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seaQuest: The Dawning
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Length: 1007 Ft./ ~305m
Beam: 100 ft.
Propulsion: Aqua-jet return turbines powered by a nuclear fusion            reactor
Fuel: Tritium, extracted from sea water
Speed: Cruising speed, 160 knots (~184mph), Maximum speed, 175 knots (~200mph)
Weapons: Conventional, Cruise, and Nuclear torpedoes/missiles. Addition of plasma, laser weapons in 2032. Massive strikes can be launched through 22 torpedo tubes
Hull: Self repairing Bio-Genetic skin, with titanium composite support frame

Stingers: Small attack sub, original design by Lucas Wolenczak and Katherine Hitchcock,1 pilot, with additional space for up to 2 people.

Sea Launch: Standard large utility craft, 30 max. crew, 1.4 tons gross cargo weight

WSKRS: Wireless Sea Knowledge Retrieval Satellites- Usually controlled and rebuilt by Sensor Cheif Ortiz. There are 3 named Mother, Junior, and Loner. (names given by Ortiz because Mother is the biggest and always stays near Junior. Loner has a tendancy to go off on his own.)

Sea Crab: Smaller underwater craft, intended for recovery, reseach, and repair (the three R's of seaQuest).

Specters: High speed/maneuverability underwater attack vehicles, appeared during the third season. One pilot. Heavily armed.

EVA Suits: Extra-Vehicular Activity suits, similar to space suits used by astronauts. People can survive in these suits for over 30 hours, as Commander Ford discovered. Used for recovery and exploration.

Dolphin EVA Suit: Darwin calls this his "lung" and it is referred to by the crew as the "aqua lung". It slips around the dolphin's blowhole and allows him to breath underwater, eliminating the need to surface.

Hyper-Reality Probe: Usually controlled by Katie Hitchcock, the probe is used underwater while the controller wears gloves and a helmet, allowing them to see and feel everything that to probe experiences. (Think a virtual reality game).