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seaQuest: The Dawning
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Doctor Sacha Ru Kiah, CMO
Name: Sacha Ling-Mei Ru-Kiah
Age: 23
Born: April 21st
Place of Birth: Sydney, Australia
Gender: Female
Rank: Chief Medical Officer

Undergraduate degree: Bachelor of Applied Science majoring Medical Science from the Queensland University of Technology.
Completed MBBS Degree at Northwestern University, Chicago Illinois (accelerated program)
Accelerated Internship at Cook County General Hospital, Chicago, specializing in Emergency Surgery

Past Assignments:

Special Skills:
Very capable medical laboratory scientist, with experience in genetics, microbiology, chemistry and pathology.
Well-Versed in the culture, mythology and artwork of many ancient civilizations.
Special interest in Renaissance art, architecture, society
12 years experience in Tae Kwon Do and fighting staff

Next Of Kin:
Mother: Khim Cheng Ru-Kiah
Father: Yong Kuei Ru-Kiah
Sister: Yi-Ling Ru-Kiah, Sacha's junior by 6 years

Orchestral Music
Plays the flute and cello rather well.
Watercolour painting, particularly of the seaside and ocean.
Loves to watch the snowfall and has particular liking for the Autumnal season.
Spends much of her spare time reading Medical Journals

Medical History:
Suffers from seasickness and occasional bouts of hay fever, though rarely. Otherwise fit and healthy.
Has no particular liking for bugs bigger than a microbe.