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seaQuest: The Dawning
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Log 2 June 27th, 2002
Live Chat Sim

*Begin Log*
Capt Roz Lennox:      ::Roz was actually on the bridge today [shocker] keeping an
eye on everything, waiting for that moment when they finally start off!::
LtC Alex Lazarus:      ::sitting in Engineering, staring at a diagnostic screen,
daring it to blip::
X0 Aurora Hunter:      ::XO was walking up the hallway briskly, her nose buried
in a clipboard, her mind focussed on the results in front of her::
Sacha RuKiah:      is down in the labs, doing lab-type stuff::
Sacha RuKiah:      ::Ortiz is up on the bridge, running one more slightly
paranoid check of the Sensor systems::
Capt Roz Lennox:      ::rubs her temples and thinks for a moment, glancing about
at the people at their stations::
X0 Aurora Hunter:      ::Joey is sound asleep in her quarters::
Capt Roz Lennox:      ::Cleo is doing more organizing, and trying not to break
X0 Aurora Hunter:      ::Jim is down in the gym, screming orders at the Bravo
security team, who is taking on extra laps::
LtC Alex Lazarus:      Ha! ::grins when the diagnostic comes through all clear::
X0 Aurora Hunter:      ::XO enters the bridge and, without looking up, slides
into the commander's chair::
Sacha RuKiah:      ::Ortiz taps at the keyboard, makes a minute adjustment and
sits back, sighing::
LtC Alex Lazarus:      Strong, gimme the good word!
LtC Alex Lazarus:      Strong ~Uh, all systems, all clear, sir.
LtC Alex Lazarus:      Good. Then I can relax and go back to doing nothing.
::sits down and sets her feet up on the panel::
Sacha RuKiah:      ::Sach glances round the deserted laboratory, steps away from
her bench, flicks on the stereo to one side and slips in a musidisk::
X0 Aurora Hunter:      ::begins mumbling under her breath:: 231....1201...sealed
Capt Roz Lennox:      ::goes over to Lazarus:: you'll be happy to know that there
isn't any way for our furry little friend to come visit you again
LtC Alex Lazarus:      ::Jumps up:: Uh, sir, didn't see you come in.
Capt Roz Lennox:      It's alright
Capt Roz Lennox:      next time i'll sound a foghorn ::smiles::
Sacha RuKiah:      ::Sach can be heard singing quietly as she pippettes to what
sounds alot like the Coyote Ugly Soundtrack::
LtC Alex Lazarus:      That'll be nice, sir. ::smirks:: Course, it might frighten
most people 'ere out'a their wits.
Capt Roz Lennox:      ::laughs:: but they'd know i was coming
Capt Roz Lennox:      if everything goes as planned, we'll be shipping off soon
LtC Alex Lazarus:      Aye. S'nice to know when the cap'n' s coming
LtC Alex Lazarus:      That's good news.
LtC Alex Lazarus:      People are starting to get sick, not used to dock legs.
Capt Roz Lennox:      ::smirks:: don't let them get used to it
Capt Roz Lennox:      i just need to get a few things straightened out, then
we're all set
LtC Alex Lazarus:      Red tape and all that?
Capt Roz Lennox:      ::nods:: something like that
LtC Alex Lazarus:      I don't suppose the cat is getting caught up in the red
LtC Alex Lazarus:      ::smirks::
Sacha RuKiah:      ::Ortiz, slightly bored, uses loner to make a rapid
Capt Roz Lennox:      actually no, he's pretty far away from it
LtC Alex Lazarus:      That's good. Makes it easier. ::smirks:: Safer even.
Capt Roz Lennox:      did you get the cat hair out of your systems?
LtC Alex Lazarus:      Aye, got a nice big vacuum in there.
X0 Aurora Hunter:      ::finally satisfied, she marks off the final box:: ah ha.
::slips on her headset:: Commander Hunter to Captain Lennox.
LtC Alex Lazarus:      Yer being called there, cap'n
Capt Roz Lennox:      of course.. ::to her pal:: yes, commander?
TiggerDJ2:      ::loud music sounds, reverberating off the hull, drowning out the
Coyote Ugly stk.::
Sacha RuKiah:      Sacha looks up at the ceiling and walls around her as her
bottles of solutions quiver>
Sacha RuKiah:      mutters> what is that horrible noise?
LtC Alex Lazarus:      ::frowns and looks up as she hears something echoing
across the walls::
Capt Roz Lennox:      )( i thought you were Joey, Nat ::snickers:: )(
Capt Roz Lennox:      ::looks up:: alright, what's that?
Sacha RuKiah:      Sacha sticks her head out of the lab and looks round> Cleo?
Tell me that's not you.
X0 Aurora Hunter:      ::headset:: Sir, I've completed my evaluation of the
ships' preparedness. All systems are online, all crew accounted for, all
equipment, including weaponry, onboard and secured. In addition, UEO has
granted clearance to leave port
LtC Alex Lazarus:      I hate bloody teenagers.
X0 Aurora Hunter:      on your orders, sir."
Capt Roz Lennox:      <Cleo> ::looks up quickly:: huh? not me!
Sacha RuKiah:      Sach frowns slightly and strips off her gloves with a snap>
it's drowning out my CD...
X0 Aurora Hunter:      ::hears loud music:: Er, Captain? Everything ok down
Capt Roz Lennox:      i should have known ::smirks at Laz::
LtC Alex Lazarus:      May I kill him, sir? Please?
Capt Roz Lennox:      ::in her pal:: everything's fine as far as i know,
Commander. I think we're ready to leave port
Capt Roz Lennox:      and there will be no killing
LtC Alex Lazarus:      Aye, sir. ::pauses:: Slight maiming?
TiggerDJ2:      ::a moment of silence before the opening riff of 'Walk This Way'
is heard::
Capt Roz Lennox:      just don't get any blood in the hallway
LtC Alex Lazarus:      Aye, sir. ::moves out into the hallway and goes looking
for the room::
Sacha RuKiah:      Sacha winces visibly and lunges as a bottle of saline buffer
falls to the floor>
X0 Aurora Hunter:      Aye, aye captain. As soon as you reach the bridge, we're
all set.
LtC Alex Lazarus:      ::pauses, thinks of a better idea, walks back to
engineering and shuts off the power to Lucas's quarters::
Capt Roz Lennox:      i'll be there momentarily
Capt Roz Lennox:      ::smirks at Laz:: we'll be leaving port in a few minutes
LtC Alex Lazarus:      Aye, sir. Looking forward to it.
Sacha RuKiah:      Sach catches it and sticks it back on the shelf> I've heard
more pleasant sounds from patients under surgery without anaesthesia
Capt Roz Lennox:      ::leaves engineering and heads to the bridge::
Sacha RuKiah:      ::Ortiz, up at Sensors, tries to hide a smirk::
TiggerDJ2:      Hey!....::mutters:: Can't have any fun ,can I...
Capt Roz Lennox:      <Cleo> well it stopped now..
LtC Alex Lazarus:      ::Mutters:: Bloody teenagers.
Capt Roz Lennox:      ::approaches the bridge::
Sacha RuKiah:      Sach nods happily, able to hear "Right Kind of Wrong" again>
LtC Alex Lazarus:      ::was actually planning to smash the kid's stereo, or
maybe fire a pistol into it, but figured power outage is better . . . for
TiggerDJ2:      ::runs some auxillary power cords to the hall, and the concert
begins again::\
LtC Alex Lazarus:      ::looks up and shrugs:: Knew he was gonna do that.
TiggerDJ2:      "Theme to Star Wars"
Sacha RuKiah:      Sach singing quietly> "...walk in and my stre--" &lt;looks up
as the howling begins again>
Capt Roz Lennox:      <Cleo> ::looks up, then over at Sacha:: well.. it did stop
Sacha RuKiah:      mutters> at least it's instrumental this time.
LtC Alex Lazarus:      STrong, you're in charge. ::moves out into the hall, heads
down, turns onec or twice and stops at Lucas's door, bangs on it::
TiggerDJ2:      Yo! Come on in!
Sacha RuKiah:      Sach conducts in time to the music, which she can live long as there's no singing...>
Capt Roz Lennox:      ::on the bridge:: alright, everything's under control now..
LtC Alex Lazarus:      ::pushes the door open and looks at him, grabs the power
cords and yanks them out::
TiggerDJ2:      Aw, come on Laz.
TiggerDJ2:      ::drops a pile of folded clothes into a drawer::
LtC Alex Lazarus:      There are people trying to work out there!
LtC Alex Lazarus:      Especially me!
TiggerDJ2:      And i'm trying to work in here.
Sacha RuKiah:      Sach looks slightly disappointed at the cut in music> have to
ask if I can borrow that CD.
LtC Alex Lazarus:      Fine. You can work all you like . . silently. Or you can
plug this back in and really piss off an Irish freedom fighter. Fancy it?
TiggerDJ2:      Ooo, O
TiggerDJ2:      I'm all threatened.
TiggerDJ2:      ::pushes his blonde hair back with one hand::
LtC Alex Lazarus:      ::smirks, steps close to him:: You really wanna be?
TiggerDJ2:      ::smirks all smart ass like:: Bring it on.
LtC Alex Lazarus:      ::grabs him by the collar and shoves him down on his bed
roughly:: Stay there. ::sits at his computer::
TiggerDJ2:      Oh! Oh, no. That's my computer....NO ONE touches my computer.
LtC Alex Lazarus:      I do. ::taps a few keys and starts deleting music files::
TiggerDJ2:      What the hell? Who the hell do you think you are, the FCC?
LtC Alex Lazarus:      No, I'm the bloody chief engineer, and I saw you do not
play music at deafening levels when I'm trying to work!!
LtC Alex Lazarus:      *say
TiggerDJ2:      Did it ever occur to you that maybe, just maybe i need a little
normalcy around here?
LtC Alex Lazarus:      ::stands up and looks at him:: Did it ever occur to you
that maybe, just maybe, you're not the only blood person on this ship??
LtC Alex Lazarus:      This is not your playground, kid. ::Grabs him by the shirt
collar again:: It's mine.
TiggerDJ2:      Stop damn manhandling me.
LtC Alex Lazarus:      Stop being a bloody brat, eh? Grow up and earn being here.
::shoves him back on the bed and grabs the aux cords, yanking them out::
TiggerDJ2:      You could have just asked instead of storming in here like
LtC Alex Lazarus:      Chief Engineer that I am? I'm Irish. All I do is storm.
TiggerDJ2:      That's an excuse? ::Snorts::
LtC Alex Lazarus:      Well, as long as I don't get any blood on the floor, I
have the captain's permission to beat the crap out of you.
TiggerDJ2:      Aw, the Ya-Ya Sisterhood is conspiring again, I see.
Capt Roz Lennox:      )( i take the fifth )(
X0 Aurora Hunter:      ((That was a good movie BTW))
LtC Alex Lazarus:      Okay. That's it. ::grabs Lucas by the hair and tosses him
out of his quarters, steps out into the hallway, slams the door shut and
locks it with a mag-lock that only she can crack::
X0 Aurora Hunter:      ((Ya Ya!))
Sacha RuKiah:      Sach catches another jar that skitters off the shelf as Lucas'
door slams shut> what the heck is going on up there?
Capt Roz Lennox:      <Cleo> do we really wanna know?
TiggerDJ2:      What the f----!!
LtC Alex Lazarus:      ::pats her hands on her jumpsuit legs and starts back down
the hall towards Engineering::
Sacha RuKiah:      Sach looks at her for a moment> I guess not.
X0 Aurora Hunter:      ::looks up at Miguel (who I believe is on the bridge?)::
Sacha RuKiah:      ::Ortiz looks up:: Commander?
LtC Alex Lazarus:      Gotta love having those locks handy.
X0 Aurora Hunter:      We're getting ready to leave port momentarily. I'd like
you to run one final check on the sensor array. If we're going to need any
equipment or repairs, let's find out now.
Sacha RuKiah:      ::Ortiz smoothly wipes out the screen showing his little
undersea ballet with the WSKRS::
Sacha RuKiah:      ::Ortiz puts his headset round his neck:: Actually, I just
completed one, commander. Everything checks out great.
LtC Alex Lazarus:      ::walks back into Engineering:: Strong, how's the board
look now?
X0 Aurora Hunter:      ::nods and allows herself a smile. (I've got a  good crew,
she thinks):: Thank you, Ortiz. Great work.
Sacha RuKiah:      ::Miguel flashes her a quick grin, then looks engrossed in his
screens again::
LtC Alex Lazarus:      Strong ~ We're good to go on all levels.
Capt Roz Lennox:      ::walks over to Aurora:: we're still ready?
LtC Alex Lazarus:      Good. I'll be in my office. My nice . . .soundproof office
. . . ::goes into her office and slams the door::
LtC Alex Lazarus:      ::i'm giving her a little office darn it::
X0 Aurora Hunter:      ::looks over:: Aye, captain. We're clear.
Sacha RuKiah:      Sach, without looking up, extends her hand to intercept
another falling jar of medium>
Capt Roz Lennox:      wonderful
LtC Alex Lazarus:      ::slides down to the ground and runs her hand through her
hair, sighing::
Capt Roz Lennox:      <Cleo> you're getting good at it
Capt Roz Lennox:      )( afk a quick sec )(
Sacha RuKiah:      Sach grins at her>
TiggerDJ2:      ::PAL:: Captain? I'm gonna take a launch and head out to the
island for the weekend.
TiggerDJ2:      See you Monday.
TiggerDJ2:      ::Goes::
OnlineHost:      TiggerDJ2 has left the room.
Capt Roz Lennox:      alright...
Capt Roz Lennox:      let's do this
LtC Alex Lazarus:      ::sighs and just stares at the wall::
X0 Aurora Hunter:      ::sits up straighter:: Aye sir. Sealing the port, now. ::a
soft acknowledgement arises from the console::
X0 Aurora Hunter:      ::adjusts the mic on her headset:: Attention, New Cape
Quest Docking Port. This is the seaQuest DSV. We are preparing to leave port
and are initiating decoupling procedures.
X0 Aurora Hunter:      ::a voice from port gives acknowledgement, and XO nods::
Thank you port. This is Commander Hunter of the seaQuest signing off. We'll
see you at tours end.
Sacha RuKiah:      ::Up at Sensors, Ortiz clears the WSKR probes::
X0 Aurora Hunter:      ::voice from port:: Smooth Sailing, seaQuest. Port out.
::soft click::
X0 Aurora Hunter:      ::taps quickly into her keyboard:: Captain Lennox, the
port is sealed, the ballast is pressurized, and on your order, I'll sound
general quarters and get us out to sea.
Capt Roz Lennox:      go right ahead, Commander
X0 Aurora Hunter:      Aye sir. ::Flips a switch and a soft alarm sounds throught
the boat:: General Quarters, General Quarters. All hands please report to
your designated locations for departure from port.  ::turns off the comm::
Sacha RuKiah:      Sach flicks off the stereo system and goes back to her cell
LtC Alex Lazarus:      ::looks up for the announcement and then looks around::
X0 Aurora Hunter:      ::pulls a lever:: On your mark, sir.
Capt Roz Lennox:      Anytime, Commander.
X0 Aurora Hunter:      ::taps keyboard and stimultaneously pulls the lever. The
engines hum slightly louder than before and the ship shifts forward, after a
few skips::
Sacha RuKiah:      ::Ortiz works quietly up at Sensors, always watchful::
X0 Aurora Hunter:      ::the motion settles out and the gravity takes over:: And
we are in open water, Captain.
Capt Roz Lennox:      perfect! ::grinning, very pleased with the outcome::
Sacha RuKiah:      ::Sach suddenly puts down her culture dish and exhales::  that
wasn't so bad
Capt Roz Lennox:      <Cleo> yeah..
Sacha RuKiah:      ::Sacha packs up the equipment and gets out of the
laboratories:: Ok. I'm sure there must be something that needs doing.
Capt Roz Lennox:      <Cleo> you could steal pants ::snickers::
Sacha RuKiah:      ::Sach sends her a mock-glare:: It was an -accident-
Capt Roz Lennox:      <Cleo> doesn't matter, you're never going to live it down
Sacha RuKiah:      :: Sach mutters:: not if you keep on reminding me...
Capt Roz Lennox:      <Cleo> that's the point, doc
X0 Aurora Hunter:      ::A group of icky, sweaty, thoroughly exhausted security
boys are currently recieving the chewing out of their life as Jim Brody goes
on a rampage::
Sacha RuKiah:      ::Sach rolls her eyes and mutters under her breath about
interns and troublemaking going hand in hand and what was she thinking,
agreeing to take one...and...::
Capt Roz Lennox:      <Cleo> ::grins at Sach and puts on her headphones since
there's really not much for her to do, turning on her Billy Idol music::
Capt Roz Lennox:      )( hip cut ::sigh:: )(
X0 Aurora Hunter:      <Jim> You're supposed to be the best, guys! The waiting
list for this assignment is more than 400 people long. You should be grateful
that you are here, because I can send you home in an instant!
Sacha RuKiah:      ::Sach takes a clipboard and folder of paper::I guess I'll go
for a walk. page me if anyone starts to die, won't you cleo?
Capt Roz Lennox:      <Cleo> ::looks up, pulling a headphone away from her ear
and nodding:: 'course doc
Sacha RuKiah:      ::Sach heads out the door:: Atta girl.
Capt Roz Lennox:      <cleo> bring me back some pants!
X0 Aurora Hunter:      <Jim> Each of you needs to be doing it better than the
next guy! Instead, you've been kicking back, and resting on your laurels,
congratulating yourslef on being masters of the universe. You scores are
dropping and your work is
Capt Roz Lennox:      <Cleo> ::puts her headphones back on, snickering::
Sacha RuKiah:      ::Just outside the door, Sach stops, sighs, rolls her eyes,
and keeps walking::
Sacha RuKiah:      ::Ortiz deploys the WSKRS, happy to have some new territory to
Capt Roz Lennox:      <softly, to Aurora> has Mr. Ford figured out where he
thinks he'd do the most good in our crew yet?
X0 Aurora Hunter:      sloppy! You can never relax now. you wanted a commision on
seaQuest, you wanted to work with the best, and now you're going to have to
act like it. From now on, we'll be DOUBLING the training, every morning. Now,
you're Dismissed.
X0 Aurora Hunter:      <Jim>Get out of my sight. ::throws his towel down in
disgust and heads into the hall::
Sacha RuKiah:      Sach brakes sharply as a team of icky, sweaty, grumpy security
guys troop out the door infront of her, followed by a fuming Jim Brody::
X0 Aurora Hunter:      ::looks over at Roz::  I believe he put in a request.
Sacha RuKiah:      Sach : Sorry, Lieutenant.<pulls up short>
Capt Roz Lennox:      <vs> I'll have to check it out
Sacha RuKiah:      Sach glances at the security team briefly: They don't look
terribly happy.
X0 Aurora Hunter:      <Jim> ::looks surprised:: Oh, doctor...and it's commander,
by the way. ::looks at the guys:: oh, yeah. Extra training.
Sacha RuKiah:      shoot, sorry about that.......and I'm afraid they're not going
to get any happier...&lt;digs out a piece of paper from the folder in her
arms and passes it to him
Capt Roz Lennox:      ::straightens up and pats Aurora's shoulder lightly,
nodding to a few people as she goes off the bridge.. once no one sees her she
half slumps:: whew..
X0 Aurora Hunter:      <Jim> ::takes the paper:: and what's this?
Sacha RuKiah:      Two thirds of the security team are overdue for their yearly
physicals. I can't say I'm terribly impressed myself.
Sacha RuKiah:      That's the list of names. they'll each get a memo to their
PDA's, but I'm required to report in to their commanding officer.
X0 Aurora Hunter:      <Jim> ::rolls his eyes:: Rookies. Sorry doc. I'll make
sure they all get in by the end of this week, and you have my permission to
nag them until they do.
Sacha RuKiah:      Sach grins wryly> with pleasure.
Capt Roz Lennox:      ::walks down the hallway at a quick pace:: <vs> one thing
done.. i'm doing okay
Sacha RuKiah:      Sacha looks up as the captain comes down the hall>
Capt Roz Lennox:      ::straightens up a bit and nods to Sach, forcing a smile::
Sacha RuKiah:      Sacha nods back, noting the carefully suppressed strain on her
Capt Roz Lennox:      ::picks up the pace just a tiny bit, heading straight for
the mess for her usual tea::
X0 Aurora Hunter:      ::Jim watches the capt pass before looking back at Sacha::
So, how're things holding up in Medbay?
Sacha RuKiah:      Sach, to Brody> oh, very well, thanks...very quiet. mostly
Capt Roz Lennox:      ::gets herself a tea and plops down at one of the empty
tables, letting out a silent sigh::
X0 Aurora Hunter:      <Jim> ::grins:: DOn't take it for granted.
Sacha RuKiah:      Sacha smiles slightly> little too quiet for my liking.
Sacha RuKiah:      Sacha: why? am I to soon expect a group of bedraggled security
crew knocking at my door?
X0 Aurora Hunter:      ::raises an eyebrow:: ooh, I can tell you're asking for
trouble. ::grins:: Rule of seaQuest, never say that you're bored or you wish
you had more to do. Your wish will be spades.
Sacha RuKiah:      Sacha snorts quietly>
Capt Roz Lennox:      :;stirs her tea, staring into it:: okay, Roz, calm down..
it went well
X0 Aurora Hunter:      ::Aurora sighs and stretches in her chair:: Lt, you have
the bridge. I'll be taking care of some things, call me if you need me.
::stands up and walks off the bridge::

*End Log*