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seaQuest: The Dawning
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Captain Rozalinn Lennox

Name: Rozalinn Mariane Lennox
Age: 34
DOB: May 16th, 1988
Place of Birth: Berlin, Massachusetts
Gender: Female
Rank: Captain

Reading, writing poetry, swimming, independent films, psychology, and the
paranormal (mostly ghosts)

Fluent in both English and Japanese, and can speak some Spanish

Graduated with honors from Berlin High School, June 2006
Graduated US Naval Academy 2010
Graduated UEO Command School 2012 as Lieutenant

Service History:
2012-2014 - Assigned to UEO Laustic
 2016 - Promoted to LTCDR aboard UEO Atalanta
 2017 - Promoted to CDR aboard UEO Endurance
2020 - Assigned to UEO Mabon as XO
        2022 - Replaces Capt. Nathan Bridger as Captain of the UEO
                                 seaQuest DSV 4600

Character Background:

Born to David and Yanna Lennox, she was the youngest of
three children (having one older brother named Caleb and
one older sister named Trisha). She grew up in Berlin, MA,
staying there until graduating high school. Met Mark Kaveney
aboard the UEO Laustic, married him in Jan. of 2015.
 Divorced Dec. 2015, with no children.

Character Personality:
She always takes her job very seriously, immersing herself in
projects and not straying from them until they are finished. A
bit of a workaholic. When not concentrating on work, she's
very light-hearted and easy-going with a good sense of

Medical History:
Allergic to strawberries. Diagnosed with anorexia nervosa at age 13.  Fully recovered (or as much as possible) at age 17. No medication
needed to ensure she doesn't revert.