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seaQuest: The Dawning
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Lieutenant Commander James Brody
Name: James Lee Brody
Age: 27     
Born: October 27th, 1995
Place of Birth: New Cape Quest, Florida     
Rank: Lieutenant Commander

 Powell Military Academy, graduated with honors 2012, at age 17
Enrolled in U.S. Naval Academy, graduated in 2016 Highest Honors
2016-Promoted to Ensign     
Enrolled in Phil Buckelew Naval Special Warfare Center
 Completed BUD/S SEAL Training in 2016
Rated Weapons Technician
Completed Jump School in 2016
Completed STT Training in 2017
2017-Promoted to Lieutenant

Past Assignments:
 Platoon in 2017, confidential team, secured location
Assigned to UEO Dagger Island 2021 as Commander of Security
Assigned to UEO seaQuest in 2021, after the Dagger Island Uprising
 Promoted to Lieutenant Commander

Special Skills:
          NAVY SEAL
          Extensive knowledge of ancient weaponry and fighting tactics
          Trained Martial Artist
          Licensed Deep Sea Diver
          Licensed Emergency Medical Technician

Next Of Kin:
          Joceanna Christine Brody, Born Dec. 12, 1997 (sister)
          Alison Brody, Cryogenic Stasis, (mother)

Past Romances:
          Fiancee Andrea Richter (dated 2019-2021)
          War Novels of the 20th Century
          John Grisham Novels
          Alternative Rock
          Italian Cuisine

Medical History:
     Broken right arm 2006, fell from a tree while climbing.
     Broken wrist 2008, skateboarding injury
      Broken collarbone, 2010 playing Upper School Football
     Dislocated shoulder, 2011 playing Upper School Baseball
     Pulse Rifle Shot, right leg, SEAL mission, 2020