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seaQuest: The Dawning
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Cast Information

This is an incomplete list of characters from the first and second seasons.
At the bottom, you'll find characters from season three,
but if you know my stance on the third season, you'll understand why
they don't deserve to be in the main list. (Well, except Freddy.)
You'll find photos and bios for each character here,
and if you have more information, please send it along!

NOTE: I'm only providing information on the characters here,
but if you want more information about the actors, please check out
They will have their entire bio, photos, and more.

The Chain Of Command:

Captain Nathan Hale Bridger            
*~* Roy Scheider
Commander Jonathan Devon Ford  
*~* Don Franklin
Lt. Commander James Lee Brody      
*~* Edward Kerr
Lt. Commander Katie Hitchcock      
 *~* Stacy Haiduk

The Officers:

Lt. Benjamin Kreig                                
*~* John D'Aquino
Lt. j.g. Tim O'Neill                                
*~* Ted Raimi
Ensign Lonnie Henderson                    
*~* Kathy Evison

The Crew:

Cheif Computer Analyst Lucas Wolenczak  
*~* Jonathan Brandis
Cheif Manilow Crocker                                   
*~* Royce D. Applegate
Sensor Cheif Miguel Ortiz                                
*~* Marco Sanchez
Seaman Tony Piccolo                                         
*~* Micheal DeLuise
*~*Peter DeLuise
*~* Edge Innovations

The Medical Team:

Dr. Kristin Westphalen                                     
*~* Stephanie Beacham
Dr. Wendy Smith                                             
*~* Rosalind Allen


Captain Oliver Hudson                                     
*~* Micheal Ironside
Lt. J.J. Fredericks                                                 
*~* Elise Neal