at his AC vent and groans:: Captain Bridger, where are you?
X0 Aurora Hunter: <Jim> ::looks at Miguel:: Yes, yours too? Some first day.
Sacha RuKiah: Miguel sighs> yeah, I know <unzips his blue jumpsuit a little ways>
LtC Alex Lazarus: ::turns the heater back off, and then fixes the AC . . . a little too much, causing cold air to gust out of all the vents on b-deck::
X0 Aurora Hunter: <Jim> ::jumps as the air rushes in:: Oh, what the Hell is this?
LtC Alex Lazarus: ::Frowns, whoever did this, knew what they were doing::
Sacha RuKiah: Miguel: woah.
TiggerDJ2: Ok, now its cold. What the hell? Robert, why is she so infuriating?
LtC Alex Lazarus: Wait. ::murmurs and peers at the wire:: is that cat hair?
Capt Roz Lennox: ::sighs, looking down at her cat:: you knew i was in over my head didn't you
X0 Aurora Hunter: <Joey> Good by, Captain. Good bye mouse! ::turns and leaves the room::
LtC Alex Lazarus: ::picks the cat hair out of the wiring:: Furry heads on pikes.
Arina Frost: <BB> and you did nothing to cause the fight?
Capt Roz Lennox: ::stands and goes back out to the bridge, making sure to close and lock her door::
Sacha RuKiah: Ortiz wonders wryly if snow will start pouring from the AC vents next>
LtC Alex Lazarus: ::REALLY cold air has been gushing out of AC vents all over B-deck::
TiggerDJ2: Absolutley nothing! I'm totally innocent! Devoid of any responsiblity!
LtC Alex Lazarus: :: a little bit of snow trinkles out of the AC vent and lands on Ortiz's nose::
Sacha RuKiah: Ortiz>???!!!!????
Arina Frost: <BB> i beat you are
Capt Roz Lennox: ::notices that B-deck is a little whacked out.. seeing Alex:: what's going on now?
TiggerDJ2: ::pulls his shirt and flannel back on::
Sacha RuKiah: Ortiz zips up his jumpsuit again and exchanges a glance with Jim>
LtC Alex Lazarus: ::looks at the captain, holds up the cat hair:: Mr. Mouse went exploring. ::finally fixes the AC wiring so it's back to normal::
Capt Roz Lennox: ::sighs::
Capt Roz Lennox: I'm going to have that cat's teeth extracted
LtC Alex Lazarus: ::mutters in Gaelic:: I'll do it for you.
Capt Roz Lennox: what was that?
Arina Frost: <BB> hey, man i didn't mean it like that
LtC Alex Lazarus: ::Looks up and smiles:: Ah, I said that won't be necessary. The cat's locked away in your quarters now, isn't 'e?
Capt Roz Lennox: Yes
Capt Roz Lennox: I made sure of it
LtC Alex Lazarus: Then it's all well and good. Hopefully everyone on B-deck is not frozen by now, but maybe we better send a team to check.
LtC Alex Lazarus: ::Smirks slightly to show she's joking::
Capt Roz Lennox: ::smiles as well::
TiggerDJ2: ::wraps a blanket around his shoulders:: She's....stubborn.
LtC Alex Lazarus: Well and good. It's all fixed now. ::closes the conduit doors:: Should be back to normal there any second now.
LtC Alex Lazarus: *conduit panel, not doors
Capt Roz Lennox: thank you
Sacha RuKiah: Ortiz folds his arms and shivers in the still-cold air and mutters something unintelligable under his breath, returning to his quarters>
X0 Aurora Hunter: <Jim> ::jumps up and tags the AC vent with his hand in frustration:: What the hell is wrong with you?!
X0 Aurora Hunter: <Joey> ::returns to her quarters::
LtC Alex Lazarus: AC Vent > ::coughs about six cups of snow all over Jim::
Capt Roz Lennox: )( Log done )(

*End Log*